Cuomo, Bloomberg At Odds Over Fingerprinting Food Stamp Recipients

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to get rid of the requirement to fingerprint food stamp recipients and that is getting a big thumbs down from Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On The Story

Bloomberg says there’s no stigma to being fingerprinted, citing the fact that New York City has 330,000 employees and almost all of them get fingerprinted.

“It’s also true there are allegations it slows down the process and all that sort of stuff. The percentage of people who are eligible for food stamps who actually receive the food stamps is greater in New York City where we have fingerprints than in the rest of the state where they don’t take fingerprints,” said Bloomberg on Thursday.

The mayor said using fingerprints, the city caught 1,900 people fraudulently trying to get food stamps last year.

Christine Quinn cuts the ribbon on a food pantry - Bronx, NY - Jan 6, 2012 (credit: Paul Murnane / WCBS 880)

Christine Quinn cuts the ribbon on a food pantry - Bronx, NY - Jan 6, 2012 (credit: Paul Murnane / WCBS 880)

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane With Speaker Quinn

At the dedication of a food pantry on Webster Avenue on Friday, City Council speaker Christine Quinn hailed Cuomo’s plan.

“No one who needs food stamps who comes here or anywhere else in the City of New York is gonna have to be fingerprinted like they murdered or robbed somebody,” she said.

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  1. kks kks says:

    More Class warfare distractions by the elite to take the focus of the billions of missing funds in the Pentagon, the bankster fraud that led to the banking collapse the judges sent kids to prison for profit taking payoffs from the prison Industrial complex, not to mention that our Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, spent year’s evading taxes in the US until he got caught, now he head’s the IRS??? Why aren’t these stories topping the headlines? Always easy to demonize the poor for welfare but not the Corporate welfare that also feeds the military.

  2. jimmy says:

    Not one person commented on how 1900 people fraudulently tried to get food stamps.

  3. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    I just want to remind everyone that the Governor as well as the Mayor of NYC support men that are int interested in other mens rectums ,,,

  4. diver says:

    They should also be drug tested.

    1. DanTe says:

      they should also submit a DNA sample to the police.

    2. hoipoloi says:

      I wonder what you’d think if you find yourself down on your luck, having paid into this program your whole working life; being drug tested, DNA-sampled, etc. Humiliate people for being poor, is just plain mean.

  5. victor sindoni says:

    Mr Bloomberg should be finger printed, being a billionaire he has no compassion
    for the poor and the middle class families.. W P A projects should be put
    into place, fix highways bridges and tunnels, create jobs so people can find
    work instead of collecting food stamps..,,.

  6. KPMc says:

    “No one who needs food stamps who comes here or anywhere else in the City of New York is gonna have to be fingerprinted like they murdered or robbed somebody,” she said.

    So when someone is fingerprinted for a job like a teacher or a coach working with kids that they should be equated with murderers and robbers. When we fingerprint kids in elementary school is it because we see them as criminals because I was led to believe it was to protect them in case of abduction, etc.

    As for those crying about Wall street vs. skid row.. why do we have to choose who we hold accountable? Fraud and corruption is wrong no matter who commits it and when it is against the public all should be dealt with.

    It is time for the ACTUAL middle class… not hipsters who have never held a real job nor the corporate fat cats who choke on their own greed, to stand up and say no more. It is our money and we have a say in how we spend it.

  7. p8nt says:

    Its funny I see people at the grocery store buy $300 of goods all name brands, and things that’s not on sale and pay for it all using food stamps. Not even using coupons. Then i see a hard working family buy $120 in groceries, same amount of goods, and using coupons. Yet, people on food stamps say they should be getting more aid. Why not go get a job, even if its at a grocery store doing inventory!!

    1. sheila says:

      everyone who gets food stamp is not looking for a handout, most are the working poor., and they don’t have to cut out coupons they can buy whatever food stamps can buy. it’s puzzling how so many people worry about what other people get. yea it’s your tax money so you’ll say( it’s everybody’s)a lot of people are treated like a dog just to get these foodstamps like in the bronx people have to wait on line outside at 5am the line is almost 2 blocks long waiting with babies waiting. stop treating people like dogs that’s all the gov is saying

  8. Fed Up says:

    I’m really tired of “Wall Street” being blamed for every evil in the country. Kid’s got acne and can’t clear it up, blame “Wall Street” because they control the company that produces Clearasil. Can’t get a job as a CEO of a big company, blame “Wall Street” because they control the banks that would have lent you money for college, provided that you finished highschool first. How about acknowledging “Wall Street”, publicaly, for helping the company that employes you! The problem here is that it’s easier to blame someone or something else for the problems we, more than likely, created for ourselves by ourselves. Blame “Wall Street”, that way we don’t have to take responsibility for anything. Oh yeah, blame “Wall Stret”, then we can go to New York City and pee in the park with the other protesters!

    1. jake says:

      You’re right, Wall Street is not the blame for acne, but that’s where the story ends on Wall Street being blameless. If you know anything about how economics works in this country and abroad, then you would know that as long as the current system exists, the poor, the middle class, and those in between will always get the short end of economic prosperity. Yeah, nothing wrong when hard working people are told to settle on wage freezes or 1-2 % increases while the fat pigs get 20-25% increases, bonuses, and tax deferred options. Yeah, the same fat pigs that sell bum securities and foreclose on millions of people. Misery in the name of the almighty dollar.

      1. Enough says:

        OH GOD I’M SOOO TIRED OF THIS!!!!!!!!! 20-25%? I work on “Wall Street” and I got zero merit increase this year. Last year I got 3% but my health insurance went up 10%. So it’s MY fault the economy is struggling? I have to provide a roof, food and support my family just like everyone else…and I BUST my butt to do it- as I did in High School, the Army reserves which helped me pay for college and my job now. Work. The name of the game. Don’t blame me because I studied finance in college and not a non-marketable major. If you wanna study art history be my guest. But don’t yell at me when you’re sleeping in a park and banging on an empty pail calling me greedy as I rush to my job everyday. The job I worked HARD to get-not GIVEN-WORKED TO GET!!!

      2. JakeIsClueless says:

        You have no idea what u r talking about. But go on.zzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. ADean says:

    Come on get real…no way does fingerprinting prevent fraud. If the government wants to save money – it should stop issuing food stamps to illegal immigrants and individuals who have visa to visit this country. I find it difficult to understand how these individuals can be eligible for government aid when American citizens have a hard time getting any assistance. In addition, the rise in those needing food stamp assistance is clearly connected to lack of available jobs, high unemployment and rise in cost of food. Plenty of individuals are able to food their families with the help of Food stamps.

  10. No more political correctness says:

    Come you dopes fingerprinting is useless

    If you really want to stop welfare fraud:


    YES make them sit in classes 25 hours a week and pass ENGLISH & MATH tests

    1/2 will drop out the first month because they will not give up their ghetto ebonics….

    1. jake says:

      If you really want to stop welfare fraud…start at Wall Street and the Banks. That’s where the money is. Food Stamp fraud is chump change compared to the massive frauds committed each day by Wall Street and the Banks. But as usual, it’s easier to go after the Food Stamp cheaters than it is to go after the big pigs on Wall Street. Why won’t they go after them. Because it’s the hand that feeds these so-called government officials YOU elect to represent you. They only need your vote on election day, after that you don’t exist.

      1. JakeTheDope says:

        zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Yaaaaawwwwnnn

  11. Al says:

    Fingerprinting prevents fraud and should be continued

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