Feds Order Chinatown Bus Company To Stop Operations

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Chinatown bus company that was issued a cease and desist order by federal authorities is allegedly operating like business as usual.

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The Double Happyness bus company at 133 East Broadway was ordered to stop all intra-state and interstate passenger service. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration cited operating, driver and maintenance violations following an extensive review of the company last month and again last week.

But on Tuesday, tickets were being sold and passengers were waiting for their buses outside the East Broadway office. Many travelers had no idea the bus service had been told to stop operating.

“I never had a problem with the bus company,” said one passenger.

“I’ve been traveling with them a couple of years and my only complaint is that one Thanksgiving season they didn’t stop in Baltimore, but beside that, I have no complaints with this bus line,” said another passenger.

In response to the allegations, FMCSA issued a statement:

“FMCSA will continue to work closely with its State law enforcement partners to determine if the Double Happyness bus company is operating in violation of the agency’s shutdown orders. If Double Happyness is found to be operating illegally, the company will face additional enforcement action.”

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  1. Crystal Ball Schemes says:

    Why don’t the police go after all of the Romanian Gypsies with their Tarot Card/Palm Reading and Harlot businesses? It’s amazing what we have to put up with in this country.

  2. LEST WE FORGET says:

    This is DISCRIMINATION against Asians. Stand up for your rights or they’ll walk all over you in this country. When crimes are committed against Asians, it’s swept under the carpet, kept hush hush.

    1. Charlie Chan says:

      Enforcing laws and safety regulations is discrimination? How?

    2. arturo tao says:

      Must say though when Asians commit crimes its pretty much plastered everywhere on the news. But, when Asians are victims of crimes its a crime of opportunity just like White victims not much of a spot light shone on it…just like the Chinese delivery guy that was shot in brooklyn the other day…didn’t really make the news….

      But, Lastly this is not DISCRIMINATION…rather a feature of a overreaching govt with too many regulations that kill most honest small businesses.

  3. aha says:

    So Greyhound can raise their prices again.

  4. Vivily Green says:

    Bigtalls.cQm ..a nice club for tàll people to date. You need not to be beautiful or handsome,if you are over 5’8″, as long as you are tàll, you are very popular here.

  5. Ann Mason says:

    This doesn’t sound very surprising. The high school courses which prepare sudents for living as adults should offer instruction in being an enlightened consumer. Kids should be taught how to do research and learn a company’s safety history. The naive assurance “They wouldn’t be doing business if they weren’t legit” doesn’t protect anyone.

  6. Bus Rider says:

    So they want people to drive instead of taking public transportation?

  7. Cheap = Dangerous says:

    This isn’t the only bus in town that draws safety concerns, check out this post:
    Do discount buses push safety to the curb?

  8. I hope they realize that the owner of the company will just start over again under a different name.

    1. Ponzi Ponzi Ponzi says:

      Just like all the Ponzi scheming companies. A new Ponzi scheme is dreamed up every day in this country.

      1. arturo tao says:

        No Ponzi scheme here just backdoor to too many regulations that are killing most honest companies…

        Ponzi you get nothing out of…but, this is a service…cheap at that also.

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