Police: Mom Arrested For Supplying Keg To Teens At Putnam County Party

Mahopac Woman Hit With 50 Counts Of 'Unlawfully Dealing With A Child'

MAHOPAC, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A suburban mom was facing criminal charges Tuesday night after police said she threw a keg party for dozens of underage kids.

The idea of teens drinking at a party is nothing new, but when a mother buys the keg for her child and his friends, which is what police said happened inside a Putnam County home on Friday night, it’s a crime.

“She admitted that it was her son’s party and that she had given them a keg of beer,” Carmel Police Chief Michael Johnson said.

The “she” is 49-year-old Catherine Apollonio, but coming to her defense was the man she lives with.

“I bought the damn keg. I bought it for a damn party, OK?” Paul Alexander said.

Alexander claims the underage drinkers used their own tap to get to the keg’s contents.

Alexander: “I had the keg for my own personal party New Year’s eve, and New Year’s Day.”

Hennessey: “And you’re saying her son and friends accessed the keg?”

Alexander: “Yes.”

Hennessey: “The day before?”

Alexander: “Yes.”

Hennessey: “And no one in the house knew about this?”

Alexander: “She was sleeping, getting ready for work the next day.”

While shouldering the blame may be admirable, police said Apollonio confessed.

“Apparently the party got out of hand. She didn’t believe it would be that well attended,” Chief Johnson said.

Police said 50 underage people were drinking in the basement. Neighbors said whatever was happening there was quiet.

When asked if Apollonio was being unfairly charged, neighbor Jack Fisher said, “Yes.”

But it’s still illegal.

“It’s horrible. It’s terrible for a mother to do that. I would never do that, ever,” neighbor Sandy Giorgio said.

“It makes me worry that this kind of thing goes on all the time, all over the place, and it’s not a good example to set for younger kids because they’ll think it’s OK to do,” Roseann D’Amico added.

A lesson a Mahopac mom is learning the hard way. Police have charged Apollonio with 50 counts of “unlawfully dealing with a child”. She’s due in court at the end of the month.

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  1. JR says:

    the news was incorrect by using the word teenager. It is important to define what that exactly is and having said that, when someone uses the word teenager i think of a 15 or 16 year old kid on a skateboard. These were not teens. They were college kids and young adults ages 18 19 and 20 having a good time at a friends house. All of the neighbors said they had no idea anything was even going on so they must have been well behaved and quiet. And finally, personally I do not see a problem in a parent providing alcohol under their roof. Actually to tell you the truth i think that is a better solution then allowing teens to find an open house party where there are no adults to make the appropriate decisions present.

  2. xxxxxxx says:

    All of the people there were over the age of 18. Although her actions were not right false information should not be made about her. I left before the police arrived, without consuming any alcohol. Everyone was home from college for winter break so there were no 9 year olds. come on poeple, stop making things up.

  3. RoyAllen says:

    The women and her boyfriend are idiots.How many parents have to get arrested ,before they learn the old lesson”don’t buy alcohol for your kids,and/or their friends” ?

    1. JR says:

      Roy take a seat.

  4. Give her a break says:

    the “teens” ages ranged from 18 to 20, ages in which these young adults are given the ability to vote, serve in the armed forces and legally make their own decisions. It was a controlled environment in which people had designated drivers, and a way arranged to get home safely. would you rather want your kids drinking in the woods and driving home drunk or a situation like this? They are going to get alcohol regardless of if this women supplied it or not.

  5. The Consignment Chicks says:

    Sandy Giorgio….you looked hot! xoxo

  6. Peter says:

    Often,the parent/adult will provide the alcohol to appear to be “cool” for the son’s friends and to increase the son’s popularity within a group.Not too different than giving $3500 to your child to arrange a substitute test taker ,the parent is providing the impetus for the child’s acceptance.The best thing is that no one became seriously ill from alcohol poisoning or drove drunk injuring self or others.A fine and relevant community service is all that should be imposed on her.

  7. DanTe says:

    She needed to get laid. So she tried to get them wasted.

  8. Anthony says:

    Catherine Apollonio gave the beer to the kids because she wanted to get the keg off her back.

  9. bullett says:

    Do some of these parents ever consider supplying young adults “near beer”?

  10. james j. ruchalski says:

    There is also a little bit of information missing from the article – were these kids 9 years old or 20 years old?

    1. R. Comprehender says:

      Well, the article clearly says “teens” so I think you can safely rule out 9 and 20…

  11. james j. ruchalski says:

    Why don’t we teach respect for alcohol rather than endure the corporate ads that glorify it and promise unlimited sex — ban advertising on alcohol like cigarettes. Instead we make the average citizen a criminal.

  12. James Hodges says:

    Give her 15 years in the slammer…

    1. james j. ruchalski says:

      No. I am sure what ever brand of beer was used is a corporate “person” – hold them accountable.

    2. She is on the prowl says:

      Yes 15 years will teach her and any other so-called parent out there to supply alccohol to kids.I wonder what her real reson was to buy them a keg maybe she has a thing for some of son’s friends.

    3. JR says:

      James take a seat.

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