EXCLUSIVE: Police Report Shows Officer Who Fatally Struck L.I. Woman Was Speeding

BELLMORE, N.Y. (CBS 2) — A Long Island man is demanding justice after an investigation revealed that a police officer was speeding when he struck and killed his wife.

Howie Lang recalled his reaction when he saw the full police report into the death of his wife Sherry.

“Actually I was quite, quite angry at that point. It wasn’t just being sad, it was anger,” Lang told CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

Lang’s wife was struck by a Nassau County police car last April while crossing busy Merrick Road in Bellmore. The preliminary report estimated the cop car was doing 30 m.p.h. in a 35-mile-per-hour speed zone.

But now, a full police reconstruction obtained by CBS 2 showed the police car was actually going almost 54 m.p.h. at the time of impact and had been traveling 60 m.p.h. just 20 seconds before Sherry Lang was struck around 10:30 p.m. on a rainy night with poor visibility.

“If it was a civilian that did that, they would take them and go crazy with it,” Howie Lang said.

The investigation found Officer Ernie Thompson was not on an emergency run and wasn’t using his lights or sirens.

“At the speed the officer was actually going, her chances of survival are maybe one in five. So his speed was her death sentence,” Tom Cascione, the Lang Family Attorney, said.

“It’s absurd. I wouldn’t have gone 60 m.p.h. on the parkway in those conditions. There’s no excuse,” the victim’s son, Brent, said.

The family said nine months after the accident, they’re still waiting to hear if Thompson will be disciplined by county police or lose his driver’s license.

Last week Thompson was supposed to testify at a Department of Motor Vehicles hearing. A police department lawyer tried to get Thompson excused, but that was denied.

The Lang family will be there when the hearing takes place in the next few weeks.

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One Comment

  1. Joe says:

    1 more thing….what does “almost ” 54 mph mean??? does it mean 53 …. because 50 mph is “almost” 54 mph ? hell…55 mph is almost 54 mph ….sounds like the news is doing what it does best!

    1. CommonSense says:

      54 probably means between 53 and 54, closer to 54. Don’t a total idiot. The news is actually reporting FACTS as pertains to this situation actually. Just because you don’t like what you are hearing doesn’t mean it’s not real.

      Also, pertaining to your comment further below. Yes, believe it or not, some people DO check their speedometers. It’s called “responsible driving”.

      And you are so sure this is only a civil matter…you don’t even know all the facts of the case! If there is criminal wrong doing, it will come out.

      PS I didn’t know that when an officer is on patrol, part of his job is blatantly ignoring posted speed limits, and endangering anyone in the nearby COMMERCIAL/RESIDENTIAL area!

  2. Respect 4 all says:

    Some VERY ignorant people here. Tell me who DOESN’T drive excessively over the speed limit on a regular basis. I get passed by morons doing 90, yes 90, every morning during RUSH HOUR. So driving less than 20 MPH over the limit on what was probably a desolate road that late in that weather is not nearly “reckless driving”. In fact, I would bet that most people drive at an average of 50 MPH on that road during off hours. “Reckless driving” would have to be at a MINIMUM of 25 mph OVER the limit. It is very unfortunate what happened, but unless under the influence or excessively speeding, “Vehicular manslaughter” would be ludicrous. It was, indeed a horrible, horrible ACCIDENT that this Officer must replay in his mind every day and night. Punishment enough, in my book.

    1. jp says:

      He was going 25 mph over the speed limit…he was going 60 seconds before he hit that lady. Maybe not vehicular manslaughter but he should be charged with endangerment or something. I know everyone speeds, however it is different speeding on the highway than on a windy road in the rain through a residential area near a busy restaurant..very different in my opnion. And if people get caught speeding excessively they get a ticket..and if they are speeding excessively and get in an accident they are in a lot trouble for driving that fast and would be blamed. The same should happen to this guy. And it seems according to the article he lied about his speed? SO obviously this guy knows he was doing the wrong thing.

      1. CommonSense says:

        You are 100% exactly correct on all points.
        Yes, people speed. And everyone knows and accepts this. Which is why there is some level of tolerance for speeding issues….40 in a 35…45 in a 35…wouldn’t have been NEARLY as bad as PARKWAY SPEED in a residential and commercial street! Not to mention Mrs. Lang may have survived getting hit at those speeds, if there would have even been an accident at all!

        And to make another point…when people get pulled over and arrested for DWI, what do they get? A night in jail, court appearance, etc, but usually, if it’s their first time, they still get to drive. If that SAME PERSON on his ONE AND ONLY NIGHT driving drunk hits and kills someone…whole different story. Same offense, different outcome.

        Why are so few people on this board able to comprehend such a simple concept?

  3. mj says:

    ANOTHER ” HERO ” in action

  4. FACTS says:

    Call me crazy BUT if she crossed with the light wouldnt that mean he blew his light? Nothing mentioned of him blowing a light AND if he was going 60 MPH 20 SECONDS BEFORE impact, how the hell did he hit her at 54 MPH? Something doesnt add up. Should he have lied, no of course not BUt to use the words murder and manslughter, bring up his children and the fact that hes a Jet fan is totally irrelevant. Whoever did the research shouldve seen that he didnt just become a cop. Hes a dedicated hard working man who was a city cop, then a fireman then NCPD. Doesnt that mean anything? He isnt some jerk cop abusing his powers. He made an awful mistake, he is paying for it, he didnt get off with nothing AND he has to live with it. Why do you people carry so much hate for a man you dont know. If this was my family would I be so forgiving, maybe, maybe not but the FACT that I do know the PO and I do know what kind of person he is changes everything in this case. Some cops abuse their power I know I get it, but not this one. He is one of the good ones, who had a terrible accident.

    1. CommonSense says:

      He wasn’t abusing his power? Are you joking?
      Going 60 in 35 isn’t abuse of power? He knew he wouldn’t be pulled over for speeding. That is the DEFINITION of abusing his power.

      You don’t understand how he could be going 60 mph 20 seconds before he hit her, but have been 54 mph at time of impact? Let me explain it to you simply. He’s driving 60, maintaining a speed of 60, and then JUST before he hits her, he applies the brakes. There, I explained it….doesn’t seem too difficult.

      It doesn’t matter if he’s the best man alive! The FACT is, he abused his power because he knew he wouldn’t be ticketed by another officer, he felt he could do what he wanted, when he wanted, and he killed someone! Would you argue that if some upstanding citizen murders someone, they shouldn’t be held accountable?! I’m not saying this is the same thing, but that is what your argument is.

      He’s paying for his “awful mistake”? Really? How?

      1. FACTS says:

        Raping a pedestrian that asks for help or turning on your lights and siren to get out of a traffic jam is abusing power. Speeding is POOR JUDGEMENT that MANY people do. have you ever???? Ok then. .

        It doenst take 20 seconds to slow down 6 MPH was what I was saying.

        Its not the same thing as murder so try another for example.
        I am defending comments saying that he is basically a terrible person and a JO cop.

        Is it over yet? Is the case closed? what the hell do you people want his blood? Oh thats right some genius below wants to sue him personally. Lets see if you are singing that tune if YOU cause someone harm ACCIDENTLY and the family id rightfully devastated. Does that mean you should lose EVERYTHING???

        Im beginning to think this is WORSE because he is a cop.

        1. CommonSense says:

          It *IS* worse because he’s a cop! Cops should be held to higher standards while they are “upholding” the law. And yes, SPEEDING because you know you can get away with it IS abusing power.

          Reread my comment, I CLEARLY stated this is NOT the same thing as murder, but your argument is the following “He’s a great guy, therefore, it doesn’t matter what he did wrong, or what laws he broke, just leave him alone”.

          And, Im not saying I want blood, I want FAIRNESS and JUSTICE! I got involved because someone below claimed his driving 60 in a 35 wasn’t reckless.

          No one said it takes 20 seconds to slow down 6MPH. That clearly shows he was FLYING for a LONG TIME. And the reason no one mentions light color is because there is no hard proof of the color, however, people close to the situation have enough reason to believe that the light in fact was in favor of the pedestrian. Again, no proof, just based on a whole bunch of different factors.

          And honestly, why would anyone believe a lying cop regarding the light color? (not all cops are liars, but this one is clearly lying so far at every opportunity)

      2. FACTS says:

        Call me crazy BUT if she crossed with the light wouldnt that mean he blew his light? Nothing mentioned of him blowing a light

        how come you didnt address this part?

      3. R says:

        I am curioous, why was she walking home that late in the rain? and had she been drinking leading up to the accident?

    2. The Real Facts says:

      “He didnt get off with nothing” Really? Does that mean he was suspended….lost his job….paid a fine….lost his license? How is this PO who killed a mother, wife, daughter and grandmother get punished or is paying for it? What, every so often he feels badly? Pretty good deal for him if you ask me. Maybe he should have been the one to tell her mother her daughter was killed by a car, or her sons. And not for nothing…you knowing him shouldnt change the facts..he was reckless…bottom line….he lied …bottom line……One of the good ones? Maybe it was the PO’s that took the report that told him to lie?? SOmeone did something wrong..how can you even debate that?

      1. FACTS says:

        So what would make you happy? What exactly will give you some peace and let go of some anger? What do you want to see happen to him?
        I NEVER ONCE debated what happened. People are talking about his character and the person he is, not just the terrible mistake he made. Its my right to defend his character as a human being. If you dont want to hear from Ernies side, create your own private page. Until then stop attacking the people on here trying to defend his character NOT WHAT HAPPENED.

        1. CommonSense says:

          It’s not about “sides” necessarily. There are laws. He broke laws and someone died. When people break laws, do we just push it under the rug? When you break a law, and are caught, there should be a price to pay. Whether it’s a fine, or jail time, isn’t even the point. the POINT is that Ernie broke laws because he felt he had the right to because he’s a cop. We’ve all seen police do things they shouldn’t. Only difference is this time, he killed someone.

          Since you aren’t debating what happened, and he CLEARLY broke the law, you are only stating that everyone should just let it go and his “guilt” is enough punishment.


  5. Best says:

    Your all idiots, if anyone knew Ernie they would know he is a great father and a great police officer, mind u jerks that he was fdny, nypd and ncpd!! In other words he would run into a burning building to save anyone and would take a bullet for anyone. A few of the people commenting make it seem like he maliciously tried to hurt this poor lady. It was an accident, accept it!!!!!

    1. Bset says:

      Bset is my name not best

    2. Is Ok for Real? says:

      An accident caused by reckless behavior. It doesnt seem like anyone thinks he did this on purpose…however….driving that speed in that weather is just plan dangerous and thoughtless. And to lie about the situation is just terrible…especially when there is another family involved…he hit someones mother and wife..not an animal… Why not just tell the truth from the beginning? SOunds like a really great guy Best…oh I mean Bset

      1. Bset says:

        Yea he is a great guy wiseass!! I bet if the the family got a couple of million everything would be fine right?? What would u recommend, life in prison?? Accidents happen!! For instance what happened to the police officer who shot the other police officer in masapequa?? Hmmmmm oh that’s right it was an accident!! What happened a month ago at the pharmacy in seafood oh yea an accident, it happens buddy, it extremely unfortunate without a doubt!!he has to live with it for the rest of his life and for people with a heart that’s punishment enough!

        1. Is Ok for Real? says:

          Was the cop doing something reckless at the time of the shooting? NOPE …was Ernest…YUP …very different….and you are talking about people with a heart? Ernie seemed to have a real heart when he lied about the facts of the accident…Im sure he was really taking other peoples feelings into consideration when he said he didnt even see her…even though the black box in the car tells the polar opposite…and if the family gets money from this cop and he has to declare bankrupcy and struggle…more power to them..

          1. FACTS says:

            more power to them? So money and his family of 5 “struggling” will make this better? that will give you people peace? you should be ashamed of yourself.

        2. A Friend of the Victim says:

          I take offense to the fact that you’re saying Sherry’s family would be okay if they got a couple of million dollars, what a stupid thing to say! A couple of million dollars would never be able to fill the void that was left by the taking of Sherry’s life in this senseless accident. He took a woman’s life that meant so much to so many people, a woman who had so much to live for and so much love to give, you have the nerve to compare it to a couple of million dollars. She WAS a wonderful wife and mother, a terrific grandmother and a caring sister and the best of friends. Yes there are accidents, but this was negligence on the side of a police officer who was clearly ignoring the law!! I’m sorry but a million dollars could never fill the void that was left by him!

    3. mel says:

      This back and forth banter I just read is so sad. This officer made a choice. He was speeding and he lied. I’m not saying he is a horrible person. His character is irrelevant. He made a poor choice that evening. He was speeding in bad weather down a tricky part of Merrick Road. He is a police officer so he is responsible at least for telling the truth. He made poor choices and the family would understandably be upset to find out the lies and apparent cover up of what happened. I’ve lost family members suddenly and the one comfort you feel is knowing how and what happened. Somehow it gives some peace. This family has not gotten the truth from the very people that should be protecting them. Talk about reopening the wound and making it impossible to accept what happened. These people deserved the truth and are no understandable upset that they didn’t. If it was your child, mother, family member killed and you found out you were lied to by police officers about how and what happened HOW WOULD YOU FEEL??? The officer that hit her is the only one who really knows what happened that night and he was dishonest. Accept that there are consequences for your actions despite his general character. Not every person who had done something wrong is a bad person. That doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be consequences or that this family doesn’t have the right to be completely irate. This is simple common sense and if the defenders of Ernie could step outside themselves to truly have empathy, they would understand that lies when a dear loved one has been killed opens up the window for increased unrest, lack of closure and makes the situation so much more horrible…especially because most people DO TRUST POLICE OFFICERS. It’s not okay and it’s not a good example to our kids and families.

  6. rob says:

    Can the husband tell us why he let her walk home that night in a down pour? Poor visibility that night and she was j walking. I wouldn’t go by the new speed estimate taken from a a Police car with over a 100k mileage. Its a sad situation . Frustrating to hear all the negative comments on a good Police Officer.

    1. mj says:

      yes we all know its her and her husbands fault shes dean , of xcourse its not the cops fault it NEVER is right ?

      1. R says:

        I would not say that but why is a woman crossing a busy road at night in the rain? I am assuming they had an argument and that is why she got out of the car. A lot of arguments occur after people have been drinking. I am wondering now if we have a woman who may have been intoxicated and upset crossing a busy road at night in the rain, that would certainly at least alleviate some of the blame from the driver, cop or not. The fact that he is a police officer should have nothing to do with this. Would a non police officer be charged with man slaughter, or be suspended from their job or any of the above? Of coarse not. I hate to say it but people see government accident and think law suit. This should not be a personal attack on the PO, I’m sure he feels guilty and wishes it never happened but lets not turn it into some thing its not. I’m sorry for both families hers and his.

        1. Police Officer says:

          Where does it say she was intoxicated? R are you saying if someone crosses a road on a rainy night and get hit, it is their fault? I have crossed busy streets many times in the rain and never felt like I was in any danger.If you are saying it is dangerous to cross a street in rain, then I assume you would agree going 25 miles per hour over the speed limit in the same conditions would be dangerous as well. I believe a non police officer would be charged with reckless endangerment or something if it was them. If I did something like this during my work day…and lied about it…I would lose my job. People lose their job when breaking the rules and/or lying. Isnt the rules a Police Officer should follow be the laws he is enforcing? If a teacher makes a mistake or bad judgment and a child gets hurt, should they not get into trouble….what if they lied about the severity of their mistake? Of course they should….I read through the comments here and it doesnt seem like people are saying he did this on purpose….however, some of his actions did lead to this….but falsifying a report i a concious choice..he obvously knows he did something wrong.

  7. above thelaws says:

    Dont expect anything to happen to this cop. A few years ago, in Woodbury, nassau county, a cop used to like to speed and pass cars in the emergency lane of jericho turnpike, non emergency, he did this daily on a regular basis, Needless to say, he struck and killed a woman, a mother of 3. His fellow nassau county cops put a bunch of bs on the police report, nothing ever happened to him, it is b/s as usual.

  8. Beach Girl says:

    Police have to be held accountable to the same laws everyday people abide by. When we break the law….there are consequences. Just because someone is a cop it doesn’t give them the right or authority not to follow the rules also. Yes this was a horrible tragedy but the family of Mrs. Lang deserve the truth. No lies…no cover up just the facts in what happened that night. Everyone is so quick to say it was an accident… then why is the officer Ernest Thompson keep changing his story from the details of that night?? Only 2 people know what really happened that night and unfortunately we will only hear one side of the story.. Before you comment….Put yourself in the shoes of the Lang family…..All they want is the TRUTH. If that was your family member that was killed…. you would want the same.

    1. ok says:

      Who said he changed his story???

      1. Beach Girl says:

        First he said he was going 30 MPH on the first report on the news back in April…….now the offical police report came back… he was going 60 MPH…. All information came from the black box of the police car….Did you watch the news last night???

        1. ok says:

          did you read the above article where it says almost 54?????

          1. Police Officer says:

            If you read the article, she was hit at 54 after he was going 60. He obviously hit his breaks when he saw her, even though the report in April said she “appeared.” Maybe Ernie Thompson didnt change his story…he just lied on his report saying he was going 30 mph. There is no way you can confuse going 30 mph with actually going 60 mph. And he never admitted he saw Mrs. Lang, according to the reports in April. (look at the news casts and articles from then). He said he never saw her…even though the black box shows he slammed on his breaks seconds before hitting her…so you no what “ok” you are right…he didnt change his story..well as of yet..he just lied on the police report.

            1. Beach Girl says:

              Well said Mr. Police Officer
              Do you understand now OK ???
              I’m guessing you know the police officer Ernie Thompson… OK…. Just keep to the facts OK..OK

              1. For the People says:

                Probably drinking to .But that never makes it to the report.Accident yes but his sheer stupidity while driving he should have license taken away.

                  1. ok says:

                    Im guessing you know the victim, i am keeping to the facts, it was an accident. OK

                    1. CommonSense says:

                      Reckless driving shall mean driving or using
                      any motor vehicle, motorcycle or any other vehicle propelled by any
                      power other than muscular power or any appliance or accessory thereof in
                      a manner which unreasonably interferes with the free and proper use of
                      the public highway, or unreasonably endangers users of the public
                      highway. Reckless driving is prohibited. Every person violating this
                      provision shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.


                    2. Not OK says:

                      I think OK is getting off track and is being very defensive for some reason and should be assumed. And as far as keeping to the facts OK you seem to very tolerant on what you feel is acceptable behavior, not only for a civilian but for a Police Officer who should be enforcing as well as following the laws. Besides almost driving double the speed limit, which is illegal, it is reckless and dangerous. Police Officers should be making the streets safer, not putting people at risk. Accident or not, Ernie Thompson IV but people at risk. I am sure if his wife and three kids were walking and crossing a street and he saw someone driving like that he would have given them a ticket. I hope his little kids and spouse do not have to go through want Mrs. Langs family is going through. OK, are you saying that since it was an accident and he feels badly its ok that he was endagering people with the speed he was driving? People are thoughtless and make mistakes and should suffer the consequences. As a civilian I do not feel safe having Ernie someone who is protecting me. I do not know the family, but not the area very well. And no matter what happens to him, losses his job, get sued for punititive damages, have the scarlet letter of m for murder burned on his chest forever, it will never get those boys mother, wife and grandmother back.

                    3. CommonSense says:

                      You are keeping to the facts? Earlier you said she did not cross at the green light? How do you know? Is that FACT, or HEARSAY? Seems like hearsay, especially since, as I stated earlier, a common sense look at the situation would lend more credibility to her crossing when the light was in her favor.

  9. DanTe says:

    So… Did she c r o s s at the G r e e n L i g h t ?

    1. DanTe says:

      Obviously NOT. Since the Propaganda Dept here censored G r e e n L i g h t

      1. ok says:

        No she didnt. May she rest in peace but it was an accident on both parts. You should also be cautious when crossing Merrick Road in the rain AS WELL as driving.

        1. CommonSense says:

          How do you know she didn’t cross at the green light? Because the lying police said so?

          Here is some logic for you…she walked over a mile. She could have cross against the light, or not even at a light at all, anywhere along the way. Then, ONE BLOCK away from the street she lived on, she crosses AT A CROSSWALK. Now you expect us to believe that she decided to cross against the light? Give me a break! Use some common sense and logic before you post these idiotic comments.

          Also, stop saying “it was an accident”. An accident would have been the officer going 30…35, 40..maybe even 45….but 60! If he was going 100 would you still say “it was an accident”. This was a CRIME, plain and simple.

          1. ok says:

            well it wasnt 60 mph so I guess it wasnt a crime.

            1. CommonSense says:

              Was he going 60 or not? The answer is, yes, he was. If he was never going ridiculously faster than the limit, chances there would have been no accident, or no fatality.

              Clearly, a lawyer you are not.

              1. ok says:

                Like I said it was an accident. If he was never going this, if it was raining that, if she didnt cross the street then.. If, If, If, fact is it happened, its horrible but it was an ACCIDENT!!!!!!

                1. CommonSense says:

                  Exactly, it happened…and the person who was breaking the law when he hit and killed a pedestrian while driving at excessive speeds should be held accountable.

      2. CommonSense says:

        If they did in fact censor your “green light” comment, then that lends credence to the fact that she DID cross at the green light, not against it.

        Furthermore, see my reply to “ok” for a common sense slap across the face.

  10. CommonSense says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Driving almost double the limit in horrible weather conditions is the *definition* of wreckless! The fact that he was an on duty cop makes it even worse. On duty cops should be held to a higher standard than other civilians. If the people who are supposed to uphold the law are allowed to ignore it with impunity, there where does the line get drawn?

  11. logical says:

    Be serious, this was not a DWI or a wreck less driving incident. This was an unfortunate accident which I’m sure was due partially to poor conditions. People do not lose their license because they got into a car accident unless they were doing something illegal while driving. And vehicular manslaughter? Are you kidding? Im not say there shouldn’t be a hearing to find out exactly what happen but let’s not make this into something it isn’t because he is a cop.

    1. Pete says:

      It was careless and/or wreckless driving- 60 in a 30 by cop on duty, in bad conditions. He should have known better and he should pay the price. And he should pay a heavier price because he was a cop- on duty to say the least.

      1. ok says:

        But it was an accident, accidents happen. Its very sad for all parties involved.

        1. CommonSense says:

          Yeah, and if he was going 120 and never hit the brakes, that would be an accident too, right? Just an accident? REALLY!?

          Give us all a break! He should be held accountable. None of this would have happened if he was even CLOSELY respecting traffic laws…in horrible weather conditions nonetheless.

          The fact that you are trying to downplay this so hard is truly pathetic. In your mind, when should the police be held accountable? This cop knew he couldn’t be touched for speeding, because what cop is going to give another cop a speeding ticket?…The truly stupid part is that speed limits are posted for a reason, not just to lay down rules. It’s been determined that road is DANGEROUS and should not be traveled on faster than 35 mph for the public’s safety, and the driver’s safety! I guess none of that matters if you’re a cop. Just do whatever you want, whenever you want, and don’t answer to anyone.

          Right, ok? Because that is exactly what it sounds like you are saying.

          1. CommonSense says:

            I just realized you wrote

            “Its very sad for all parties involved”

            Really? How is it sad for Ernie?

            1. ok says:

              Because he hit her with his car, how is it not sad for him as well. He has to live with that. Are you serious?

              1. CommonSense says:

                I’d agree that it was sad if he was driving even remotely close to responsibly.
                Yes, I’m being 100% serious.

                1. ok says:

                  Regardless of your opinion or my own, he has to live with it and so does her family. Its terrible no matter how you look at it. You can blame him and hate him and wish him harm and wish him jail time and wish his carrer away, but it will do no good. And I thank you for your definition above of reckless driving You yourself said a misdemeanor (or google told you). Not manslaughter.

                  1. Is Ok for Real? says:

                    It will do a lot of good if he losses his job, or the family sues him personally. He does not deserve to be a cop and I am sure there are many people who do not want cops protecting them who think they are above the law. Come on….if it was just an accident why would he lie on the police report multiple times? Im sure you have and answer for that OK…I have just read this thread and find what you are saying very protective over this Ernie guy. Maybe if this was one of his children or his wife crossing the street you would have a very different opinion. It seems to me that you think since he has to live with it that is punishment enough. I find that utterly disgusting. Especially when hes out rooting for the Jets and having a blast…when her family is still mourning. ….that seems fair..What kind of person are you? You probably know him really well…and the word on the street about this guy from people who know him…is they are not surprised how this went down at all… Hopefully the courts will overlook the fact of his police officer blood line since he himself has only been a cop for a couple of years. Let him live with it….let his wife and kids know what he did….if that was my dad, son or husband I would be sick about it. He should get what any other non cop person would get if in his shoes.

                    1. Joe says:

                      Sued personally? really…was he out there just diving around because there wasn’t anything good on t.v.? no, he was at work!!! but sure lets sue him personally!!!! he doesnt deserve to have a home anymore ! that will fix it ….in fact lets give the house to Mr. Lang….. lets destroy two families…and….above the law???? common guy!! really?.and…who said he lied on the report? i know my eyes are ALWAYS glues to my speedometer…. he will get what everyone else get the will be a CIVIL judgment …and thats what would happen to anyone else!!!!! THIS IS NOT A CRIMINAL MATTER !!!

          2. ok says:

            Thats really what it sounds like im saying, or am I saying it was a horrible accident. Not much common sense here.

  12. DaEmph says:

    Another reason why cops anit worth sh!t.

  13. Saddened says:

    Ernest Thompson should be tried and convicted of vehicular manslaughter.

    1. ok says:

      youre an idiot. its not manslaughter, it was an accident!!

    2. Joe says:

      It doesn’t even fit that charge….tool!

  14. Lawn-Guy Land says:

    Why is there a “hearing” at all? By law, ALL cops are 100% exempt from ALL laws. (Thanks, George Bush!)

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