Fatal New Year’s Crash On The Long Island Expressway

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are investigating a fatal vehicular crash on the Long Island Expressway.

Police say a 28-year-old Hispanic man was driving eastbound on the L.I.E. when he struck another car within zebra striped markings between the roadway.

Authorities responded to the accident at the intersection of Maurice Avenue at 5 a.m. Sunday. The victim was pronounced dead by responding EMS.

Police arrested the driver at the scene and transported him to Elmhurst Hospital, where he is listed in stable condition.

Charges are pending and the investigation is ongoing.

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  1. P. Perez says:

    my condolences go out to the family of the diseased. I’m a close friend to the driver of the striking vehicle, Morillo (born and raised in the U.S.). just wanted to clarify a little better with what was told to me personally. Morillo was returning home to queens, from Brooklyn, after dropping off some friends that weren’t in any condition to drive, early sun. morning @5:00 am. according to some friends that last saw Morillo before he left to Brooklyn @ around 4:00 am, said “he was fine and didn’t have any alcoholic drinks, he volunteered to be a designated driver, the day before.” Morillo worked a 12 hour shift on Dec. 31 2011. the late modeled Lincoln town-car was parked “within zebra striped markings between the roadway” (meridian) if anyone here is familiar the the L.I.E. there’s a steep right curve after the Maurice exit, followed by zebra striped markings between the roadway (meridian where the Lincoln was parked). there’s a strong possibility he fell asleep behind the wheel and drove straight into the stationed cab on the meridian. not necessarily had to be a DWI case. also keep in mind. it wasn’t the impact that killed the driver, but the fact that the The cab spun around and burst into flames before coming to rest in the middle of the expressway after impact, and wasn’t attended on time. just sharing what was said, i wasn’t there to describe for myself. also to enlighten those closed minded people that tend to assume, there’s an on going investigation that shall reveal the truth. no records on blood alcohol content have been released yet. regardless of what has been said, and what happens. its a terrible tragedy that could’ve been avoided. once again my condolences to the family at loss…

  2. Debbie Paesano says:

    regardless of the person’s ethnic background, it’s still very sad that someone was killed on New Years Eve. The family of the victim has lost a loved one, due to to an accident that was probably was preventable. BTW, it doesn’t mention that the driver who caused the accident was drunk, and he was injured as well. It seems to me that he was possibly lost, and was trying to maybe pullover or get off an exit, and cut someone off. R.I.P. to the victim, and my sympathies to the family.

  3. Raymond Leslie says:

    If your going to drive drunk, ride a donkey!

  4. steve says:

    “Why does it matter that he was Hispanic?”

    Ten to one he’s an illegal. But you already knew that.

  5. Profiling says:

    Good point Rob. Would they have mentioned if the driver was Italian or Irish?

  6. Rob says:

    Why does it matter that he was Hispanic?

    1. John J. Pershing says:

      Because these illegal beaners driving drunk without licenses, proper registrations and insurance plague the roads of metro NYC. We should deport the whole bunch of them, but the HNIC in the not so White House and his donkeys want these jumping beans as his voter base. That’s why! You just have to read between the lines of the story.

      1. 4u2nv says:

        you need help…

    2. jose martinez jiminez vasquez Jr says:

      It matters to those of us keeping a scorecard.1 more hispanic and I win a free travel mug.

  7. Confused says:

    What are “zebra striped markings” between the roadway?

    1. Jerry says:

      Read correctly? The car had the markings?

      1. Blah says:

        No, its referring to the road. Poorly written article in any way.

        1. Still confused says:

          I’m guessing “zebra striped markings” are when they paint stripes on areas of the road where you are not supposed to drive but the article should explain what happened in a better way.

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