L.I. Horse Rescuer Sentenced For Endangering Child

MANORVILLE, NY (CBSNewYork) – A Manorville, Long Island horse rescuer has been sentenced to three years probation after being found guilty of endangering the welfare of a child.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall On The Story

Mona Kanciper was convicted of euthanizing a dog in front of a horseback riding student.

She left the courthouse surrounded by a group of supporters and she did not say a word.

Her attorney, Paul Gianelli, says they’ll be appealing the case.

“To be found guilty of a crime because she had injected a dog with tranquilizers in front of a kid who couldn’t even remember what color the dog’s fur was, is really shocking in my view,” said Gianelli on Tuesday.

The judge also Kanciper cannot have another dog during her probation.

In a statement, Kanciper said she is the victim of hurtful prosecution.

“I think it was like a perfect storm. I think there was an overzealous prosecutor, an overzealous investigation. I think she got caught up in this perfect storm,” said Gianelli.

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  1. Brady W says:

    We cry about a malfunctioning dog being put down by tranquilizers yet cheer while we fill up our prisons with 20-somethings for possession and consumption of a speck of pot. What a world.

  2. royallen says:

    I hope there is something missing fromm this story……….because it makes no sense to me

  3. Linda Elsey says:

    There is NO COMMON SENSE in this action, how stupid. Dang, where do they find these dumb judges and who puts them on the bench ? How is euthanizing a dog endangering the welfare of a child ? Whoever made this into something else should be charged for being an idiot. I am an animal lover and know that anyone with a heart to rescue any animal does NOT put one down for no good reason. This case needs to be overturned and things made right for this woman.

  4. truth says:

    we see animals being killed everyday on television! kids grow up watching cartoons depicting animals being harmed. the simpsons show a cat and mouse at each others’ throats. the discovery channel shows animals being killed in the wild by hunters or by other wild animals.

  5. lieutenantdan says:

    What in the hell is wrong with society in this state today!
    I believe that these charges are bogus and the court system needs an overhaul.
    Have these people totally lost there marbles?
    This is so stupid.
    How is this endangering the welfare of the child?
    I can’t even intelligently comment on the ridiculous behavior of the criminal and family court system, and the DA’s office and CPS.
    A waste of taxpayer’s money.
    I cannot help to be suspicious that this is another tactic to keep our lucrative court system business going and keep making lawyers wealthy.
    If it walks like a duck than it is a duck!
    You do understand that the fees for these types of lawyers start at $400.00 per hour.

    1. Sara Drake says:

      All farmers should be aware when they dose or treat their animals in front of their children, and all veterinarians whose children like to accompany them on their visits (as in All Creatures Great and Small) should be aware that they are endangering their children. Or has the court system and the complainant in this case overstepped the limits of good judgment and common senseS.

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