B&C Morning Show: Wild-Card Weekend Picks-Picks-Picks

With the regular season behind us, Boomer & Craig offered their award winning Picks-Picks-Picks for Wild-Card Weekend in the NFL.  They are as follows:

Wild Card Weekend:

Game 1: Bengals (+3.5) @ Texans
(Boomer: Texans 21-17 – Craig: Texans 24-14)

Game 2: Lions (+10.5) @ Saints
(Boomer: Lions [Saints win 38-34] – Craig: Saints 38-21)

Game 3: Falcons (+3) @ Giants
(Boomer: Giants 30-26 – Craig: Falcons 30-24)

Game 4: Steelers (-8) @ Broncos
(Boomer: Steelers 24-10 – Craig: Broncos [Steelers win 17-13])

LISTEN: Wild-Card Weekend Picks-Picks-Picks (01/06)

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One Comment

  1. Matthew Triolo says:

    Listening to Carton is comical. He says you lie to women and children yet he acts like a scorned woman or child that his Jets aren’t in the playoffs. He pays fake compliments to the Giants and then proceeds to tell you they aren’t that good and won’t beat the Packers. He says there is no juice for games since Giant fans don’t call in that much anymore but that’s because his act is up. Giant fans want nothing to do with Carton anymore. Listen to the 10 and 1 o’clock show. They call non-stop. The only ones that want to call you Carton are Jet fans so you can all whine together. He says Jacobs runs his mouth too much when his favorite team is coached by Rex Ryan. I thought his job was to be objective? I get it…it’s fun to have him always pick against the Giants and then turn around and crush him Monday morning but come on man. At some point you have to let go. The Jets aren’t in it….the Giants are. Get on board!! And Boom….just because he picked the Giants to beat the Jets it doesn’t take away his complete disregard and sarcasm to the fact that he is going to spend the entire week telling us how the Giants have no chance at winning this game. This is a New York radio station….it’d be nice for host to show the same support he shows for his 8 – 8 team that names criminals team captain.

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