Report: Nassau County To Lay Off 300 Civil Service Employees Today

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The pink slips are going to be flying in Nassau County today.

Some 300 civil service employees are being laid off and 200 county workers are being demoted as part of an effort to close a $310 million budget gap.

“This is the absolute worst process and is not something anyone wants to do,” Deputy County Executive Rob Walker told Newsday.

Nearly 100 members of the Civil Service Employee Association have accepted a voluntary retirement package worth $1,000 for each year of service, the paper reported.

“When politics run government this is what you get, the most dysfunctional government in America right here in Nassau County,” CSEA President Jerry Laricchuita told 1010 WINS.

He believes the jobs could’ve been saved with just a small tax increase and blames Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano for not being “honest and transparent” with residents.

What do you make of the layoffs? Sound off in our comments section below.


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  1. vgirl says:

    Taxes are high enough in Nassau county. If the unions thought it was important-they should have helped save some of their own. They are out of control

  2. Lawn-Guy Land says:

    Nassau County should just bill its whole budget shortfall to New York City. WE are the suburbanites. WE are the REAL Americans. We’re BETTER than they are, and the best way to prove it is by taking even more of THEIR money.

  3. sue ann says:

    marianna- if anyone in your family requires health insurance; emergency food or shelter – goooooooooooooooooood luck. the department of social services has been slashed and burned.
    cbs as well as nbs have accurately pointed out how the cuts affected the lowest paid employees in the county work force. this is NOT the way to balance a budget. for the most part- the employees are nassau county residents; homeowners and taxpayers. the burden is being disproportionately placed on us.

    have you noticed that mr mangano has failed yet again to address the exorbitant pensions/overtime accruals/salaries of the police? interesting.

    1. Jason says:

      Not only the police… teacher salaries,pensions and perks must be addressed.
      Superintendents salaries of upwards of 400k as wells a unbelievable perks ??
      Gimme a break, all this while our kids graduate w/o being the least bit prepared,unable to read and write. Our country now in the 30s worldwide in academics??
      At least the police protect us??

    2. Marianna says:

      I appreciate your comment, but in reality, if 70 people can be laid off (as noted below) in the Health Department, I guarantee that 65 of them did very little work. I also agree with both you and Jason in regard to police and teacher perks. All the teachers do is whine whine whine and whine some more. The cops’ salaries are a disgrace.

  4. Jerry says:

    How greedy the unions are throughout Nassau allowing the layoffs of county workers, If they would renegotiate their unconscionable contracts as well as
    getting rid of the overpaid school superintendents this could easily have been averted w/o any pain at all.
    Now we have the lives of over 300 necessary civil servants and their families disrupted or in disarray.
    Talk about scrooges???

  5. 28E335 says:

    Only time will tell, lets hope that the workers left, lowest since 1950, can do the task at hand. Protecting the people from a tax increase should not put our Senior Citizens, Children, and public health at risk. I am told that there were Adult Protective Services 10 fired, Children’s Services 30 fired, Department of Health 70 fired.

  6. Marianna says:

    Why raise taxes yet again to save the jobs of a bunch of useless overpaid pencil pushing bureaucrats? Hooray for Nassau County for getting dead weights off the payroll finally. I bet NONE of the 300 people will be missed for a moment.

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