Cops: 2-Year-Old Brooklyn Girl Found Bloodied, Battered In Mom’s Arms

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are investigating the death of a 2-year-old Brooklyn girl found bloodied and battered in the arms of her mother, who was babbling incoherently.

Investigators believe she died at the hands of her mother, CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown reports.

Police made the shocking discovery Friday morning while investigating a report of a person trying to jump off the roof at 1078 Putnam Ave., Brown reports.

When police arrived on the scene around 4 a.m., they did not see anyone on the roof.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports

Instead, police discovered blood on the roof and followed the trail to a fourth-floor apartment with its door ajar.

Inside, police found 29-year-old Brandis Nwegbo sitting on the couch, covered in blood, cradling her daughter’s lifeless body and babbling about gods and demons, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports.

Police said 2 1/2 -year-old Cathryn Nwegbo was found with puncture wounds on her neck and cuts and bruises on her body.

She was pronounced dead at Woodhull Hospital.

Sources told CBS 2 the apartment was in total disarray and neighbors said the baby was thrown either from the roof or apartment window.

Friends said a troubled life had taken its toll — and Brandis Nwegbo was beginning to crack under the mounting pressure of being a single mother, Brown reported.

They said she was struggling financially, was unemployed and just days from being evicted, but refused to get help.

Sources tell CBS 2 Nwegbo did not have a history with the Administration for Children’s Services. The agency is investigating this case and issued the following statement Friday: “ACS has received a report of the terribly sad death of the 2-year-old this morning in Brooklyn and is actively investigating. There are no other siblings in the family.”

The medical examiner will determine the exact cause of death.

Nwegbo is in custody and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. Charges are expected but have not yet been filed.

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  1. JC says:

    I’m married and have a child with a woman who is troubled and also too proud and damaged to accept responsibility. I do not leave because I am scared that the courts will drop the ball, side with mom, and suffer a similar fate. As the attorney above stated, courts are sympathetic to dad’s if the mom is diagnosed and if there are a few witnesses. That’s just the problem, what happens when the mom does not get diagnosed because she refuses to seek help, and what about those instances were there are no witnesses because the incidents only happen behind closed doors. I have seeked police assistance, she switches the story, and cops always end up believing the pretty girl than the real victim. The police need better training and the courts need to open up their eyes that there are a lot of troubled mothers out there. Fathers have stepped up to their responsibilities in this society and should be accepted as an equal fit as a parent.

  2. ann says:

    god bless that baby

  3. Dna says:

    We need to implament steralization in this coutry so they can not breed again. Whats to say this freak don’t get knocked up again. I mean really there are a bazillion websites of unprotected sex and than the outcome is an unwanted baby! To much pride to get help! WTF Hopefully you can meet all your other pridefull sistas and brothu’s in the big house and pride out to jerry loser springer!

  4. mj says:

    its very easy for people to condem others… like they say walk in their shoes you don’t know what you would do or how you would react … remember they are not you nor you them. it seems prety obvious that this womam had a mental breakdown for who knows what reasons

    1. Netchemet Ast Ib says:

      My name is Shaunte’ A. Pompey and Cathryn was my little cousin. My uncle Elmore Pompey is and has always been a great father and it is sad for me to wake up to hear this news. Something was very wrong with her mother and its unfortunate that she didn’t seek the help she needed. I don’t care what mental state she was in, parents are to be held accountable for the welfare of their children. My uncle wanted to be there for his daughter but this woman denied him this opportunity. She waited until she was rock bottom and still denied financial support from the father including visitation. My uncle and our family are mourning the loss of Cathryn for what? Because the mother failed to get help for herself and her child? Again, if a person is capable enough to bring a child into the world, they should also have the capability to keep there child safe. This woman had too much PRIDE to seek the help, she let matters get worse and finally decided to end an innocent childs’ life. She might as well took her own life instead. People of this caliber DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE.

      1. Susan BetzJitomir says:

        It is a shame he did not go to Family Court, if he didn’t, and enforce his right and ask for custody, the Judges are friendly to Dads. I am a lawyer, I do Family Court cases, It is not all that hard to get a child away from a mentally ill dangerous parent if they have been diagnosed or you have a few witnesses. More people should protect children this way.

  5. T. Ridley says:

    Just angry because I’m 34 years old, childless & would see motherhood as a blessing. So it truly pains me to hear about tragedies like this. Millions of single mothers are raising multiple children alone and doing a great job. What’s this woman’s story?

  6. NIXZ says:

    I’m so darn sick and tired of these monsters hurting, and killing their children, if this murderer have any type of issues, there is many means and ways she could of gotten help rather than kill her child, I have often said this, After NixzMary Brown case New York, should of never have to go through this horrible feelings again.!!. hope the Judicial System Roast this momster.

  7. no more excuses says:

    Father nowhere to be found black people popping out babies like mad….and NO guts to give the kid up for adoption….equals death…..

    1. Shi says:

      First and for most she was Dominican it’s not the race it’s just people out here having sex iresponsiblly and enjoying the moment and not the consequences but before you ignorantly say something about a race CHECK YA FACTS This is a sad case and I’m sure she’s sick because only sick people would hurt there own family in this way BLESS THAT CHILD she was bought here by someone else whom she should of been taken care of by and at 30 me wanting a child and knowing I would try and be a great mom this is sad when people want children and people are killing there own

    2. sharon says:

      stop making ignorant comments about race; ALL races & ethnicities have issues when it comes to single parenting! you don’t know the situation about the father’s involvement.

  8. Kleetis Slywage says:

    This type of abomination increased dramatically years ago after mental institutions were closed and folks with dangerous conditions were released into the streets to roam free.

  9. the_quiet1 says:

    inb4 anti-theists try to link this to mainstream religious beliefs, and fail.

  10. Kevlar says:

    Casey Anthony

  11. kimberly vaughan says:

    Thanks not right… Why would anyone want to hurt an innocent child. What is this wrld coming to?

  12. netbop says:

    i cant belive this, what kind of momster will do this

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