Giants Coach Laughs Off Exchange Between Terry Bradshaw, Mrs. Mara

NEW YORK (WFAN) — You don’t mess with the matriarch.

Especially when it comes to Ann Mara.

Terry Bradshaw learned that the hard way. After the Giants’ NFC Championship win on Sunday, the widow of former Giants owner Wellington Mara gave Bradshaw an earful on live television.

Waving her finger, Mara yelled at the NFL Hall of Famer and football analyst, “Hey! … You never pick the Giants!”

“I’m getting hammered for not picking the Giants,” Bradshaw, who was trying to interview Victor Cruz, told the viewing audience.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin laughed off the exchange during a conference call Monday.

“I know that in many ways, many times Mrs. Mara’s attitude is reflective of the way that we would hope our team plays,” he said. “She has great energy and tremendous interest and she is so interested in the team playing well and doing well.”

Were you rooting on Mrs. Mara? Sound off below…


One Comment

  1. mitch says:

    year in, year out the giants are like the steelers winners

  2. Cardon Ruchti says:

    blow me This is a useless waste of time

    1. Tom says:

      lol … best comment I’ve read all day. So true.

  3. Demetrio says:

    I didn’t recognize the old biddy; I thought she was a stalker. I was hoping to see security body slam her bony arse to the ground. Now THAT would have been great! ROTFLMAO

  4. Amused but not misled says:

    Terry is an ignorant hick

    He proves that anyone can graduate college if they play football. He enforces proves her is the Simpson Titus every time he opens his mouth.

    Surprised he does broadcast shirtless wearing denim coveralls t carrying a ceramic jug with “XX” on it.

    Now what did he say about the Giants? LOL

    1. Demetrio says:

      Your message is illiterate to the point of being unintelligible. If you’re going to criticize someone’s intelligence, try to use more than a single-digit IQ-level message to do so.

  5. Kelly says:

    Mrs Mara is class just like the entire organization.
    Only the haters have negative views because you can’t stand our success.

    Terry keep picking against us.

    1. Hank says:

      So, so predictable. Oh, yes, the whole world loves you. Ha, ha.

  6. Ted Bennett says:

    Terry and Jimmy constantly pick against the G-Men…I think Jimmy hooks Terry up with EXTENZ pills (Terry thinks they will grow hair, according to Howie and Strahan sits back and laughs ..)

  7. Hank says:

    So much for class. More like classless. Pretty typical of the G(utless) men.

    1. bobby says:

      someone mad there team loss

  8. Henry Morales says:

    That was just AWESOME!!! GO…GIANTS!!!

  9. Daniel Ogden says:

    Doean’t anyone know that Bradshaw picked the 49res because on the picks section of the pregame show Bradshaw was behind Michael Strahan and knew Strahan was obvously going to go with the Giants so the only way he can beat him was to pick the 49ers and hope for a win. It had nothing to do with who he thought would win. I can’t beieve this is a story at all.

    1. Victor Bidoko says:

      Right on. It was like Francesa was with Russo, or any talk show teams: they decide ahead of time who’s going to say yea and who’s going to say nay. If everyone said the same thing it wouldn’t be very interesting, would it? By the way, with all respect, Mrs. Mara has had some serious “work” done, huh?

    2. gfan64 says:

      Fine excuse for this week, but Terry has consistently picked against the Giants this year. She was right to point it out in jest.

  10. Robert Richardson says:

    Trickle down affect is real and crucial in any organization. So obvious with the G-Men franchise. The consistency, poise and competitiveness of the NY Giants football team reflect the culture the ownership has maintained over the decades. Who can argue with that? hint, hint Woody Johnson

    1. Amused but not misled says:

      Consistency? NOW that’s funny

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