Michael Wymbs Spared Jail Time In Columbia Drugs Case

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – There is another plea deal in the case of the Columbia University drug ring.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell On The Case

Michael Wymbs‘ plea deal with narcotics prosecutors got him a sentence of five years probation – no jail time.

He had been charged with selling LSD-laced candies and ecstasy pills in what become an open fraternity house drug bazaar at the Ivy League Manhattan school.

Judge Michael Sonberg agreed to court-mandated drug treatment for Wymbs as part of his probation.

The former student said only two words to the court: “I apologize.”

His attorney, Michael Bachner, told the judge that Wymbs is back in college going to a CUNY school. The judge approved , saying that those who attended a CUNY school think it’s as good as or better than an Ivy League education.

  • Michael Bachner

    Michael sold drugs for less than 2 months in order to support his addictions. He has been in rehab since his arrest and will continue to be there for at east 15 months If Michael was treated like others in similar non publicity cases he would have received a drug diversion program and his case would have been dismissed. He was punished more severely – not less severely.

  • Linda

    What, did he get to skip rehab also ? Well guess money talks and BS walks.

  • Amtracmarine

    Investigators say that each student “specialized” in selling specific drugs and would “refer customers to one another.” Undercover authorities purchasing drugs from the students made nearly $11,000 in deals, Shouldn’t these guys be doing some jail time??

  • RoyAllen

    He was a major drug dealer,and involved for an ongoing time period.But I guess most Ivy Leaguers don’t go to prison.if he was from the ghetto,he would be serving 15 years in state prison. So much for equal justice under the law

    • Sharon

      I totally agree with RoyAllen. Our justice system is no good.

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