Good News, Bad News For Giants Fans In Super Bowl Ticket Lottery

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Less than an hour after advancing to the Super Bowl, the Giants started delivering the bad news to many of their non-club season ticket holders.

While the Giants were going to Indianapolis to face the New England Patriots on Feb. 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium, most of the non-club season tickets holders weren’t.

The Giants sent out emails roughly 50 minutes after their 20-17 overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers announcing the results of a random computer selection that was based on seniority. Most emails included the word “unfortunately.”

“Talk about a downer,” season ticket holder Bob Gray of West Caldwell said after of getting the email while he was still celebrating. “At least they could have waited until the next day.”

Nazo Haroutunian of Hillside in Bergen County was one of the fortunate lottery winners, even though he has been a season ticket holder for only two years.

The 38-year-old was still awake around 11:30 p.m, waiting for his game-induced palpitations to subside and explaining to his wife how the Super Bowl ticket lottery worked.

“No sooner than I finished telling her, by some act of God, I got three emails from the Giants,” he said.

The first was a congratulatory note on making the Super Bowl, The second involved buying team merchandise and the third was word that he could buy Super Bowl tickets, at $900 a pop.

“The palpitations started again,” said Haroutunian said, adding that he immediately went on line and started looking for airfares and hotel rooms.

When asked if he was going.

“The short answer is ‘Yes!” he said. “I got very very lucky.”

According to the New York Post, those fortunate enough to be Super Bowl-bound will next receive a letter, which has been “chemically treated” to prevent forgery, in the mail from FedEx. They’ll need to bring that letter to MetLife Stadium Friday or Saturday.

But that’s not all.

Tickets to the big game will have to be purchased with a certified check, the paper reported.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the stadium in Indianapolis has a seating capacity of 68,000 with 12,500 tickets coming off the top for various other needs. The Giants get a 17 ½ percent share of the remaining 55,500,or roughly 9,700.

Giants players, coaches and officials get a share of that total. Team spokesman Pat Hanlon did not immediately know how many were set aside for fans.

What do you think of the lottery system? Sound off below…

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One Comment

  1. Meghan Ambrosino says:

  2. Danny says:

    25 years on list, 4 tickets at 5000 per PSL non-club, $120 per game. Got very lucky and purchased 2 $800 tickets yesterday. So even though the lottery was weighed against me, I was lucky to get them. I heard of at least 2 upper deck $1000 PSL seats that also won the lottery. Alot of older people were on line and I think seniority weighed more than anything.

  3. says:

    I would like to know the numbers. Club and Non Club.?
    Been trying to find out but no luck.
    Can someone get Pat Hanlon on WFAN to answer these questions?

  4. ernie/paul says:

    I would like to know thw numbers. Club and Non Club.?
    Been trying to find out but no luck.
    Can soemone get Pat Hanlon on WFAN to answer theses questions?

  5. C-D says:

    Have had season tickets in the family for 55 years. Transferred the name to my daughter 5 years ago. Was told we lost 50 years worth of chances because we transferred the name. Some loyalty they show.

  6. Brian Pincus says:

    your not being screwed by the Giants, your being screwed by the NFL for giving such a low # of tickets to their fans.

  7. Boomer says:

    1) 17.5% is way too low – it should be more like 25% each team. 2) Do Club Season ticket holders automatically get SB tix, or just better odds? Better odds OK, automatically, not good. #) Definitely should have waited until next morning… ruined my SB dreams 🙂

  8. 0-5 in SB Tix Lottos says:

    Club vs. Non Club… Granted, they paid more for their PSLs, but no where in the PSL agreements does it give a weighting preference to clubs over non club holders in post season ticket distribution. This is a NY Giants decision, not a legal bound obligation….. “A true Screw the Regular Fan scam” possible grounds for a lawsuit? Non club weighted system 1 chance for each year held ie 10yr four seat season ticket holder gets 10 chances…. Club bonus 1 chance for each year x # of tickets so 10 year season ticket holder (4 Seats) who opted for a Club PSL gets 10 chances x 4 = 40 chances…. But the biggest scam of all is how many tickets from the 9700 went to the Captive Travel agent “Big Blue Travel which turns a $900 ticket into a $5850 package… Cha Ching for someone!

    1. Coleman Carven says:

      my PSL is more expensive than some of the club PSL’s but ticket price is lower. Not all club seats are the same. Do feel hosed. Family has had the seats for close to 50 years, I had to change the name on the account this year so I start from scratch even though they have been cashing MY checks for the last 25 years.

  9. C Ida says:

    80000 fans and only 9700 tickets?!?!?! ABSOLUTE BS – WE HAVE BEEN SCREWED BY THE GIANTS (AGAIN).

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