Anti-Gun March, Rally Held In Harlem Sunday

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Demonstrators held an anti-gun march and rally in Harlem Sunday.

Cardida Wilkerson held a sign with pictures of her brother Chino who was murdered by someone he didn’t even know four months ago.

“My brother was out with his friends and the guy just came up to him and just shot him. Just picked a fight with him and shot him,” she told WCBS 880’s Monica Miller.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Monica Miller reports

Jackie Hilly from the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence group says New Yorkers, especially children, are victims of senseless violence like the victims shot last year in Tucson, Arizona. She says federal laws need to be changed.

“We need to make sure that there’s a background check conducted on every sale of every gun so that the guns don’t fall into the wrong hands,” she said.

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy says as the country remembers what happened to her colleague in Tucson, she remembers what it was like to lose her husband to a senseless shooting on the Long Island Railroad almost 20 years ago.

Her son was also on the train, but survived.

“My son was shot in the head, and the struggle for years and years to be able to learn how to walk, to learn how to talk, took everything in his being to be able to do it,” she said.

Iesha Sekou from Street Corner Resources is a community leader who says she’s tired of seeing the children in her neighborhood die at the hands of violence.

“Every other day, a child is dying at the hands of an illegal gun,” she said.

The “Too Many Victims” event was hosted by the National Action Network and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. It began at the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building at 163 W. 125th St., and continued to the New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture at 515 Malcolm X Blvd.

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  1. JohnRalph says:

    Obama’s brand of socialism, which is an amalgamation of the Nationalist and Communist varieties despises America.

    Except Islamic America, which is an excellent example of both types since it is a religion that through Sharia Law controls every aspects of one’s life. Virtually enslaving the believer.

    National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party, referred to in English as the NAZI Party (Hitler’s socialism for the German ‘Teutonic’ Race). In reality though no different than the left’s socialism.

    Like Stalin, for the white Russians, or Pol Pot, for the Khmer Rouge, or Ho Chi Minh, for the Viet Minh, or Mao, for the Han Chinese.

    Socialist Gods that brought death and misery to tens if not hundreds of millions of humans.

    Let us not forget our SOCIALIST God, Mein Lord God High Führer Obama, for America’s liberal elite, Muslims, OWS and welfare voters on the dole.

    1. The Facts says:

      “White” Russians were anti-communists who lost a civil war to “Red” Russian communists.

  2. Tim says:

    Criminals buy guns easily because the NRA opposes sensible laws, like closing the gun show loophole (where anyone can go to PA or VA and buy many guns at once from an unlicensed dealer w no background check at a gun show). The guns that end up on city streets often are originate from these gun shows. The NRA isnt a responsible gun-owners rights group anymore. It has become the gun manufacturers lobby whose sole interest is selling more guns. Who else would oppose a common sense law that would eliminate this gun running that destroys lives and communities??? NRA members have become dupes for the gun lobby.

    1. a says:

      You’re drinking the kool aid. Anyone CAN NOT go to PA of VA and buy many guns at once with no background check. Don’t believe what Bloomass is trying to tell you unless you have actually TRIED to do it.

    2. Dante says:

      Here’s a hint Timmy: If you have to LIE to make your case, than maybe, just maybe, you have No Case.

      Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t we pass some more laws to make it ILLEGAL to own ILLEGAL guns? That’s about your level of logic.

    3. dave says:

      “Gun show loophole”
      I wouldn’t say “often”…

      Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) report on “Firearms Use by Offenders” found that fewer than 1% of U.S. “crime guns” came from gun shows, with repeat offenders even less likely than first-timers to buy guns from any retail source. This 2001 study was based on interviews with 18,000 state prison inmates and is the largest such study ever conducted by the government

      Caroline Wolf Harlow, Firearm Use by Offenders (Bureau of Justice Statistics, Nov. 2001)

  3. Bob says:

    “Every other day, a child is dying at the hands of an ILLEGAL gun,” emphasis added. Genius solution, “We need to make sure that there’s a background check conducted on every sale of every gun so that the guns don’t fall into the wrong hands.” Cuz all hardcore gangstas submit background checks when purchasing their illicit firearms. How about changing the unconstitutional laws than make the law abiding citizens of NYC disarmed victims?

    1. Off Duty says:

      Bob….Beautifully said. Bingo!

  4. DanTe says:

    It’s always the inanimate object’s fault, hey? Never their own stinking fault. Stupid monkeys.

  5. jimmy says:

    Should read anti-violence march instead. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

  6. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    I say let them kill each other they are animals anyway

  7. Alex says:

    And same again — politicians making presentation. You can see — mostly white faces. And this is Harlem. Again –same song: laws should be changed, more investigation, etc. Nobody raised this normal question: why this shooting is mostly in Harlem, in East New York, in Bushwick, etc. By the way, this shootings have been conducted by illegally possessed weapon. So, none of laws apply to illegal guns owners.
    Circus… All they know what causes these shootings. All they know how to stop it. But — how to do it and not jump over politcorrectness? So, spend more money for researches, clubs, etc. It’s easier. And of course, politcorrect. Since everyone is equal.

  8. NYC42A says:

    The problem is letting repeat offenders continue being repeat offenders. The march should be on city hall to keep violent crimminals in jail.

    1. Alex says:

      They are already. And NY State erects more and more jails. You are not able to imprison everybody from the South Bronx, Harlem, East New York, etc. This is wrong although politcorrect way.

      1. NYC42A says:

        Then the next step is to institute an effective death penalty.

      2. The Facts says:

        New York State has recently closed several prisons for lack of prisoners.

  9. a says:

    “We need to make sure that there’s a background check conducted on every sale of every gun so that the guns don’t fall into the wrong hands,”

    That already happens, criminals buy guns from other criminals. This statement should read: “We need to make sure that anyone who commits a crime, goes to jail and stays there.” Just see the murder of P. Figoski, the alleged shooter was wanted in NC and was LET GO by a NY judge.

    1. 1withabrain says:

      “Every other day, a child is dying at the hands of an illegal gun,” she said.

      This line said it best…”illegal”

      Rallying against guns…

      A few points to ponder:

      1). People who go through the painstaking trouble to own a gun(and contrary to popular belief…it is NOT easy)…go through a FBI conducted background check at the TIME OF PURCHASE for EVERY purchase…to make sure the purchaser has nothing tarnishing his/her record up to the second at which the purchase is made. That is-Federal(NICS check)….across the board…every state without exception. I have no idea why a statement as if to the contrary was made in the article. Do the people that do the reporting do their due diligence when reporting?

      2). Law abiding people do NOT commit crimes, do not turn into criminals because they purchase a firearm.
      Disarming law abiding people…not the answer, unless we believe in allowing criminals the upper hand.

      3). We need only to look at Government, who are involved in: Illegal gun selling, yet to be verified of course…Innocent till proven guilty…but pretty damn convincing evidence to date: Fed Govt-Fast and Furious…NY/NJ-police(and by no means am I trying to tarnish the brave NJ/NY Police that do do their jobs day in and day out, fearlessly and with honesty.) and their being involved in “Illegal Gun Sales”. Disgusting. That last one…in our own back yard. Come on people…These events seem to be being swept under the proverbial rug…Where is Mayor Bloomburg on that subject?

      A child being killed is a horrific event that I could never imaging having to deal with on a personal level…to be a parent dealing with the day to day recovery of a loved one hurt in a crime as outlined in the article…unfathomable, beyond sad and my heart truly goes out to these people. But to say that gun restrictions(in the most restrictive area in the USA) would have stopped a tragedy like those…

      I believe we need to STOP BEING VICTIMS of criminals…but by “over controlling” law abiding citizens from owning guns? I believe that would accelerate the criminal agenda.

      Ohhh, and BTW Tim, get back to me when try to purchase a firearm without proper identification…and without going through the NICS check…let me know how you make out.

      A fool born every minute seems to be an old saying picking up speed…more like every second.

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