Police: L.I. Pharmacy Robber Shot Dead

SEAFORD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Police on Long Island say a man who robbed a pharmacy in Seaford was then shot and killed in a confrontation outside the store.

Nassau County police say it happened at a pharmacy on Merrick Road just before 2 p.m. Saturday.

“That individual went in and he announced a hold up. He was looking for oxycontin and cash. He fled the store. When he fled the store, he encountered three people, and those three intervened,” said Detective Lt. Kevin Smith.

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Those three people were all members of law enforcement. Two were active duty, while the third was retired.

Police said the suspect was shot dead on the sidewalk during the confrontation. One of the officers was shot in the chest.

The incident was unfolding about 30 miles west of another Long Island pharmacy where four people were gunned down by a drug addict during a robbery in July.

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  • Omar

    All you violent, drug-addicted whiteys need to be deported. Let Norway deal with you. You know the criminal was white. Probably going back to his meth lab before it exploded.

  • Raymond Leslie

    Who was he?

  • the poor trying to respect the law

    i see the world from both sides. the news people never look at the past of the robber that led up to this horrible crime. 99.999 percent of kids born have not set out to kill law enforcement. i am calling on all of america to look in the mirror and ask yourself what can i do to make this world a better place.

  • Reality Guru

    Get the addictive pain killers out of corner drug stores and into centrally located secure facilities like police stations. Not only are such places better secured, but they have access to computer facilities for cross checking. Forged or duplicate prescription? Then he does not get to walk out. Let the drug store make a few bucks for the referral.

  • hermain

    All of you relax cops did a good thing put a drug addict out of his misery

  • FBI DEA fan

    We have to make Vicodin a drug of the past, on the street it is
    20 dollars or more for one pill on Medicare a months supply is $12 .
    You figure why pharmacies are getting hit. It’s today’s Heroin.

  • Kevin Ellis

    Kill a pharmacy robber in Oklahoma and they will put you in prison for life…. these were cops so I guess all is good

  • Bill

    Newsday reports the retired cop killed a federal agent who had his gun out.

  • Glenn Erdmann

    Another one for the good guys………..great shot whoever did him in.

  • Bullett

    It’s all out of control. Time for decent citizens to have CCW for protection.

  • Joey Boots

    Long Island seems just as, if not more, crazier than nyc – cops getting shot – robberies – murders – ugh happy new year

    • Ronnie Mund

      Happy hunting for a Twink and Twinkie. Howard Stern’s bracciole.

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