Stringer: Don’t Rush To Sell Off Lower Manhattan Buildings

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer says he is opposed to the sale of three lower Manhattan sites currently owned by New York City.

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg outlined the plan in his State of the City address on Thursday.

“This year we’ll put three city-owned office buildings in Lower Manhattan up for sale we expect will bring more than $100 million next year for our capital budget, $100 million in private sector tax revenue and cost savings over the next 20 years by converting public buildings to private buildings and it will bring new jobs and housing for the downtown community,” Bloomberg said.

But Stringer calls the buildings on Broadway, Chambers and Reade streets prime city assets that should be considered for uses as schools or affordable housing and says selling them is a hasty and imprudent one-shot deal.

“While $100 million may seem tempting during hard economic times, losing a total of 669,000 square feet in downtown Manhattan will have repercussions on our lower Manhattan economy for decades to come,” he said.

In response, the mayor’s office will only say they look forward to working with their partners in government, including those who have an adversary role.

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  1. lieutenantdan says:

    We do need better education for the average NYC children and more of it.
    The Mayor is clearly out of touch with the average New Yorker and this is clearly defined over and over again in lack of caring using examples such as the Queens Blackout and the snowstorm of December 2010. It is apparent to me that the Mayor thinks that anywhere outside on Manhattan and anyone living outside of Manhattan as being beneath him.
    The Mayor is one of the top wealthiest people in America.
    The Mayor is far from being a native New Yorker. He is a business man who places his beliefs in front of the best interest of New Yorkers that he represents.
    A person who had been born and then raised in Boston I believe that he is a closet Red Sox and Patriot fan as well. Mayor, please ask the wealthy people that you are acquainted with and ask them to help out. Do not sell our buildings to developers who will build more condos for the rich. Please provide affordable education for the ones who need it, the children of the working class.
    Education can only make this country stronger and this would benefit all of us.

  2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Clearly this clown wants to run for Mayor against that beast Christine Quin.Why does NYC pick all these liberals with mental disorders?It makes you want to puke

  3. Mayor Koch 's mouth speaks says:

    I started selling off this city to my Builder/developer pals years ago
    I am so happy ,also getting rid of old rent controls ,yay
    Now they named a bridge after me,what more can an old man want?

  4. Miki Fiegel says:

    Scott Stringer is absolutely correct. This is a short term quick fix. Those buildings should be re-purposed for schools and/or housing both of which are in short supply. We particularly need middle income housing.and this could be part of a larger solution to that pressing need

  5. Rev.Jackson Pollack says:

    Perley with a “J “on disability of Beth Israel hospital or was it Bellevue?
    I will not leave town except when you leave me alone on the NYT.

  6. truth says:

    give me a break!!! if the democrats want to provide equal and fair housing for all, they should first demand a full and transparent investigation into all low income individuals receiving aid in nyc!!! how did these low income families afford to spend $$$ on electronics – 60″ led tv, $400 iphone, $250 sneakers, etc. it is outrageous that many claim low income in nyc and receive section 8 housing but they are living the high life! how many of these delis are now accepting ebt food stamp cards? we’re talking nearly 80% of them!!! do these low income people actually buy things or get a cash back??? if they want affordable housing, move to the bronx, queens, or brooklyn. they can commute to manhattan for work! i’d rather subsidized a monthly mta card than an average of $1200 in aid per person each month.

  7. Perley J. Thibodeau says:

    I think Bloomberg should leave town.
    Oh, it’s a long weekend and he’s in Bermuda.
    Then I think he should stay there.



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