Police: Bronx Man Used Glue To Exact Revenge Upon Parking Meters

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — A Bronx man has been accused of taking matters into his own hands when it comes to parking tickets. Police said that Doc Huang Do used super glue to bust parking meters at a lot in New Rochelle.

“These things would be up for like a day, and someone would break them. They’d be down for a couple of months, they’d be up for a day, and somebody would break them,” New Rochelle resident Rod Purdy told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey on Tuesday night.

But Huang Do is keeping his mouth shut.

“I don’t say nothing,” said the suspect, who police believe was fed up with paying tickets.

“He got a number of summonses in the lot, so we’re inferring that he vandalized the machine in response to that,” said Capt. Joe Schaller of the New Rochelle Police.

Investigators said that on five separate occasions over the past year Huang Do took some kind of nail solution from his New Rochelle nail salon and gummed up the pay station slots.

“I think that’s kind of immature and irresponsible,” said resident Paulette Marshall.

After reviewing footage from a nearby surveillance camera police had found what they were looking for.

Huang Do was arraigned Tuesday, but declined to speak with CBS 2’s Hennessey.

“This is my business. Now you ruining my business,”Huang Do said. “I don’t know, I don’t say nothing.”

The disabled parking meters have caused some drivers to receive tickets.

“I couldn’t access the machines,” said resident Tim Curry.

And Vicky Escobar of Mahopac said, “I get ticketed all the time.”

Huang Do is believed to have caused $22,000 worth of damage to the machines. Police expect him to make some sort of restitution.

If convicted, what do you think Huang Do’s punishment should be? Leave your ideas in our comments section below…


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  1. Thomas Jefferson says:

    He deserves at least $10,000,000,000 tax-free cash reward from the STINKING pigs of New York City.

    And a Gold Medal.

  2. Ned says:

    I’d like to personally congratulate him.

  3. Dan Te says:

    If the parking meters offend some people then they should remove it.

  4. typed with the nails he does every 2 weeks ! says:

    As a customer at this establishment, it is not only aggravating to have to constantly feed a meter for the services provided there but its a nuisance to have to interrupt him from his work for change. Not only is the city quick to ticket, they forget whose actually trying to run a successful business which don’t allow them to constantly run to a meter. As for the media, what a disgrace ! and just plain out Rude! It is his place of business whether the solution came from there or not, they had no business being there. I don’t see them running in to a place where a murder weapon was suspected to come from, so why be rude when you don’t belong there !

  5. Hilary C says:

    I sincerely hope that this guy isn’t driving a car.

    All he did was cost the city money. I think he should be sentenced to an english class so people can understand him. Or maybe he could glue shut the mouths of Hollywood actors and/or those layabouts from OWS

  6. Steve says:

    If he did it, good for him! The city is out of control with their over-the-top fines. But I am not convinced he did it. Who besides cops has actually seen the surveillance video? He at least deserves his day in court. CBS was wrong to go into his store.

  7. NYCEmployees says:

    Sad, you can’t find free parking in the NYC area anymore, $.50 cents per 10 minutes. NYC is a business town~

  8. Larry says:

    Glue his penis facing upwards on his body !

  9. leo says:

    I dunno where all of you live! i can just say whats going on where i live!
    It used to be! (untill bloomberg got mayor) tickets were much less then todays days not only it was less its also that they didnt run after you what i mean to say is that before bloomberg we had traffic cops and they gave tickets “but” it wasent that theyre running after you its if they saw you then tbey gave you so now with our lovely mayor he hired more the double traffic cops and not only if they see you then they give you! its they are waiting for you they wana give you!
    Y should it be like that??? its our city u need to help us with our budget y r u ticketing us from all sides???
    Dont forget! ur a CITY! ur not a BUSINESS! Back to our mayor he is good for a business but not for a city! the diffrence between b4 bloomberg and now is umbelievable! the meters went up @least double! the tickets went up with a third! what is this money raising??????????????? pocket more money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. kmrod says:

      “Dont forget! ur a CITY! ur not a BUSINESS!”

      would you be ok with taxes going up 15-20%?

      then the only way for the city to function is to operate as a business.

  10. Lucius Junius Brutus says:

    Embarrassed American has a point. This man has been accused, not convicted. It is highly unprofessional and a bad habit for the media to simply assume that because he is accused and cops “say he did it” that this is the sam as being proven guilty. Further, when have newspaper or media audiences been been able to decide on anyone’s punishment in a formal government prosecution? This may be good for getting readers but it gives the wrong idea about justice in America.

    1. kmrod says:

      the article makes it clear that he is accused of doing this by using words like “accused” and “is believed to have caused”……….. what more could they have done to say he is only “accused” other than use the word “accused”?

  11. hudson park says:

    where in the world did you get this story the camera was in the machine and was placed there by the new rochelle police department after the machines were destroyed 2 times before this.Also the judge released him on 1500 bail what a joke

  12. ,mkn,n,mn says:

    he not love machine long time

  13. rob says:

    While yes, destruction of property is not acceptable and should be prosocuted,
    i understand the frustration with the overzealous traffic agents writing summons
    after summons, back in the day they would let you slide here and there but not
    now days, all ticketing and most policing and prosecutions are mainly done to raise revenue. Money rules the day, we can only hope that the corrupt elected moneychangers will be thrown out of the temple of democracy the American people should own the Senate and House not the corporate moneychangers.

  14. Robert from the bronx says:

    Good for him! I am sick of the government stealing from its citizens with unreasonable fines and levies. Get a ticket recently? A days income gone like that!! For what? to keep a bunch of lazy union cops and the counties running!

    1. Schmice says:

      As money gets tighter, the cities have to come up with money to fund their fire departments, hospitals, schools and other necessities. If you don’t like tickets, don’t park illegally.

      1. drfats says:

        Clearly you are a brainwashed foolish sheep. People who do not break the law or any parking rules get tickets also. Did u read the article? People that parked at the broken meters got tickets too. Why should I avoid a nice spot just because the meter is broken? Vandalized or not. Its all about generating money on top of the various taxes and fees we already pay. Many streets have “No parking/ standing anytime” signs for no reason. Our streets are designed this way to trap people. There is a two and one way street near my house with no parking on either side.

  15. jack says:

    the news here is a mockery.

  16. Michael Hale says:

    Deport him to his country of origin.

    1. kmrod says:

      “A Bronx man……….”

      the bronx is in the US.

  17. Embarrased American says:

    The last time I looked, this was America. Oh, it is, you forgot innocent until proven guilty – by a court of law! You should not have gone to his business. Irresponsible reporting and an embarrasement to America. Are you as the press trying to take over the American Justice System?

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