Fed Up Mom Deals Peculiar Punishment To Troubled 14-Year-Old Son

Forces Her Boy To Wear A Sign On A Street Corner Naming His Many Wrongs

NEW YORK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Fort Wayne, Indiana mother’s unconventional form of discipline is sparking a debate. How far is too far when it comes to punishing your child, particularly, in public?

Dynesha Lax says that what she did was a last resort.

“Since you’re looking for attention, we’re going to get you attention,” Lax said.

She was referring to forcing her 14-year-old son to wear a sign around his neck listing his law-breaking behavior — and stand on a street corner for two hours. The sign read: “I lie, I steal, I sell drugs, I don’t follow the law.”

“He broke the law again today and they only gave him a few hours community service. So I decided that we’re going to wear a sign,” Lax said.

Creative? Perhaps.

The very public punishment was infuriating to some and enlightening to others.

“Boy, that seems awfully harsh,” parent Dean Vidal said.

“I think that’s a little extreme,” Courtney Fishman added.

“Sometimes you have to do something drastic so that he gets the point,” Mary Lou Trattner said.

Mother of three and parenting expert Tammy Gold said there are pros and cons to such extreme forms of discipline.

“At first glance it seems cruel and hurtful and not something that a parent would do. As a clinician I think about it like maybe that’s the only thing that will work with her son,” Gold said.

But sometimes creative punishment crosses the line to criminal.

Last year, a Staten Island mother landed in legal trouble when she dropped her 6-year-old daughter off at a police station as a scare tactic. She was later charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

“Anything that causes harm is crossing the line,” Gold said.

And, Gold said, for that there is no excuse or no wiggle room.

Do you think this “punishment” was fair? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below. …


One Comment

  1. Michelle Obama says:

    This woman is doing her best to protect her son from the streets and get her 5 minutes in the media/on the today show. Maybe if she didn’t learn parenting skills from Jerry Springer and maury povich she would realize how foolish this makes her look.

    Another vote for democrats/affirmative action/welfare

  2. tbaby says:

    When has embarassing your child into compliance a problem? We cant beat them and barely can say anything to them without the world in the middle of your business. But let this CHILD rob you, kill some one you love or even walk next to you, then it, Where is this child’s parent. or the latest phase, I dont like what my mother and father said or did to help me go right because they weren’t born 2 minutes before me, so I’ll kill them. Everyone who thought this is wrong, please move next to someone who feels like you and when the kid acts up and you are the victim-remember, he’s only a kid and no one should punish or treat this kid like… say a kid. Look at the murder, robbery, rape and parenticide and decided which parent would you like to know lives next to you- one who will confront the behavior and do something about it OR ones like you who wants to ahhh he didn’t mean it- while you are dealing with the fallout of the crime.. You Go Girl!! And do it again. Because in this new world where discipline is becoming an art of the past, you will get blamed no matter what you do or don’t do-so make sure YOUR HOUSE IS IN ORDER and tolerable for YOU!! If they aren’t feeding you, dressing you or housing you or your children-F*ck EM and do you, boo-boo!!!

  3. Betsy says:

    I applaud this mom for taking steps to straighten her son out before he reaches the age where he will be put in jail because no one cared enough to try to correct him at a younger age!

  4. RGalbraith says:

    Children don’t know shame anymore. His mother was shamed by his bad behavior and I applaud her shaming him. That’s my ‘punishment of choice’. My kids know what shame is! If they waste the teachers time at school, I waste their time at home. 😉

  5. John says:

    A parent with a spine is a rare thing these days.

  6. ProFromDover says:

    He needs to be put back into diapers.

  7. Michelle says:

    I totally agree with the punishment…She did it because she loves him and wants him to own up to his wrong doing.

  8. cactus02 says:

    Better this than finding him shot in a drug ripoff or overdosed in a crack house.
    Good for mom, at least her son knows she cares. Sometime harsh punishment is necessary but cruel and unusual starts at the Emergency Room.

  9. Tom says:

    Get the “I killed my mom” sign ready.

    1. cactus02 says:

      No way . If he is smarter than room temperature he will respect his mother and behave.Give mom credit at least she cares.

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