Indianapolis Colts linebacker Gary Brackett spent the majority of this season on IR after injuring his shoulder in Week 1, but that didn’t stop the New Jersey native for setting his alarm early and making his way into Manhattan for a little sit-down with Boomer & Craig.

The 5’11”, 235lb. Brackett is a Rutgers guy, a walk-on in fact, so he knows a thing or two about hard work.  During his visit he talked about the rough season his Colts endured without Peyton Manning, the upcoming NFL Playoffs and his new book titled, ‘Winning: From Walk-On To Captain In Football And Life.’

Craig was sure to bring up the Colts’ 17-16 loss to the Jets last year in the playoffs, which understandably Brackett didn’t seemed all that thrilled to talk about.

In light of the Jets recent ‘Captain’ drama, Boomer asked the nine-year NFL veteran what it means to him to wear that ‘C’ on his chest – I hope Santonio Holmes was listening.

Bracket also talked about his IMPACT Foundation, which promotes health, advances education and relives the poor, distressed and underprivileged by providing resources and opportunities to children, including those that are mentally & physically challenged, as well as those socially or economically disadvantaged.

As is standard practice for most in-studio visits, we also learned how much Mr. Brackett is benching these days, he is a very strong man…

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