Yankees May Go In-House With DH Options

Jones And Vazquez Currently High On Yankees' Depth Chart

NEW YORK (WFAN) — The Yankees must search for a new designated hitter after dealing Jesus Montero to the Seattle Mariners late Friday night.  Or do they?

On the same night the Yankees traded away Montero, they agreed to a deal with starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda.  The terms of the contract was for one year at $10 million dollars.  Baseball insiders believe the Yankees needed to stretch their budget to fit Kuroda and may not have enough remaining funds to add a big-named designated hitter.

Already, speculation has begun whether the Yankees will consider bringing back former playoff heroes Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui but they’ll have to free up payroll space first.  Another free agent option, Carlos Pena would likely cost more than either former Yankee.

The Bombers’ current payroll stands at $212 million and they’ll have to shed some salary to afford a prominent DH.  A.J. Burnett has interested some teams but the Yankees would have to swallow the majority of his contract.  Dealing away Phil Hughes could be another possibility.

As things stand, the Yankees are set to enter Spring Training with Andruw Jones and rookie Jorge Vazquez penciled-in at designated hitter.  Vazquez will turn 30 in February and is yet to play in the major leagues.

Like Jones, he is a right-handed hitter.  Vazquez batted .262 with 32 homers and 93 RBIs at Triple-A Scranton last season.  It’s unknown whether he’s a ‘four-A player’ or if his power can translate to the majors.

The Yankees may also shy-away from signing an expensive DH because they’ll need to use the position to rest Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter as they continue to age.

You can never say for certain that the Yankees won’t expand their payroll but it appears likely that they’ll pass on attractive free agent names.

Can the Yankees get by with Jones and Vazquez  or do you want them to add a big-name DH? Share your thoughts below…



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  1. BEN says:

    Yes, Damon was wonderful. Matsui was a hero. They are gone. You guys want some action in the bronx? You want power in the DH position? Want to knock in some runs? Sign Manny Ramirez. His swing may not be tailor made for Yankee Stadium, but he didn’t seem to have any problems hitting there. Or anywhere for that matter. He won’t cost a thing. He’s suspended the first 50 games anyway. Try some “in-house” stuff during that time. If something works, fantastic. Can’t hurt to have one of the most feared hitters of all time sitting on your bench…

  2. Rick Chalek says:

    Damon is, historically, a timely hitter, so that would be a decent move. We don’t need Matsui, fan favorite though he was, not to mention his knack for dramatically timed home runs, but I think we get more mileage out of Damon. The Pineda and Kuroda pickups should pay dividends, but the real problem in the Yankees lineup is Teixeira and Swisher. They are two usually prominently placed hitters who tend not to hit in big spots.

  3. robby z says:

    i would bring back damon ..he is a good team mate and has a perfect swing for yankee stadium..you can also play him occationally in the outfield should you have an emergency….i am upset howeve that they traded montero i was really looking forward to see him hit .it is rediculous to believe that a kid at 19 could not find a positionin this league..posada was no johnny bench yet he played 17 years for this team..when montero drives in 100 runs next year well be wondering what he could have done in pin stripes..people say they need another pither in the two hole and that might be true but pitching was not the problem last year in the playoffs ..the problem was timely hitting…tex , swish have to hit

  4. Victor Beube says:

    For a DH, your buying batting average and on base %. I don’t believe the “half day off” for the regulars really works. They need a “full day off.” Damon ws and still is a line drive hitter.The same for Hideki. That was how we won the last WS. Go for it Cash. Give the Yankees the last piece of the puzzle. It’s only money. You will be a hero. Jones has a nice smile but not the top man for the job. Get the top man.

  5. NY says:

    Lock it up Ben.

    Vazquez/Jones against lefties. Damon or Pena or Matsui against righties.

    Leaves space for A-Rod and Jeter to rest in the DH spot. It would be beautiful.

  6. Paul says:

    Damon is the perfect DH for the Yankees. They blew it when they did not sign him the last time. Get him and pay him.

  7. Joe says:

    I am sorry to have to remind everyone how inept the Yanks offense was in the payoffs last year. Tex was a 20 million dollar stud as a fielder, couldn’t hit at all. The lure of Montero was that he was an alley hitter, not always going for the downs like Tex, and A-rod, and Swish and others. Good pitching will kill the Yanks hitters who consistently look for the homer. I say we need someone like a Matsui or a Damon to serve as a complimentary piece to this lineup which is great during the year but is futile in the playoffs. I love the trade for Pineda, he is a stud and great signing of Kureda.

  8. Tim says:

    They have more than enough hitting in their line-up to give both Jo0nes and vasquez a chance at DH. It allows them to get playtime, and they wont have to deal with a pre-madonna complaining about number of games they are in after signing with the team.

  9. BEN says:

    1 word. MANNY

  10. BRIAN says:

    Without having a good fulltime DH the pitcher could be batting. This problem caused the Yankees to fail last year, no power at the DH spot. The Yankees are using the DH spot in the wrong way. Johnny Damon added not only good hitting but chemistry to the team and that is what the Yankees need. If the Yankees do not add Johnny Damon they will not enter the postseason or be retired again in the ALDS.

    DON’T be CHEEP Yankees if you do not add Johnny Damon all the other money for A-rod CC Jeter and trade away Montero will be for nothing.

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