Madonna Badger’s Consulting Firm Solicits Donations In Memory Of Family Slain In Fire

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Madonna Badger will say farewell to her parents and three children at a funeral set for Thursday.

All five were killed in a Christmas Day blaze at her Stamford, Connecticut home, which was undergoing renovations.

Details of the funeral arrangements were made public last week.

A private wake is set for Wednesday afternoon at the Frank E. Campbell funeral home on Madison Avenue.

On Thursday, 10-year-old Lily, 7-year-old twins Grace and Sarah and their grandparents Lomer and Pauline Johnson will be remembered at a funeral service at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, located between 53rd and 54th on Fifth Avenue. The service is open to the public.

A message posted on the Badger and Winters consulting firm’s website says “All are welcome.” Madonna Badger is a founding partner of the successful advertising firm.

The same message also says the following:

“Donations can now be made to The Other 364 Foundation, a foundation that has been developed in honor of Lily, Sarah and Grace, whose mission is to champion compassion every day of the year. Checks can be made out to: The Other 364 Foundation, c/o Badger & Winters Group, 135 Fifth Avenue 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10010.”

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  1. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Borcina was looking for a meal ticket according to his workers and saw an opportunity to make money off of her because she’s rich.

    An experienced contractor with a Bachelor’s degree like Borcina puts burning coals in a paper bag throws them in a mudroom and goes to bed.

    Is it that outlandish to suspect intent?

    Unless he was mentally challenged would I agree that it was an accident.

    1. Glenda Jackson says:

      Compassion please….

  2. L says:

    Michael Borcina could not even squeeze out a tear at the funeral and quite frankly it was sickening to even see him attend. I do not see this relationship lasting, he is a constant reminder of what has taken her entire family from her and to those who wail about oh it was an accident, haven’t you ever made a mistake blah blah…it may or may not have been an accident and it should be investigated thoroughly, especially the background of Borsina..a man who should have known better than leaving hot embers near the home..and no I do not know anyone who has or would make such a stupid mistake, especially when they are a contractor who definitely should have known better. Run from this man Madonna, as fast and as far as you can

  3. Deborah Jeffries says:

    I meant to say in my last post that the third floor was destroyed, the second minimally damaged and the first had little.

    I hope that Madonna Badger wakes up to this opportunist and doesn’t name him as a beneficiary on her life insurance.

    A very dangerous man.

  4. jenn says:

    i agree, story doesnt add up – why have wake in nyc vs stamford, and why immediately update your website for donations while you are supposedly in mourning. she makes millions and doesnt need anymore $, not to mention that she didnt buy batteries for her smoke detectors and knowing that they were not on still slept 2 floors below her children ( a caring mother would have slept closer to her children)

  5. Deborah Jeffries says:

    I was reading on a website about Michael Borcina a comment from a contractor who described the chimney effect and how a fire travels.

    Explaining the burn pattern and why the first floor had little damage, minimal on the second and the third floor.

    This would explain why Borcina slept on the second floor which would be the safest place in a fire.

    After reading this in detail I must say I no longer think that this fire was accidentally started by Borcina.

    Many contractors who worked with him said he talked about how rich she was and there was money to be made.

    The police need to dig DEEP into investigating Borcina.

    It’s no accident they both escaped I think Borcina planned it that way.

    I think Borcina is a sociopath that did this to get rid of Badger’s heirs and probably discuss marriage in the future.

    My God Madonna Badger should get as far away from him as possible.

    I hope she’s sleeping with one eye open. She doesn’t know what he could be capable of next.

    1. Lil says:

      So you’re suggesting that Borcina – in his infinite intelligence – had advanced knowledge of burn patterns, was able to place the bag precisely in a place that would engulf the third floor before people woke up in the morning, and was certain no one would escape? Ms. Badger also almost didn’t escape. If his girlfriend is gone I guess that would have put a wrinkle in his masterful plan. I suppose a plan like this would have been better timed after he married her…

      I agree that – as the contractor on record – Borcina should bear responsibility for working without being licensed (and how he was granted the permits by the city should be investigated) and not hooking up smoke detectors, but this is just silly. This is enough of a tragedy without suggesting premeditated murder is involved.

    2. Glenda Jackson says:

      We should not be quick to judge

    3. Glenda Jackson says:

      Never helps to point fingers

  6. jenn says:

    i agree, story doesnt add up – why have wake in nyc vs stamford, and why immediately update your website for donations while you are supposedly in mourning. she makes millions and doesnt need anymore $, not to mention that she didnt buy batteries for her smoke detectors and knowing that they were not on still slept 2 floors below her children ( a caring mother would have slept closer to her children)

  7. Stephanie says:

    I feel that everyone should stop with the hate mail. Nothing being said will ever change this tragedy regardless of who is to blame. Pray for the family, wish them well and move on.

  8. Deborah Jeffries says:

    You’re calling me names?

    Focus your anger at the two fools who caused this tragedy.

  9. Love says:

    Hey Deborah ~ Get a life you jealous loser. She is a MOTHER who has just lost her 3 children and both parents. Here’s to Madonna and Matthew for having the courage to show up for their children’s funeral and honor them. I cannot think of a better couple to ensure that the outpouring of donations are truly used to bring love and compassion to other children’s lives. This family is in deep mourning. NO ONE, REPEAT, NO ONE, WOULD EVER WANT THIS TO HAPPEN, NOR WOULD ANYONE TRY TO PROFIT OFF OF A TRAGEDY OF THIS MAGNITUDE. GO STAND IN FRONT OF A MIRROR, POINT YOUR FINGER INTO IT AND SEE THE REFLECTION OF YOUR TRUE SELF. THAT’S RIGHT, IT’S NOT A GOOD ONE IS IT? Hypocrite~you and others on here are simple outrageous with these comments!

  10. Love says:

    May Madonna, Matthew, their friends and loved ones know that so many are praying for them now and always. This is a tragic loss no human should ever have to endure. I know the foundation will make a point to do many a great things in other children’s lives. You are casting a huge judgement with a big stone. Watch out, karma is ten fold. Do you know this woman? Did you not see the father with his girlfriend? People who get divorced to go on to meet new people in their life. Who are you to be so concerned with the cost of her home and to suppose you know about her relationship. THIS WOMAN LOST HER 3 CHILDREN AND PARENTS AND I KNOW SHE WOULD DO ANYTHING TO HAVE THEM BACK. OH, RIGHT, YOU’VE NEVER DONE ANYTHING. NO ACCIDENTS HAVE EVER OCCURRED IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU WERE FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO BE SPARED OF SUCH TRAGEDY. YOU ARE SO F’INK PERFECT THAT GOD APPOINTED YOU AND ALL OF THESE HORRIFIC COMMENTS AS JUDGE. I READ THESE COLD COMMENTS AND AM SO THANKFUL THAT I DO NOT VIEW PEOPLE OR THE WORLD THIS WAY. May this family be protected from the terrible “people” making these FALSE accusations. May they find strength and love in the difficult days ahead.

  11. AKB says:

    Making a profit?! That’s it. I’m so done with this thread. People are really, really, really sick in the head.

    Those poor little children WANTED the ashes out of the fireplace…for Santa. You must not have little kids. When my daughter was little she wanted the fireplace cleared for Santa, so he wouldn’t get hurt, too.

    How can people be so heartless and cruel? It’s a mean ol’ world, that’s for sure. Three little girls and their grandparents die horribly on Christmas morning and all people can think about is how they should have done things differently and accuse them of trying to profit off the worst loss anyone can ever experience. You people should be ashamed. Really, shame on all of you. I hope someday someone spits on YOUR grave and accuse the loved ones you leave behind of nefarious and despicable things and hurts them over and over and over again. Karma Baby!

  12. Brooklyn says:

    It is my passionate hope that the extended family of these three little children and certainly their mother do NOT see the above post. The fact that a grief-stricken father, small cousin, uncles and aunts and other friends who love them must also be reeling from horror and despair, and might also be reading posts here, has clearly been forgotten by this selfish individual. If the family has been exposed to the additional pain of reading the above, I wonder if it will help to know that virtually the same message has been posted in other comment boards under a variety of names. The unique phrasing and political references makes it clear that it is an individual or group with a specific agenda that has nothing fundamentally to do with your family. The word opportunistic is, I think, an unconscious admission about this poster’s own motives in using your tragedy to promote other ideas, and is NO REFLECTION on your family. The surrounding speculations are just a way to obscure the underlying intentions. Instead, please take away the message that millions of people are sending warm thoughts, prayers and shocked sympathy to you for your enormous and inconceivable loss. Those children and their obviously loving grandparents will be remembered by a nation of people who never knew them in life…and their story will undoubtedly save many lives, of many other children. I have already seen new caution in fire safety in my workplace and among family and it’s because of your children. That can’t be any real comfort to you now, but perhaps someday it will be.

    1. Laura Cowlen says:

      You are awesome- thank you for your intelligent and compassionate post. the previous post was horrific. I agree with you 110%. Thank you for being a voice for all!

  13. AKB says:

    I am stunned and horrified at the absolute stupidity of people posting here. There is nothing “opportunistic” about the information about where to send donations to the charity. The money is NOT for Madonna Badger. The money is in honor and memory of these children who died, to set up a charitable foundation to do whatever kind of charitable work, including making grants to children’s organizations in their honor. The foundation is called “The Other 364 Days” and obviously it is just getting going. It is put on the website so that people wishing to do so can make a contribution.

    Ugh. I just feel sick when I read stuff like that. Someone actually suggested that it would be better to “make a donation to a children’s charity”. This IS a children’s charilty!!! Someone actually suggested that it was like the fund for the police officer’s children. It couldn’t be more different. Those children are still alive and need money because they lost their father, who provided the income for their lives and futures. This woman LOST her children and is creating a foundation in their honor. The money is not for HER. Good Lord, people, get a clue. This poor woman is suffering. There but for the grace of God go all of us.

    1. sully101 says:

      Where do you get the idea that this foundation will be making grants to children’s organizations? The only purpose of the foundation that has been stated is to “champion compassion every day”. That seems rather nebulous to me. Foundations need presidents, board of directors, etc that are typically paid positions for a stated purpose that is unmeasurable. I’m sorry, but the whole things sounds like a sham to me. I don’t think there is anyone whose heart does not go out for this family, but feeling sympathy and giving to a questionable charity are two different things

      1. AKB says:

        I am making an assumption and an educated guess. You know, there in the middle of the greiving process. The funeral was just today. I don’t think they’ve had time to sit down and write a mission statement and a business plan.

        I think there are many people who would like to make a donation in honor of these poor children who died on Christmas Day. Throwing something together in the interim, until a more formal plan can be developed, seems reasonable to me. Why would they want to miss out on donations that could give the Foundation a good base with which to start?

        God bless this entire family, who will never be the same. I hope they never see some of the awful things that have been said here. Watch your karma; it always catches up.

        1. AKB says:

          “they’re” not “there”… typo.

      2. Love says:

        Sully, You sound like a sham. To the Badger Family and their loved ones, thank you for thinking to honor these three beautiful children. I know this foundation will go on to do great things for other children’s lives. Jeez, you people are unbelievable. You know absolutely nothing.

  14. RHeredia says:

    Grief is all I can feel for these people. No blame , no suspect of any motivations for their charity. Only pure sympathy for this horrible tragedy.

  15. Seeing Red says:

    Prior to this donation solicitation my thoughts and prayers were with her. I am not perfect and do not need to be told that God knows all, but I am a mother and my primary job is to keep my children safe and not put them in harm’s way by letting them occupy a space on the second floor of a house that was not in compliance with building codes, and not connecting or installing smoke alarms in an old wooden house. Watch how the public relations effort will unfold… Here is my prediction – each day more information will trickle out to keep the story going and the donations coming in.

    1. mecmusic says:

      And you don’t think that losing her three children and her parents will teach her the lesson to have a safe house up to code ENOUGH, and you’ve got to rub it in? Do you have any idea what it is like to lose your enitre family on one day? She is human, like you, like me, and like all of us, she may have made a mistake. Have you ever made one? Would you like me to rub your face in it forever? another thing you don’t know is that when people experience horrible pain, they have a normal psychological need to try to do something that feels useful. Hence Ms. Badger’s creation of a foundation to promote compassion. Watch out, the people from the foundation will be knocking on your door next week to try to talk some sense into you! They will try to give you the therapy and compassion that you need in order to help you to stop writing blaming, shaming negative comments to poor victims whose hearts are broken and have compassion for fellow suffering humans!

  16. Diana Grunow says:

    RED – You really need a therapist yourself. Be very grateful you are not the one having to make these decisions. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t comment.

    1. Red says:

      I guess you found it necessary to put your full name in your posting so people can look you up and see your business offerings. Very clever marketing. Who needs a therapist now?

      1. Jeanne says:

        Are you threatening another poster? Knock it off. Your comments should be deleted. Where are the administrators?

  17. Red says:

    Oh and by the way… Not one peep out of the father to say what a wonderful mother she was. More public relations at work to ensure he stays quiet so she can cash in! Ms. Badger has surely been in touch with her legal advisors due to boyfriend not being licensed to perform the work. She is covering all of her bases and her tracks.

    1. Diana Grunow says:

      I am totally amazed at the judgement and hate coming from people who never knew her. Are you perfect? Have you never made a mistake? Be thankful you don’t have to pay retribution and suffer the losses she has. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Remember “God knows”. This tragedy is a test for all of us.

      1. Jennifer says:

        i worked for Madonna under another partnership. I’m sorry to say that there is NO WAY her office would do anything without her permission. She runs a very tight ship, is not easy to work for, and her talent lies in seeing the big picture, and letting other people take care of the details. She is an excellent manager, and very, very shrewd about PR.

        1. Both Ways says:

          The loss this family has suffered is unimaginable and one wouldn’t wish it on anyone. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that the people involved are necessarily good people or that everyone’s motives surrounding response to this tragedy are pure. Posters here seem to have a difficult time understanding that they can feel sadness, sympathy, and grief for the family AND at the same time question the validity of this particular fund which is likely to solicit millions in donations.

        2. Love says:

          and your point is, Jennifer? Madonna, Matthew and Family I cannot thank you enough for honoring your children as best you know how to at this terrible time in your lives. I know this foundation will go on to do many great deeds for other children’s lives. May this family find peace and comfort in the difficult days ahead. To those outpouring their love and support I know this family is extremely grateful.

  18. red says:

    Another curoisity I have is why not ask for donations to be sent to the Windward school, the school all 3 girls attended.

  19. rrnyc40 says:

    wow – i am stunned by some of these comments – how judgemental – i am floored even. i am extremely sad to say i know several people who have lost children (in my case to cancer) – many set up foundations in their honor and when their heads clear even slightly, they focus the funds on what would honor their children the best. if you don’t want to donate, don’t – i probably should stop being shocked at the limit to some people’s humanity and compassion. it’s just a constant let down. love and strength to the badger family and all who know and care for them. and may none of us never know this horror.

    1. SadForHumanity says:

      I agree. It’s downright depressing to read some of these comments…talk about rubbing salt in someone’s wounds. Those who lack compassion may need it themselves someday…something to think about.

  20. Carrie says:

    To lose a loved one is painful, to lose your whole family must be physically and psychologically unbearable. Ms. Badger and her husband have not solicited funds. Many people have asked what they can do beyond kind words, and laying flowers and teddy bears. They asked what kind of monetary contribution they can make in the memory of those lost and this was set up to respond to those requests. These two parents are not thinking about the foundation, money, or anything beyond their utter grief. Send money if you feel it is right. If you do not want to send contribute, then there is no need to criticize or question the intentions.

  21. robert says:

    Genesis, your lack of compassionate words toward others stings all of us at a time we need it least. Please take care.

  22. carla says:

    Agree. I have been following this tragedy since Christmas Day and I am so deeply saddened by this tragedy. I pray for this family and for all families who have experienced this kind of catastrophic loss due to an accidental fire. I can not begin to imagine the deep pain involved in losing your loved ones in this way.

    On the other hand I do find this funds related message on the Badger website to be distasteful. Maybe it was meant with the best of intentions, but to me, it comes off as opportunistic. Why not wait to make a plan first before posting such a thing?

  23. Willoughby says:

    did anybody notice that there is a fireplace in this photo of the girls and their grandparents? i just noticed this and thought it was an eerie premonition. this photo was taken years ago it seems but it looks like there was some foreshadowing of what was to come in the future. i just wonder if we as humans can pay more attention to the cues given to us in life. will we then be able to make better decisions or change our plans based on this? i don’t know the answers to this but i think it’s worth exploring. there were a lot of warning signs in this tragedy. but people get so busy in their lives that they don’t pay attention to what those warning signs are. sometimes we get lucky and escape tragedies. but other times we seem to be watching a shakespearian tragedy unfold right before our very eyes. I am reminded of another tragedy of losing a child at such an early age – who better than Eric Clapton to help soothe the soul at the time of such unspeakable grief. I hope these lyrics will bring comfort and compassion to the grieving Badger and Johnson family. I think they should set up a foundation to include the grandparents too. They seemed like such great grandparents and how fortunate that they got to spend so many happy times together with their beloved little granddaughters.

    Would you know my name
    If I saw you in heaven?
    Would you feel the same
    If I saw you in heaven?
    I must be strong and carry on
    ‘Cause I know I don’t belong here in heaven

    Would you hold my hand
    If I saw you in heaven?
    Would you help me stand
    If I saw you in heaven?
    I’ll find my way through night and day
    ‘Cause I know I just can’t stay here in heaven

    Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees
    Time can break your heart, have you begging please, begging please

    Beyond the door there’s peace I’m sure
    And I know there’ll be no more tears in heaven

  24. Silicon Valley Mom says:

    What about donating to Windward School where the three girls attended? Dyslexia is a national health crisis which flies completely under the radar!!! It affects 10 – 20% of all school aged children and nothing is being done about it in the US. If I won the lottery tomorrow all my money would go towards dyslexia research and education. May the girls and grand-parents RIP. Signed, San Francisco, CA

    1. Serena by the sea says:

      Now, if I didn’t know better Silcon Valley Mom sounds like she’s soliciting funds for dyslexia! How do you know that they had dyslexia? The school is for language based learning disabilities which can be NUMEROUS other conditions other than dyslexia.

      However, I would rather support a cause that fosters Compassion rather than support a cause that deals w/ dyslexia. Even if that were the issue w/ these girls, I think the world is in dire need of compassionate help than help for learning disabilities. What good is a mind if you don’t have compassion as a human being? It’s the most important quality that a human being can have – in fact if you’ve ever dealt w/ Down’s Syndrome kids you would know that they are learning disabled/impaired/challenged but they are the sweetest most compassionate humans on the planet. So much can be taught through compassion. I love this idea, it just needs a lot of massaging and expansion. Rome wasn’t built in a day and every entrepreneur knows that it is very common practice to launch a company – for profit or non profit – without a full game plan mapped out 100%. It’s an evolution in process. People are so impatient today, look around this forum and you can just feel the lack of compassion out there. It’s seroiusly undermined even for these poor people who have been grieving and probably cried more tears in the past week and a half than many of you have cried in a lifetime. Compassion is key here.

  25. saleena says:

    i don’t think the parents had anything to do with this; how could they at a time like this; their friends and family are taking hold of the opportunity to begin collecting for a foundation they plan to set up in the girls’ name. it’s in poor taste to criticize these people who are going through horrendous grief. let’s all be supportive of them; if you want to donate, then do so, if you don’t, keep your opinions to yourself and have respect for a tragic family

  26. JT says:

    There is potential for a lot of checks to be written from people around the world and I’m not a fan of orgs that want to collect money first and “build it as they fly” later. Seems Badger and Winters consulting wanted to corner the market for donations which now puts them in a financial position to participate in the execution of a well endowed foundation. A better approach would have been to more thoughtfully establish a foundation before calling for donations. I expressed my condolences but will not be writing a check. It won’t bring any of them back.

  27. Diana Grunow says:

    To suggest donations to a charity is now standard practice and actually the most benevolent and appropriate means of honoring the life of a special person – in this case, three young girls, and showing your support to the family. It is offering those who want to do something a way to participate in creating something good out of this tragedy. It is usually stated in an obituary that “in lieu of flowers…….may make a donation to…….in the memory of…..” or something similar. A notice of each donation is provided to the family. It is not soliciting donations, it is providing mourners with a means to express their support in a lasting, beneficial way. In this case, with 3 young girls being honored it is appropriate to create a new foundation rather than donate to other organizations. When the foundation is finalized, it may very well support other causes in line with the mission of the foundation. It has only been 9 days. Flowers fade away but a well-managed foundation can provide countless and ongoing benefits in memory of those beautiful girls. Also, please remember to be kind in your responses and be eternally thankful that you do not have to “walk a mile in this family’s shoes” before making judgement.”

    1. Sully101 says:

      I don’t think anyone disagrees with honoring the victims. Rather the concern is that the goal of “championing compassion” is nebulous, unmeasurable, and as such, an apparent waste of money with potential for misappropriation. I hope I never have to walk in this family’s shoes. But if I did, God forbid, it would not include the establishment of a questionable foundation with little likelihood to help people.

  28. Mbee says:

    I plan on sending a monetary amount, and do not think it’s out of line to ask. I agree with Mourner that it’s more than likely some employees getting together to help out at this very difficult time. I feel certain people from all over the world are wanting to reach out and help in some way. Can’t imagine how hard Thursday will be for the mother and father; I have been praying that God grants the Badger’s courage and grace.

  29. Mourner says:

    I don’t think anyone really needs to comment here about whether you agree or disagree w/ a fund being set up in memory of children lost in a tragic fire along w/ their grandparents. Since it’s just a week or so into this, I highly doubt the parents have had the emotional or psychological wherewithall to sit down and map out a full blown 501 (c)3 Non profit organization which I’ve no doubt they will do in honor of their lost family members. So why don’t people here just back off and cut these people who are grieving a loss that most of you nor I will ever come close to experiencing in life and allow them to do things on their own terms and on their own time schedules. If you don’t like what you see, hear or even smell, then follow the age old mantra of RESPECT for others which is: When in doubt, LEAVE it OUT!!! Perhaps this is an attempt for some office workers to just get the “ball rolling” – and for the record, a “Non profit organization” is about a LOT more than Lil suggests here in her rudimentary interpretation of “use it or lose it”. It’s about SO MUCH MORE than money my dears….but it’s blatantly obvious where you two greedy gals have your mind set at – pure selfishness in the time of a Mother and Father’s greatest loss of life. Shame on you both for even posting such egregious posts – “BiZARRE!” is right Carlota – as in your thinking and your comments are Bizarre!!!

    1. Lil says:

      “I don’t think anyone really needs to comment here about whether you agree or disagree w/ a fund being set up….”

      I think you just did. For the record I didn’t say – nor mean to imply – that these grieving parents have anything to do with this. I do think it inappropriate for this agency to be asking for donations in this manner (ie for a cause that doesn’t yet exist). People such as Mbee want to “reach out and help”, which is a wonderful thing. In this situation, however, the family itself will not benefit (as compared with cases in which the family needs money after a tragedy) so I do see the establishment of this foundation as opportunistic. It’s my opinion, I’m entitled to it, and think I’ve presented it respectfully (as opposed to ranting and name-calling). In terms of a non-profit, it’s certainly an objective question that will be answered in the future in terms of % of each donation that is applied directly toward the benefit of others, versus salaries and overhead.

      I simply feel that at a time when people desperately want to reach out and respond in some way that they should also be protected, and giving in the family’s name to an established nonprofit would serve multiple altruistic purposes.

      1. Genesis says:

        Dear Lil, I think you see and read and probably hear what you think but reality is very different from what’s going on in that little brain of yours!! Mourner did NOT comment on whether or not he or she agrees w/ a fund being set up. But Mourner did comment on how distasteful and disrespectful not to mention incompassionate YOU and your cohort Carlota are behaving here. Mourner said, if you don’t like it, then put a muzzle on it as Mark Twain once said….”it’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt”…..and guess what? Mark Twain hails from Connecticut so it’s appropriate that I quote him here.

        And to quote you: In this situation, however, the family itself will not benefit (as compared with cases in which the family needs money after a tragedy) so I do see the establishment of this foundation as opportunistic”. How do you know if the family will benefit? Who the hello are you to make that judgement call? Obviously, you are nothing more than a speculator with a big mouth who not only has a lot of opinions but who thinks people even care to hear them – wake up call Lil: No one cares what you have to say since it’s frivolous and packed with negativity towards this family. Let them do what they want. Who are you to comment here? And who are you to say what is right or wrong for them? Have you walked in their shoes? I doubt it. You’d be institutionalized by now…or maybe that’s where you came from. A looney bin to go along w/ your loony logic. What do you know about non profits or what should be done about championing a cause? I SIMPLY FEEL that you are a busy body with a desperately low IQ. Take that to the bank you lunatic!!

        1. Mark Twain says:

          “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.” Genesis, this is a lesson that you’ve aptly modeled for all of us. Thank you.

  30. Lil says:

    I suspect this comment will be met with some differences of opinion, but I find the establishment of this foundation by Badger’s group wildly inappropriate, and it gives the perception of wanting to profit from a colleague’s extreme tragedy a nation’s grief. (I suspect Madonna Badger had little to do with this, herself, but rather it’s her firm.) The mission statement is vague, at best…what will they do? how will they do it? what types of people or problems do they serve? I’ve worked in “non-profit” foundations (which simply means money must be spent by the end of the year). Unless they explicitly note otherwise, assume large salaries for administrators, money paid to the the Badgers group for advertising (not a coincidence), and other such expenses.

    If this really was about helping people find a way to give, they could have simply urged people to donate to their favorite charity in the girls’ names, or even listed a few organizations. But to set up their own, when it seems even they don’t know what it’s about other than soliciting donations, seems (even if it isn’t) self-serving and a bit bizarre.

    1. Carlota says:

      Well said, this is bizarre!! and opportunistic. I hope the mother is not involved with this.

    2. sully101 says:

      Completely agree! How exactly does one “champion compassion every day”? This sounds like a complete sham. I think it is beneath Ms. Badger.

      1. mecmusic says:

        one “champions compassion every day” by being KIND to people. By helping people who are having a hard time. By sharing people’s burden.

    3. Nichian says:

      Agree. This certainly was a tragedy, but where will the money go to champion compassion everyday? Donating to a children’s charity in the girls names would make more sense. Were they interested in any special charity? Maybe donations to the school they attended that specialized in language based disabilities? A scholarship fund? People want to help, but the intentions need to be clearer. Either way, may this family find peace.

    4. red says:

      The mom is definitley involved. Sadly I think the mom is fully aware of this effort to raise money. Her name is the prominent one in the firm and as the owner she would not approve it on her website. The media is a very useful and strong tool, and the mom knows that given her publicity background. The wording about the use of the funds is intentionally vague. Almost 2 million dollars was recently raised for the 4 children of a slain police office in NY. My heart bleeds for the father of the children. The mom’s negligence is the reason for her loss.

      1. LearnFireSafety says:

        So agree with you. Madonna Badger also changed her Facebook photo from a dowdy one to a much more glamorous image only two or three days after the fire, which is a very, very, very strange thing for a grieving mother to do.

        1. Red says:

          The mom’s public relations people will surely say someone else did it ob her behalf. Everything about this story turns my stomach. I also find it odd that the Santa chimney embers explanation was provided to coincide with the donation appeal. More p.r t work to garner sympathy. Who in their right mind would dispose of hot embers outside of all wooden house? The boyfriend has a bachelors degree in chemistry so he is not some average Joe contractor.
          Everything about this woman is opportunistic including the private special education school she was sending all 3 children too. The annual tuition there is 42,000 per yer per child. Except that when you know how to work the special education system to sue the city or town for reimbursement of the tuition under the IDEA – individuals with disabilities education act. What is the likelihood that all three children had special needs? She also moved from Manhattan to the suburbs. Do not underestimate Ms. Badger or her motives.

          1. Madeleine says:

            Uh..why would she send her kids to a private school that specialized in education children with learning disablilities if the girls didn’t have learning disabilities? Does that make sense? If Madonna just spent $1.7 million on her house, I doubt if coming up with $126,000 for tuition was such a hardship. And if she was able to recoup some of that money from the city or state because her kids could not be educated in public school, that is her right; more power to her. I’m sure Stamford has some decent public schools that she would have used if they were suitabe for her girls.instead of sending them all the way to White Plains.

            1. kate says:

              wow. these poor kids and their grandparents!

        2. Madeleine says:

          That is a false rumor. From what I’ve read, Madonna’s Facebook page was taken down immediately after the fire. That’s understandable, since overnight she went from being a private citizen to a household name worldwide. But a day or two later, someone started a new Facebook page in her name so that people could leave messages of sympathy. Anyone can start a Facebook page using your name, without your permission. I believe the person who put up the new page was a colleague, and he or she used Madonna’s professional portrait, which is the glamour shot to which you refer. Maonna who had just been released from the hospital or might have even still been there, probably knew nothing about the new page.Think about it: I’m sure she was proably sedated and posting a new Facebook photo was the least of her worries. Please stop spreading this malicious, heartless rumor.. .

          1. Red says:

            That is exactly the response I expected. What a thoughtful and caring colleague they were to put up a “camera ready” shot of her while she lay sedated in a hospital. Seems like Ms. Badger and her firm had over $ 14,000 available to donate to Obama’s various fundraisers between 2008 and 2010. I guess she could not gather up $100 for an emergency escape ladder that I purchased and put under the bed in my second floor bedroom of an all brick house? Or she could not perhaps spend $60 on 3 inexpensive smoke detectors? Negligent homicide and now she wants to profit from this tragedy. All in the way you want to spin a story!!!!

          2. SadForHumanity says:

            I read that Madonna Badger’s brother changed her Facebook photo…who knows why – maybe he wanted a less “personal” photo since he knew that the media and others would be all over anything they could find on his sister. The photo was changed during the time she would have been at the psychiatric hospital, so I highly doubt she did it herself or was even aware of it.

            Good grief, what is wrong with some people?!

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