NHL Chief Operating Officer John Collins addressed the media after the Winter Classic Alumni Game on other topics regarding the future of the Winter Classic:

—The NHL isn’t likely to stretch much beyond the Midwest for future Winter Classics because it likes the 1 p.m. EST window on Jan. 1 or 2.

—The NHL has considered Citi Field, MetLife Stadium, the Yale Bowl, and even West Point as potential sites in New York/New Jersey. Detroit is in the mix as potential future site.

—The NHL and HBO have not yet talked about a “24/7” going forward for 2012.

—Canadian teams could become part of the Classic.

—Collins on the Jan. 1 day off: “It’s not ideal that we have this dead day tomorrow. But it’s kind of nice in that it stretches the event over a couple of days and I think there are more fans who have the ability to come out and touch it and feel it.”

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