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Church Opens In New Location Following Public School Ban

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Abundant Life Church will open at a new location on Sunday. The church was one of 60 that were recently forced out of city school buildings.

Reverend Assemblyman Karim Camara, will lead the ribbon cutting ceremony at the church’s new location at the Hope City Empowerment Center in Prospect Heights.

“We are grateful that a door closed, led to another door opening. Moving to Prospect Heights is a great opportunity for this young ministry. We set out from the beginning to be a multi-ethnic church which bridged cultural divides, and this neighborhood is the perfect location to fulfill that vision,” Camara said.

The New York City Department of Eduacation made the move to ban religious worship in public school buildings after the Supreme Court refused to hear “Bronx Household of Faith vs. New York City Department of Education”.

The decision by the BOE prohibits religious groups from using public school space as of Sunday, February 12, 2012. New York City is currently the only city that bans Houses of Worship from meeting in public spaces.

What do you think of the city’s decision to ban religious groups from meeting in public schools? You may comment below…


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  1. Thomas Sawford says:

    It’s just anti – Christian bigotry on the part of the New York Department
    of Education. The Constitution specifically bans hostility to religious
    expression – but this is a clear expression of that . They have twisted the phrase ‘ Separation of Church
    and State ‘ to suit their purposes when it isn’t even in the Constitution !
    If fact, Thomas Jefferson wrote that phrase to PREVENT the government
    from interfering in the religious expression of ordinary Americans .
    Churches like these help feel the hungry, counsel troubled youth
    and help keep them out of gangs and away from drugs. They aid single Moms
    and the unemployed , who are struggling emotionally and financially in this
    recessed economy and give them caring and hope .

    Shows the true feelings of people in the Department and this Judge
    towards inner city minorities , anyway .

    Shows what the true feelings of the Department of Education
    are towards often struggling black people.

  2. CT says:

    If they rent to any public group, (and they do) they must rent to ALL- including religious groups also or its called DISCRIMINATION.
    Dont think so? Then why did the court in Hawaii rule that CHURCHES who rent their facilities to the public have to rent them to ALL (including for gay “civil unions”)?

  3. Barre Flynn says:

    It is funny that our society has tried removing God from education. Humans need spiritual food to nourish themselves. Our young people need God in their lives. Obviously the Mayor and the Board of Education don’t share this view. Regardless of their thinking, children need to know their maker. To ban churches from using public school facilities is stupid and our city will pay the price in increased moral depletion and violence. Have a good day and hopefully you will survive your train ride back and forth to work. Hopefully your child will not fall into drugs or dangerous sexual encounters.

    1. Vernon Hell says:

      Like many, I have a deep and personal relationship with GOD, but don’t insult people by telling us we need some phony money-grubbing church to make the connection.

      It takes a colossal fool to think that God is up there eagerly waiting to be spammed with robotic recitals of canned prayers. Those wishing their prayers to be heard should talk directly to God with original, sincere heartfelt requests.

  4. JT says:

    It makes no sense that a religious group can’t meet under bricks, studs, beams, nails, steel, etc of a building that is owned by the city. The City of New York is not endorsing a particular faith based group. They are just Landlords. If you rent your house or apartment bullding to a couple who prays in their apartment, does that make the landlord an endorser of their religious belief ? Of course not!

    The City of New York owns the streets. Does that forbid me from praying as I walk down the street out of my private house? Does that imply that because I pray in the streets or on the sidewalks as I stand or walk or run, that the City of New York endorses my personal religious beliefs? Of course not.

    The concept of separation of Church & State has been so warped and misunderstood; it’s getting so out of hand and the original meaning is lost to the point where we are violating rights of others to worship.

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