Graphic Video: Teen-On-Teen Beatdown, Apparently Over A Video Game

N.J. Cops Still Investigating, Wonder Why Incident Was Even Filmed

LUMBERTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — It’s a disturbing video.

A teenager has been accused of stealing video games, but then was viciously beaten by one of his own friends.

The video is now the subject of an investigation by police and the footage itself is very intense, reports CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

The beating was recorded three days ago, by the sister of the 19-year-old man doing the majority of the punching. Apparently the 18-year-old getting attacked was accused of stealing video games. At one point, the young woman seems to make an accusation, sort of says the item was in the teen’s backpack.

Before the beating picks up in intensity, the young man is practically interrogated.

The incident took place near Philadelphia. Near the end of the recording the 18-year-old who was beaten appears to say he’ll pay back whomever.

At the end of the tape, the victim is seen briefly, leaving the house.

Lumberton Police Det. Thomas LaRosa told Guzman on Monday afternoon that the 19-year-old doing the beating is Joey Abraham, but that police have not yet made arrests. They still have to identify the other young man in the video and the girl who made the video.

What police want to know is what was the point of making the video?

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One Comment

  1. Lorraine says:

    My comment? The “victim” is not as innocent as one portrays him to be. And I know him VERY well. He’s stolen from plenty of people in the neighborhood. Next time you want a story get the story from BOTH sides. The “victim” does not have a clean background and is known for his theft and dirty ways. Thousands of other videos on youtube of WORSE abuse on REAL innocent people and this is what you broadcast? If someone was to break into your home and steal your property you would have most likely reacted the same way.

    1. Omar says:

      You’re an idiot. If he stole this property,why would you videotape yourselves committing a crime and then broadcast it to the world? Now the victims are in the same boat as the thief.

    2. john says:

      So why did Abraham let him into the house??
      Why didn’t he call the police, instead of acting like an animal??

  2. Lloyd says:

    Maybe welfare checks should include vouchers for say, 10 free video games per month so we don’t have to read about this.

    1. laurie says:

      what’s welfare have to do with assault?

    2. Ray Caldwell says:

      what does that have to do with anything, very stupid comment, you probably on it your damn self!

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