NJ Teacher Accused Of Having Sexual Affair With Teen Student

LITTLE FALLS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Kyle Daniw said hello as his newborn came into the world nine months ago, and on Wednesday night he was saying hello to legal charges after allegedly having a sexual affair with a 16-year-old female student.

At the Wayne home he was arrested at Wednesday morning, neither he nor his wife were talking.

Investigators said the history teacher met the student inside the halls of Passaic Valley High School when she was a freshman and that their affair occurred the following year.

“Him and the girl, everyone knew they were being very flirty with each other,” Dominique Brown, the suspect’s former student, told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

Brown had Daniw for a teacher and a coach last year.

“He was good. He was a really funny guy. It was really unexpected what happened,” Brown said.

Authorities said the basketball and track coach supervised the girl in a number of sports activities.

“Overall, he was really a good coach and I just don’t know what happened,” said student Michael Giovannucci.

Giovanucci said Daniw was his track coach last year.

“I’m just shocked. That’s my initial reaction. Just really shocked,” he said.

“It’s not something you want to hear. It’s kind of disturbing actually,” added Giovannucci’s mother, Lori.

Most of Daniw’s neighbors didn’t want to talk about the charges.

“I’m just really very surprised. I mean I wouldn’t have thought he would have ever done anything like that,” Barbara Bogert said.

The 32-year-old Daniw is out on bail and out of work. He’s been suspended from his teaching and coaching jobs.

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One Comment

  1. paskuniag says:

    I hope he likes banjo music, ‘cos he’ll be hearing that for the next twenty years.

    PS Women teachers get jail time, too. Ever hear of Mary Kay Latorneau?

  2. Obamadinijad Hussein says:

    if moohamad could marry a 6 year year old aisha, then for sure this teacher can have sex with a 16 year old

  3. Blammo says:

    The bimbo is 16. I know 16 year old women with 2 kids down here in Costa Rica. Leave Jesus out of this and get a life.

    1. Liberals Are Evil says:

      Bingo! This girl was old enough to say NO! Unfortunately for that horny dude she is considered a minor.

  4. Mike Guido says:

    He looks like Da Situation

  5. mr manning says:

    lets go giants

    1. matador says:

      lets go claudia GOMEZ!

  6. royallen says:

    I agree with Brian, if it’s a female teacher committing the same offense,she gets Probation. A male teacher on the other hand goes to prison…no equal justice here

  7. Brian says:

    Im gonna watch this case closely…

    Lets see what happens to him compared to the Female teachers who do this…

    Bet Oprah wont be doing a love story on this one like she did for mary kay letourneau

    pfffft double standard Horse $hit……………

  8. Mr B says:

    Hope he enjoyed that sweet young sixteen year old while he was banging his wife to get her pregnant …..Anything close to a ten year sentence in prison , This teacher will be some prison inmates student and he won’t like the subject he will be learning ……

  9. NoName says:

    I am a former Passaic Valley student and I had History class with Daniw my freshman year. I can honestly say that I am truly shocked an disappointed in him. Is is somewhat true that some teachers are flirty with their students, but I never imagined that Daniw would do such thing. As much as he is to blame, so is the girl. I don’t think he forced her to do anything against her will and just because she was 2 years under the legal age, doesn’t make her “innocent”. Almost every high school girl thinks that at least one of her teachers is attractive, but most of us wouldn’t cross that line. After all, I think that Daniw was a great teacher and a good-hearted person.

  10. jake says:

    he is my homeroom teacher,,,,,

  11. Sara Tencza says:

    I really don’t believe this should even be a crime. I know as for myself I choose whether or not to have sex with someone. I dont care how much a teacher flirts I wont give in like that. There are other girls that do. If 16 is the age of consent and she consents then where is the problem? This frustrates me every time a situation like this comes up, its so annoying.

    1. Joseph says:

      It started when she was a freshman, so she was 14. That is called RAPE in the great state of New Jersey.

      1. JustSayin says:

        They MET in her freshman year, as far as I know, meeting someone isn’t rape. Their affair started in her sophmore year, making her 16.

      2. racc says:

        new jersey a “great state”??? not! thought newark outlawed the charge of rape and made it legal to plunder and pillage at will. if new jersey disappeared, would anyone miss it?

      3. Rob says:

        You mean New Germany

  12. StudentofPV says:

    I was a student of his last year and I can say I’m dissapointed but not entirely suprised. Like someone said before, a lot of male teachers in PV are rather “flirty” with the students. You can’t really dissmiss this unless you actually GO to PV as a student so please don’t try and say we’re saying
    “every teacher at Passaic Valley is like Daniw”. No we aren’t saying EVERY teacher is like him, but a lot are. We aren’t accusing them of having relationships with students. However, speaking as a female student from PVHS, I’m very dissapointed that such a great teacher as Daniw would do something like this.

  13. royallen says:

    This “teacher” had supervisory capacity over this student.She was a kid influenced not only by an adult,but by her teacher.The law is clear in this matter,and Daniw (if guilty) clearly crossed the line…and should suffer the consequences

  14. Anony-mouse says:

    Yeah, that Mike’s Capslock key isn’t stuck.

    I don’t think this act makes Kyle Daniw a pedophile, per se. A pedophile is someone who has an unexplainable sexual attraction to children. The girl looked like and had the cognitive ability of an adult and the only thing that separated this from a crummy but legal act was 2 years of age. He shouldn’t have risked it, knowing the rules, but people doing outrageous things (ie Tiger Woods, Governor Spitzer) never think anyone would tell on them, right? Especially if everyone reveres him as a “good coach” and “good teacher” and he didn’t make many enemies.

  15. Steph says:

    Daniw was my history teacher last year and seeing all the flirting with this girl and more is not pleasant. He gona probably come back if he is not guilty and start all over again. Sorry but this isnt good having 2 teachers sexually active with their students especially when they are married.

  16. Dom says:

    While i was in pv 3 teachers were FIRED for sexual offenses, thats not to say how often it occurs. Putting the wife and kid situation aside (I do believe thats wrong), a young teacher ‘clicked’ with a high school student and had sexual relations. He didnt rape her, didn’t bribe her, he did nothing to hurt this girl. How can you call him a molester? He broke the law bc she’s underage, sure. This really isn’t that serious coming from a newer generation standpoint. I was a student in 2010 and yes there were more cases than whats publicly known. It happens now a days. I didnt like Daniw that much we didn’t get along and he wrote me up for pointless things; however, not judging off that I dont think he deserves half this chaos.
    The “Jennifer/Jessica” or whatever she’ll change her name to this time is gonna reply now and comment on how its NOT true that it HAPPENS MORE than THIS and so on. I grew up in these halls and was ‘in’ with a lot of the teachers and coaches. Your a teacher defending the overall stereotype of PV teachers, which i totally understand. There are some amazing teachers in PV that Ive had who never flirted with their students and kept a very professional learning atmosphere. But to say that there aren’t a large handful of teachers that do is not exaggerating, but lying. Im just being honest

  17. ThatGuy says:

    People forget that there is a difference between accused and convicted. There will be an investigation and a trial to determine the degree in which the law was broken or if it was broken. People should reserve judgement until then.

    1. Amused but not misled says:

      You sound like a liberal defense attorney.

      Public opinion is exactly that. Opinion. And it changes. But does not need an attorney filtering which real evidence we can hear and which real evidence we can not hear. It all there to voice an opinion or not give a damn about.

      Right or wrong the public is entitled to an opinion without preachy pompous individuals telling people what to think and when to do it. And we are entitled to change it at will too.

      People like Goerbals and Stalin preached that philospsophy.

      1. ThatGuy says:

        I seriously hope you end with a case against you for something you didn’t do and then have to suffer through the public opinion that ruins your life, your family’s life and your career. All I was saying is that sometimes slow witted people such as yourself jump to conclusions and sometimes it does damage to innocent people. I’m not telling anyone what to think, I am just saying it is better to make judgements after you know the whole story and that accused doesn’t equal guilty.

  18. royallen says:

    So the guy will get PTI,keep his license,and go teach somewhere else…..it’s a revolving door for these perverts, and rarely any real sanctions imposed…

  19. ricardo says:

    i had daniw as a coach for track. I was captain before he kicked me off the team as a senior. Alot of the students knew about this situation for years. Im glad someone said something. Karma is a b****.

  20. Kait says:

    i was a student at passaic valley high school and i had Daniw as a history teacher …. and somehow this situation although very disturbing isnt very suprising. most of the staff (not just male) are flirty with their students. i dont deny the innapropriateness of the situation but the frequent occurance of teacher student relationships should be addressed at the school i saw at least 2 teachers get fired or in trouble for a similar type of discretion while i was attending pv its very sad that these people do not have the self control

    1. Jennifer says:

      Again, By lumping ALL of the teachers at PV under the same category as Daniw is Wrong. This now makes every teacher at Passaic Valley less of a caring teacher because they will be scared to get allegations thrown there way. He effectively ruined the way these teachers handle their students. As a teacher, I wouldn’t be as willing and apt to take time out with students and form a person bond because I’d be afraid that other students may see that as being “flirtacious”. Daniw was wrong but to put ALL other teachers at PV in the same boat as Daniw, is wrong! It is sad that there is no self control, and I feel bad for his family, HE made the mistake though. You can’t make comments about the other hard working teachers at Passaic Valley though.

  21. Taybor says:

    If she was under the age of consent, then this is NOT a “sexual affair”. It’s a crime.

  22. Moose 8 says:

    Sad ,how selfish some men are only to look to feed the zipper
    in their pants. He should love his wife for having his baby ,but
    maybe today that is old fashioned with SOME men ,not all.

  23. Anon says:

    I agree with Sara. Most of the male teachers at PV are very flirty with their female students! Many in which have similar cases as Daniw. Unfortunately this is a common thing in PV. Many rumors are spread about these “relationships” daily and it’s sad to see that about 95% of them are true!

    1. Jessica says:

      What a lie! Stop making uncorrect ignorant comemnts like ALL teachers at PV are like that… You have no idea what your talking about OBVIOUSLY. One teacher is being talked about not ALL of them, your trying to ruin the integrity of ALL teachers at PV and that is wrong! Think before you speak or in this case type.

  24. Preposition says:

    Not to diminish the seriousness of these allegations….but the person that wrote the story above should review any grammatical training the might have had; Not that they are alone at this site.

    We see more and more of these stories and after comparing notes with former classmates over the years, we speculate that there were similar situations in our sleepy little CT town forty years ago.

  25. MIKE says:


    A SAD CASE!!!

    1. Mike is Racist says:

      Wow a lil racist are you let me guess you voted for No-Bama

      1. white girl says:

        i dont doubt that there is some racial bias in situations like this and it truly isnt fair i agree that any offender of any race should be treated in the same fashion but to say “you people dont like the truth” and the way you presented your arguement is a little harsh i agree with your statement but ur presentation needs some softening

      2. Erica Soto says:

        How is that racist seem that he hit it on the money how many caucasions have been accused and convicted for theses inappropriate affairs. Only till a black or hispanic does it will their be very strict imprisonment laws for touching students

        1. Erica Soto says:

          Sorry for this comment . I’m really dumb.

      3. bush says:

        everybody should of voted for no bama

  26. John Rodriguez says:

    With these stories I have learned that they are guilty until they prove their innocence. What if the student is lying? If that is the case you have ruined a person’s career and their reputation.

  27. Mike says:

    I don’t believe this is a terrible or disturbing thing. It happens a lot and I would prefer that this situation be de-criminalized. If the school leadership doesn’t want him to teach and coach there because of this, that is a decision I’d support. But I don’t think he needs to be put in jail or that anything terrible was done to this girl.

    1. yvonne says:

      you sound like a pedophile defending another pedophile.

    2. MIKE says:


  28. Sara says:

    I wouldn’t doubt it that Daniw had an affair. Most of the guy teachers in Passaic Valley Regional High School are very flirty with their female students!

    1. Erica Soto says:

      as a graduate and growing up in one of the three towns that attend PV the girls are very sexually advanced like most kids girls and boys in this day are in this day and age. Somewhere along the way teachers and parents have forgotten that they are the adult and should act accordingly and stop raising these kids that think they adults when they so are not……..guess what if you were born 85 or later your not ENTITLED to anything so stop acting like it

    2. Mary says:

      MOST- Daniw is the one teacher that did something wrong. It isn’t about throwing other names into the mix here. I know it may be fun for you as a KID to make allegations saying “Most of the guy teachers are very flirty” but maybe as a KID you don’t realize that a comment like that AFFECTS others. This story is about Daniw, don’t degrade the other hard working teachers at Passaic Valley by throwing their names into the mix! Daniw is the one that made the mistake here. It’s Wrong to talk about the other teachers at PV like that.

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