Gloria Allred Represents NY Woman In Suit Against Hotel Chain Over Alleged Sexual Assault

NEW YORK (AP) — A former New York City investment banker is suing the Starwood hotel chain over a sexual assault she says happened in her locked hotel room in Finland.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Manhattan federal court by Alison Fournier.

She says a desk clerk at the Hotel Kamp in Helsinki gave a copy of her room key to a fellow guest after he said he was her husband. She says the man entered her room and began groping her in bed but she grabbed a bathrobe and fled.

Fournier spoke at a news conference accompanied by high-profile lawyer Gloria Allred. Her lawsuit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

The Stamford, Connecticut based Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. says it’s taking the allegation seriously and seeks to understand the facts.

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  • chris

    I think the “drunk man” was Gloria.

  • Mark

    Will this case be heard in Finland or the US.

  • Tom Wilson

    Gloria’s an anitisocial personality disordered sicko who will always rake in millions of dollars. I’m surprised she hasn’t been appointed by Obama as a federal judge.

  • Sip Sawyer

    Over in Eurpe things are different. Since I’m an X European I don’t see this being anything worth all the hassle around the case. May be the declaining need of financial services has something to do with her idea of benefitting of this kind of an incidence. I wonder if the participating dude had been able to create a great sexual expericen for her instead?

  • Fred B

    WAY too many problems with this one.
    – How did he get a room key without knowing her first and last name?
    – How did he know her room number?
    – Why didn’t she use the deadbolt lock?
    – Where did she run to in only her robe?
    – Did she later go back to the room – alone – hoping he was gone?
    – Why wouldn’t she tell the police at the time of the incident?

    • Marie

      She had been at the hotel for 5 days and the man was staying in the hotel as well. I’m sure he had plenty of chances to hear her name and/or room #.
      She went straight to the front desk in her robe and asked for security, that a man had just attacked her in her room. The desk clerk proceeds to tell her that it was her husband in her room and he had given him the key. Also, the hotel failed to report the incident to the police.

    • Tim Skomo

      As with vast majority of women involved in litigation, the claiming of “victim” trump card, and her “allegations” alone carry tremendous weight. Then will come the trumped up charges without proof.

  • sawb

    Something smells fishy here. Gloria when was the last time you washed between your legs?

  • Jean

    Who would just hand over a hotel room key just because someone purports to be the husband of a guest? He must have known her or had been stalking her, otherwise how would he have known which room she was in? There’s more to this than a simple sexual assault

  • Ophelia Cornwell

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  • A "Going Postal" Worker

    Absolutely disgusting – I hope that the hotel chain has major problems, on the back of doing something so reckless and stupid.

  • RoyAllen

    She chases ambulances as far as Finland,Gloria must be in great shape

    • Michael H.

      This isn’t a personal injury case, which is what the term “ambulance chaser” refers to.

  • David

    Gloria i cant believe you would do this!

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