TSA Screener Turns In $5,000 He Found On Floor At Newark Airport

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — In his nine years as a Transportation Security Administration screener John Deschamp has found a lot of personal items, including engagement rings and laptops.

What he found on Dec. 27 on the floor of Terminal C at Newark Liberty Airport was extraordinary — $5,000 in cash.

“When I got close enough I noticed that it was pretty much a wad of money,” the 36-year-old told WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond. “It was half folded up, like someone tried to place it in their pocket and missed.”

He immediately turned the money over to United Airlines since the cash was found near the United Elite Access check-in desk.

The money will likely go to charity if it is not claimed, according to a report.

The TSA has received plenty of negative press recently and Deschamp is trying to change that.

“I came out so everybody can understand that it’s not all about bad things,” Deschamp said.

  • Not Amazed

    It must be a slow news day when a guy makes headlines for ACTUALLY DOING HIS JOB. Next up – store clerk gets a medal for ringing up sales.

  • bill burns

    Marty Griffin reporting coloreds raping whie women in broad daylight in downtown Pittsburgh.

  • Real Dan Te

    Finally a story about a good honest TSA emplyee.

  • Jojo

    Does anyone else think this was a test.

    • Scott

      Definitly a test. They wouldn’t be looking for someone to claim it, the person who lost it would have been looking for them and made an attempt to inquire if it was found. Pure common sense.

    • theclarkster

      Yes, without a doubt!

  • gal

    This guy is in a small way a hero.

  • pugphan

    Honest and righteous peeps do exist. So way cool! smokersodysseycom

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