Police: Rockville Centre Woman Held Teen At Gunpoint After ‘Ring And Run’ Prank

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Rockville Centre attorney is under arrest after allegedly holding a suspected teenage prankster at gunpoint until officers arrived at her home Sunday night, Nassau County police said.

Bernadette Greenwald, 47, apparently lost her cool after someone repeatedly rang her doorbell and ran from the home around 11:15 p.m. Sunday.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports

The “ding, dong, ditch” prank was apparently carried out three times and after the last incident, police said Greenwald, a former Bronx Assistant District Attorney, grabbed her .9 mm pistol and fired one round into the air in front of her house.

Police said Greenwald later saw a 17-year-old boy walking in front of her N. Forest Avenue home. She allegedly approached the teen and pointed the gun at him.  Greenwald’s retired Air Force pilot apparently returned home to discover the youth inside his home.

“[Greenwald’s husband] arrived during the incident. He did see his wife with a gun. It’s a licensed gun, it is registered to her. In the house with the wife holding the gun, He pulled the kid outside the house, and waited for the police,” attorney Mitchell Barnett said.

According to court papers, a 17-year-old teen testified “I had 5 or 6 beers” and then walked towards the Greenwald’s home.  “A woman appeared at the front door with a gun,” papers said. “I was scared…I put my hands up in the air.”

The teen’s shaken mother told CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan: “I’m very emotional right now.  My son did not do anything wrong.”

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall On The Story

Greenwald has been charged with menacing, reckless endangerment and prohibited use of a dangerous weapon. The married mother of two declined to comment on her arrest when reached by 1010 WINS.

Barnett, said his client was home alone with her two children Sunday night and felt threatened. He also contended that the teenager had been found loitering on the Greenwald property in the past.

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One Comment

  1. denver bill says:

    Good thing there wasn’t a flaming bag of dog doo involved …. someone might have been machine gunned.

  2. John Van Stry says:

    He did nothing wrong? Last I checked, FIVE or SIX beers for a 17 year old was illegal! Isn’t that wrong? And how good could this kid’s testimony be if he was plastered at the time?

    1. Wild Bill says:

      My thoughts exactly..the teen should be charged with consumption of alcohol ,it’s unfortunate that she couldn’t have found the ringer in the act..trespass with intent to do mischief would have been the charge.

    2. Joe says:

      An under age drunken teen trespassing shouldn’t be considered the victim. If any thing he should be arrested. This shows how much of a joke america is turning into.

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        He needs to be spanked.

      2. SLC says:

        I agree with you. What is a 17 year old doing out drinking and then his mother says she is worried. Where has she been the last 17 years. He should have been thrown in jail and left there. I understand the lady being aggravated late at night with some fool ringing her doorbell. I dont think there should be any charges against her.

    3. SAL says:

      Typical of many parents these days….”My poor boy did nothing wrong. He’s visibly shaken too.”

      My dad would have jerked a knot in me. I would have been forced to apologize and then would have been grounded for a month.

      1. Reformed kid says:

        Yep in 1976 my dad(an old ww2 paratrooper) made me and my best friend apologize in person for busting a guy’s pumpkin(and made us pay for it(the old guy was a Marine from WW2 himself)and very forgiving. Great learning experience. Whole different type of people back then.

        1. phillysmart says:

          No they were normal people and times today everything is backward we are degenerating

    4. Larz Blackman says:

      After you get your panties out of a bunch, why don’t you good people return to your knitting bee where you can gripe about minor things in private?

      1. JWS says:

        That should let you get back to your beer swilling and ring-and-running during your time off from Burger King, huh?

    5. KnowYourGunLaws says:

      Not excusing the young man but she DID commit (2) third degree felonies. Know you gun laws people before having to insert your foot in your mouth. Her actions were reckless, irresponsible and most of all, felonious.

      1. diogenes says:

        Well, I think our founders may have had a different intent but the loonie liberals over the years have gutted the true meaning of the Constitution. Maybe YOU should learn what the real gun laws are and that they have been unconstitutionally shnged and abridged over the years. But, like most liberals, you are not interested in facts, or truth or the intent of the lawmakers. You just want the nanny government to give you everything and in return you’ll just do as you are told. SLAVE.

  3. George Johnson says:

    She should have hid in the bushes with a baseball bat. Whack him in the head and then drag is body to the street. When the cops come, say “Oh yeah, I saw him trip and fall out there in the street, the drunken bum.”

    1. Justin Case says:

      Or just use the 9mm and go home and close the door — no phone call

      1. Rob says:

        Yeah, that’s it. “Murder someone for pranking you.” Good strategy, genius.

        1. Justin Case says:

          My thoughts exactly. And by the way, I guess you just KNEW that he had absolutely NO bad intentions. Harass me on my property and all bets are off

  4. bandit says:

    What exactly did she do wrong?

    1. Justin Case says:

      Lives in a state with libertard anti gun laws. In FL, he might have had a different lesson. I suggest that she and anyone else in NY, GET OT OF DODGE!

    2. MEC2 says:

      Really? She discharged a firearm into the air – that is reckless in the extreme. What’s worse, she did it because she was getting her doorbell cranked? Come on!

      I saw this as a CHL holder with three firearms with 4 feet of my desk. So I am no anti-gun nut. But the only time to shoot a firearm is to defend oneself, or practicing at the range to do so.

      1. DM says:

        UM we can fire guns in the air all day in Kentucky…not hurting anyone. It what you do to celebrate in many parts of the world…

        1. vance says:

          that sure says a LOT about the level of intellect in Kentucky.
          you see- when bullets are fired into the air, they generally come back down- and in a suburban neighborhood, there is a good chance of it striking a person or their property.
          maybe you should watch the movie “The Mexican” for a better illustration of that point. (btw- in the movie, the ‘mexican’ is a gun, not a person.)

          1. Batalhao says:

            How snide, calling into question the intellect of someone because you don’t agree with their comment of the laws of another state…..you must be a liberal. They were just stating things can be seen differently, it doesn’t mean they’re unintelligent.

            Oh and I bet they already knew that what comes up must come down. Oh and not calling your intellect into question but not everything you see in a movie REALLY happens you know.

            1. Gunguy says:

              I’m pro-gun, a CCW holder, and a firearms instructor. Legal or not, firing a gun in the air is not a good idea. Bullets can be deadly miles away. One of the basic rules of firearms is to know your target and what’s beyond it. If you are in the middle of nowhere and have unobstructed visibility for miles, you might be able to know that nobody is where your bullet is going to land. Without that, you have no idea where your bullet is coming down or who might be there. Warning shots, in general, are dangerous. If you fire into a wall, ceiling, etc, the bullet will probably go through it and several more. Unless you have Superman’s X-ray vision, you don’t know what or who is in the path of the bullet. I don’t know NY or Kentucky law, but where I am, you can only use deadly force in response to a physical threat to yourself or others (or arson). This woman should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, discharge of a firearm in city limits (if they have that law), felony menacing, and unlawful detention. She gives a bad reputation to all safe and responsible gun owners.

              1. Testor says:

                Good post… in fact we were trained to fire warning shots into the ground (and later they changed that as rounds would hop and go through the floors of cars we were aiming to stop at a barricade hitting people inside). Warning shots then were aimed directly at the vehicle’s engine block and that is if you were lucky to get a warning shot past the green “I see you and don’t like what you’re doing laser”. Don’t fire a shot or even put your finger on the trigger unless you are fully aware of what you want to accomplish.

          2. Allister Mann says:

            Bullets fired into the air are only dangerous if they are fired at enough of an angle to maintain ballistic trajectory. Fired vertically the bullet has no ballistic trajectory, it rises into the air until gravity decelerates it, then it falls with a terminal velocity far lower than the speed of discharge from the weapon owing to the relatively small mass of the slug. When it lands it only really packs enough force to raise a bump on your head or take a chip out of a car windshield.

            1. Robe says:

              You mean like the bullet that was fired in the air and killed a 15 year old Amish girl here in Ohio last month?

              The one where the man who fired the gun was ONE AND A HALF MILES AWAY.

              We don’t know what angle she fired the gun at. Maybe she fired it a few feet over his head. Maybe she fired it at a perfectly vertical angle, or maybe it was somewhere in between those two. We don’t know. It was still stupid, stupid behavior.

              If you’re a woman who feels threatened by somebody ringing your doorbell, you don’t run outside, leaving your children unprotected, fire off a round, and then hold the first person you see at gunpoint.

              You get the gun out, stay inside, and call the police.

              1. asdf says:

                lol,…thanks for capitalizing “ONE AND A HALF MILES AWAY” ..for all you managed to do was point out your own ignorance to the previous comment.

                please refer to the very first sentance….”Bullets fired into the air are only dangerous if they are fired at enough of an angle to maintain ballistic trajectory”

                Do I need to spell that out for you? obviously, a bullet that travels 1.5 miles from the point it was fired was not shot straight up in the air,…rather it obviously had a severe angle to the trajectory to travel such a great horizontal distance.

                jesus, you liberals really are retarded.

              2. Daisy says:

                “Call the police” LoL!

        2. Rob says:

          You’re really doing a lot to improve the impression most Americans have of Kentucky.

        3. SEE says:

          Yes, you CAN hurt someone by firing a gun in the air. We discovered a bullet that went through the roof of our attic. Fortunately, it was over the garage, but the bullet came from some idiot firing a gun in the air on the 4th. Our neighbor, a policeman, said it could have come from a mile away. Also, a woman was almost killed when a person shot a gun in the air two neighborhoods away from her. The bullet went through the seat of her chair as she was leaning forward. The laws of physics…that bullet will come down as fast as it went up. Please learn something before you kill someone!

      2. Dave Sanborn says:

        Why has firing into the air become reckless?

        1. Al says:

          Unless she knew where her bullet was going to land and that no innocent people were there, it was reckless. It’s the same reason driving down the highway blindfolded is reckless — she showed no regard for the safety of others that could be foreseeably hurt by her actions.

        2. Rob says:

          There was an Amish girl here in Ohio killed last month when someone fired their gun in the air from ONE AND A HALF MILES AWAY.

          So, yeah, I’d say firing your gun in the air, especially in a residential area is reckless.

      3. Joe says:

        Discharging a firearm into the air isn’t reckless. After all, we all know that bullets evaporate in mid-air, right? It’s lucky that an innocent wasn’t injured by a demonstration of gravity. Here in Texas, a huge portion of the population is armed and we have a Castle Law as well. But even with all that, you’d be the one arrested if you went out and did what this woman did.

    3. kauboy says:

      She fired a gun for intimidation purposes, outside of the context of protecting her life or the life of another.
      That is one law broken.
      Next, she proceeded to brandish the same firearm at a passerby whom she assumed was the original “ringer”. Threatened him with the gun with no reason to fear her own safety(another law broken), and essentially held him hostage inside her home.(third law broken)

      All in all, not a good day for this lady.

      In situations like these, were your life is in no way threatened, leave the gun inside. There are other means available to deal with this type of thing.
      Non-lethal is best.
      Or, if it suits you, call the police and wait…

      If at anytime her life was indeed in danger, dead men tell no tales. 😉

      1. Ron says:

        And wait and wait …..

      2. The Annoyed Elephant says:

        “Next, she proceeded to brandish the same firearm at a passerby whom she assumed was the original “ringer”. ”

        If she held a gun at the head of a random person, she would’ve been charged with aggravated kidnapping or hostage taking or (at least) wrongful arrest, not brandishing.

        The only mistake it looks like she made, IMO, was to fire the gun in the air in what appears to be a densely-packed neighborhood. That’s just dangerous on her part and she should’ve been arrested for wrongfully discharging a firearm in city limits.

    4. Big Jigaboo says:

      She wasn’t pc for the guys with a uterus, instead of balls.

  5. P Luis Alvarez says:

    Call the cops??? How long will it take them to arrive?? By that time the culprit will have escaped. Whatever happened to taking care of things yourself? I work on my own cars, repair my own home, prescribe my own medications for myself and family, ( I don’t do my own surgery), cut my own lawn….so why for a simple apprehension when properly equiped with a weapon would I call them police? People are helpless nowdays and expect everything to be done for them. Sure the police say let it up to us, it is job security for them. That is why the courts let the little buggers go so the cops have work, sort of like “catch and release” fishing. The lady’s error was infringing on the job description of the police and apprehending the culprit herself. In the past the parents would have been called and they would have proceeded to be the crap out of the little punk for drinking and being a prankster. The problem is with society and the parents who side with the kid and all like him who grow up to be adult punks with kids of their own.

    1. vance says:

      vigilante justice- maybe you’d feel more at home in a country like somalia.
      with that kind of mindset, you definitely don’t deserve to live in the usa.

      1. P luis Alvarez says:

        I am not advocating “vigilante justice” but simply apprehension until the police arrive. If you had a fire starting in your kitchen and you had the means to extinguish it, would you wait for the fire department to arrive if you could safely contain it or put it our yourself? That is what is wrong with the USA, we are all looking for someone else to take care of us, whether it is the schools, health care, etc.

      2. P luis Alvarez says:

        I am not advocating “vigilante justice” but simply apprehension until the police arrive. If you had a fire starting in your kitchen and you had the means to extinguish it, would you wait for the fire department to arrive if you could safely contain it or put it our yourself? That is what is wrong with the USA, we are all looking for someone else to take care of us, whether it is the schools, health care, etc.

        1. Rob says:

          If I had a fire in my kitchen I would extinguish it. Just as I would shoot someone who breaking into my house.

          This guy, (if he is the one who was ringing her doorbell) was not breaking into her house. She deserves what she gets. She’s just lucky he didn’t pull a gun on her and shoot her.

          If I hear shots fired and then see some civilian coming after me with their gun pointed in my direction, guess what? I’m going for my concealed handgun, and the next few seconds ain’t gonna be pretty.

      3. Billy T says:

        Vance, you’re not this kid’s dad, are you?

        1. Daisy says:

          “Vance, you’re not this kid’s dad, are you?”

          Something tells me that this delinquint’s dear old Dad is on a permanent vacay from parenthood.

      4. Walt says:

        It’s called self defense.. the cops have no obligation to prevent crimes. Most crimes that are stopped, are stopped by armed, law abiding citizens. If you think our 2nd amendment is useless and we have no right to protect ourselves.. it is YOU that does not deserve to live in the USA friend

  6. ric07 says:

    Sad sad sad……..that get will be in the system soon enough if he’s not already. Punish the good people and reward the losers.

    1. rico7 says:

      Arrest them both

  7. david5300 says:

    There is nothing to see here folks, these are not the droids you are looking for. everyone can go home now

  8. Scott George says:

    What I found most astounding is that the mother thinks that he did nothing wrong, regardless of whether he was the ding-dong-gone culprit.

  9. Bob says:

    Is the name of this game really called “ding dong ditch”?

    1. Ranterdon says:

      I thought it was Ding Dong B****

    2. Allister Mann says:

      It had another name when I was a kid. It’s best not repeated in polite company. Also, if your parents caught you doing it they used to knock seven shades of s-t out of you, not cry to the media.

  10. Common Sense says:

    The Drunk Ounk was on her property. If he had done this to me, he would be in intensive care.

  11. Mark Wulffert says:

    She definitely overreacted, pulling a gun for door bell ringing? Firing in the air, bullet does come back down in town, not good. She should be charged. I am PRO 2nd amendment, but she is just stupid.

    1. Richard says:

      I carry a gun everywhere. If you come to my door you will always be greeted by me and my 9mm. If you are ringing my doorbell I will know your not invited.

    2. Rob says:


  12. Peter says:

    Ever notice how illiterate “journalists” post stories like this online, and then after a series of negative editorial comments from readers, said “journalists” go back, correct their mistakes, and pretend they were never there? Case in point here…

  13. desert says:

    Kick the childish embeciles ass around the block 4 times….then tell him, “stay the hell off other peoples property and don’t ring door bells”!!

  14. seanpatriot says:

    “My son did not do anything wrong” Um….. He’s 17 and drinking and outside at 11:30 on a school night and harrassing the neighbors. This woman was in the right. We would shoot his face in, down here in Texas and ITS LEGAL ! !! !

    1. James says:

      I’m a Texan too, and I wouldn’t do that over a doorbell. No sane person would if that’s all thats involved. You do have the right to protect your property, but come on. Shoot someone over ringing a doorbell? Minimum charge would be Involuntary Manslaughter. I don’t like having Texas look like a trigger happy place. Fits the lefties myths too well.

    2. Rob says:

      Having grown up in Texas and having a lot of family still there, I hardly think the justice system in Texas says that it is OK to murder someone for ringing your doorbell as a prank.

  15. mom says:

    We don’t dial 911 and wait for the police to show up at my house. We also don’t fire “warning shots.” I won’t hesitate to shoot someone if I’m in fear for my or my family’s life. I’d definitely call 911 at the soonest practical time to ensure that the idiot’s body is taken to the morgue and a police report is made. Hopefully this lady can articulate to the judge why she felt she was in fear for her life. Then she should be punished for her warning shot mistake, but nothing else.

  16. The Annoyed Elephant says:

    So, a 17-year-old kid had consumed, by their own account, “5 or 6 beers”, and yet, their parents feel they did “nothing wrong”?

    Something smells about the report. The way it’s written, it sounds like she was being repeatedly pranked, walked outside, grabbed a random, drunken teenager, and performed a citizen’s arrest. If this is indeed what happened, then she should’ve been charged with aggravated kidnapping, not just “brandishing”.

    But it doesn’t sound like this is what happened. It sounds like she IDed the teen who’d been harassing her and caught him in the act of doing it again, and used her gun (albeit improperly) to bring him indoors and wait for the cops. The point being that the kid should’ve been arrested and mommy and daddy could explain their little angel’s drunkenness and pranks to a judge.

    1. yyyy says:

      spot on. Arrest of the wrong person. Miss Stupid get back with us when you 17 year old drunk son gets himself killed!

    2. Craig F. Owings says:

      I agree with your comments, but I wonder about the “mommy and daddy” part. I would guess that there is a high probability that there is no “daddy” in the home.

    3. Craig F. Owings says:

      By the way, it seems to me that she did the morally right but legally wrong thing. Odd for an attorney; they usually have it the other way around.

  17. Marc B says:

    That’s not a bad looking mug shot for a 47yo woman. I bet she cleans up quite nicely.

    1. J Ray says:

      I was thinking the very same thing myself!

  18. Jerry Phillips says:

    Call the cops on 911! The police show up after the fact. they are not there to protect you. Ms. Greenwald had every right to defend her family and property. The media doesn’t believe you should have the right to self defense. They think you should run away and hide behind the nearest rose bush.

  19. Buzz says:

    Who gave this kid 5 or 6 beers? They should be prosecuted too.
    Maybe if this punk was not drunk, he wouldn’t have been bothering this family. Too bad she didn’t put a bullet in him and buried him in the backyard.

  20. BigBoa says:

    To you morons defending the thugs, hopefully they’ll be paying YOU a visit soon.

    Just too coincidental that this “ute” seemed to be wandering by, though if she didn’t see him doing anything in this case, she probably shouldn’t shoot him. Might be different had a family member or herself already been attacked, injured, etc.

    As it stands, the police should not charge her. She obviously had reason to think she was in danger. If the “ute” is really innocent, he should be able to understand why he was detained. If he ISN’T innocent, hopefully this event will have put a little fear in him.

    She needs to be defended. If we are going to stop the “flash mobs” and other assaults occuring by the thugs, it isn’t going to be on account of “government” or “law enforcement”. It will only change if the people begin taking action to stop it. In numbers too great to bother trying to prosecute. You can fight this war in their neighborhoods or yours. The mighty Boa says it is time to eradicate the ghettos.

    1. Spencer Jacobson says:

      But not until you get your white sheets back from the cleaner…

      1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

        Drop dead, Hebe.

  21. ChiefAl says:

    Here is the bottom line. If the “shaken” mother would control her child and not let him roam around at 11 PM on a school night intoxicated this “poor victim” would not be victimized. The kid needs to be cited for underage drinking and the mother cited for contributing. Having the gun, not a problem. Firing the gun as a show of force that is problem. There are all kinds of buffoonery in this story.

  22. mikee says:

    It is for this type of prank that paint ball guns are perfectly suited. The perpetrators are marked for apprehension by police, have a hard time telling where the painful hits are coming from, and if some of the paint balls are accidentally frozen they sting quite a bit.

    Read this somewhere, from a news story in Boston if I recall correctly, about late-night noisy youths who suddenly found they needed to be elsewhere when the frozen paintballs started flying from the dark windows of an apartment building across the street.

    Poor tactics on the part of the woman involved here. I hope she does not suffer unduly from this prosecution.

    1. Arnie says:

      Man breaks into home, rapes woman kills kids, found by police because of paint ball marks ……………………yeah that will work just fine. or Man breaks into home found dead shot by woman kids safe……….which line do u like better?

      1. Chris says:

        He said for this type of prank, read before you comment. This woman gives gun owners a bad name. As far as we know the kid had nothing to do with the ding dong ditching and even if he had, pulling a gun on an unarmed person and firing a warning shot is reckless and stupid. The second amendment grants the right to bear arms, not the right to shoot at unarmed people. The support that the mother has here is surprising to me.

  23. rl says:

    This article is so poorly written is is hard to believe any of it as objective reporting.

    1. Word Police says:

      Exactly. I wasn’t even going to waste my time “commenting”, but I’ll agree, someone needs to copy-read stuff like this before it goes public to at least make it readable.

  24. CitizenClark says:

    There is no such thing as a “.9mm pistol.”

    1. Cam Kirmser says:

      Apparently, she has a private pilot, too …

      “Greenwald’s retired Air Force pilot apparently returned home…”

      And, what are, “5 or 5 beers?”

      Does no one proof these articles before exposing illiteracy to the world?

      1. mikee says:

        The story reports a pistol using a cartridge of “.9 mm” that is 0.9mm, 1/10 diameter of the Beretta 92 9mm caliber. While 9mm is about 0.357 inch, 0.9mm is about the thickness of a paperclip wire. This sort of error often demonstrates a lack of familiarity with firearms by the author of a piece.

        1. Cam Kirmser says:

          “This sort of error often demonstrates a lack of familiarity with firearms by the author of a piece.”

          Indeed. Or, when the media bandies about the terms “automatic,” or “assault rifle.”

        2. goat says:

          I noticed that, too. I chuckled when I imagined what the cartridges would look like.

    2. JDF says:

      Good job spotting the typo, Timmy! (pats head). Now please let the adults carry on discussing things. There’s a good lad!

      1. Cam Kirmser says:

        JDF must be a lib (pats head) – note the condescending attitude and overblown sense of superiority.

        1. arnie says:

          probably TSA ( pats head)

      2. mikee says:

        Again, these two errors demonstrate nonfamiliarity with the subject matter of the story, and/or slovenly writing. Both tend to make the author’s version less credible to readers with firearms familiarity, and should weaken the author’s credibility with people who can read and comprehend written English..

        Of course, if factual information is irrelevant to your analysis of the story, carry on discussing things as if your opinions matter!

        1. Rick South says:

          Well of course the media can’t spell or use proper sentence structure because public education no longer cares about educating anyeone anymore but instead public schools just teach kids to be good little leftist commies. You notice how we often see little elementary kids singing praises to the president.

  25. Beefy says:

    You must have been bullied as a baby. You can hide in your closet but I’m gonna defend my family and my property.
    Kudos to mrs. Greenwald

  26. charles thomas says:

    You seem to miss the part where this person had be caught loitering on her property before. He may have been stalking this woman, looking through her windows, but was gone when the police arrived before. Which means there have been previous encounters with this guy. I find it hard to believe she would become so unraveled for no reason. Just because this drunken punk was not arrested before, and was merely walking down the street does not mean he is/was innocent. We have insufficient facts to pontificate.

  27. Pisana says:

    Did any of you even read the story? Her doorbell was rung numerous times, she was scared and mad – rightfully so. She got her gun went in front of her hosue a shot it in the air – please remember, what goes up must come down and could have hurt an innocent bystander. LATER she saw the teen walking in front of her house, she confronted him with the gun and then obviously made him enter her home until the police arrived. I spent 20 years in the military protecting everyone’s right to have a gun, drink a beer and walk down the street. She was over-reacting…understandably, but still over-reacting and got the wrong kid, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As an attorney she should have known better and just called the cops – as a “former assistant district attorney”, she used to prosecute people for doing what she did – she should have known better…but she should have some slack cut due to her mental state at the time. Just saying.

    1. seanpatriot says:

      So you think its ok for a 17 year old kid to walk down the street with a beer at 11:30 at night harrassing the neighborhood? really?

      1. arnie says:

        teenage kid with 5/6 beers ====walking==== how many kids can walk after five or six beers, with out having built up a tolerance to that level.

        1. 21 year old RVC resident says:

          In RVC quite a few. We drink from 9th grade on and carry around our own personal 12 packs. 5-6 beers is well within the expected tolerance of a 17 year old. I myself have drank many times and walked home because its the safe thing to do. Drinking does not constitute use of a firearm on a minor. You people need to all realize all your children drink and walk around just like you all most likely drank when you were in high school. If you havent caught your high school son or daughter drinking yet it doesnt mean that they dont do it. It just means youre oblivious and theyre very good at lying to you. Would you call your child a “thug” because they might have had a few beers and walk home? I would hope not, theyre still your child and most likely were still brought up with enough decency to be respectful and responsible. This article has gotten out of hand, You cant truly think to justify use of a gun on a minor because he was drinking. His drinking is entirely irrelevant. It would appear to me judging by all your comments that none of you have any confidence in the RVC Police dept. We have a town of 2.5 square miles and over 80 police officers that work for the village. If you call 911 or their direct line they will be there fairly quickly. Be sensible everyone.

          1. Daisy says:

            Perhaps if you’d have spent less time drinking alcoholically and more time studying, you’d be able to think/write a coherent sentence.

            1. 21 year old resident says:

              Studying? South Side students are some the most highly regarded and sought after kids in the Northeast. And hate to break it to you but yeah we ALL drink, its high school…Deal with it. Maybe if you weren’t so ignorant you wouldn’t appear so stuck up.

              1. 21 year old RVC resident says:

                HERE HERE!

  28. KPMc says:

    ‘ The teen’s shaken mother told CBS 2′s Jennifer McLogan: “I’m very emotional right now. My son did not do anything wrong.” ‘

    Except the part where he was drunk and approaching someone’s house at 11:30PM on a ‘school’ night. Otherwise he is just an innocent little angel.

    1. 21 year old RVC resident says:

      walking past someones house at 1130 at night is not a crime its called getting home. If he wants to drink a couple beers with friends let him. Your middle school students all do drugs and drink already so a high school student is more then expected to have some beers. You find this same situation in every town in America. Only diference is people dont run into the streets with guns and hold an innocent person at gunpoint.

      1. KPMc says:

        “If he wants to drink a couple beers with friends let him. Your middle school students all do drugs and drink already so a high school student is more then expected to have some beers. ”

        Do I really have to respond to this logic?

        1. 21 year olf RVC resident says:

          Simply trying to convey that a 17 year old having a beer and walking home is far from a huge concern and should not warrant a gun being pulled on him. The younger kids in this town exposed to drugs an alcohol should warrant more focus. He commited no crime. Stop saying he approached her home. He did not approach it, he simply walked down a street. He passed hundreds of other houses as well there was no danger there.

          1. KPMc says:

            “According to court papers, a 17-year-old teen testified “I had 5 or 5 beers” and then walked towards the Greenwald’s home. ”

            My reading comprehension is fine. How is yours?

            1. 21 year old RVC resident says:

              “walked towards” not saying it was the destination. Just walking in that general direction perhaps? I am ending this little debate KPMC. There is no reason to nit pick on minor details. If you truly believe that a teen having a few beers warrants the use of a deadly firearm then I think you should seriously speak with someone. The minor is called a minor for a reason. This woman is an adult with a legal degree and a license to posess a deadly weapon. Ultimately it is her responsibility to be the sensible person in this situation. I dont for one second believe she ever considered her self in danger or she would have never left her locked house to run into the street abandoning her family inside. She made poor choices and she should be held accountable for those decisions. I truly hope that if you have children you would be upset if one of your neighbors pointed a weapon at them for walking by their house.

              1. KPMc says:

                If you think its acceptable for minors to drink and wander around your town, ringing people’s bells, destroying people’s property and making a nuisance of themselves that’s your problem.

                Never said any kid deserved to be shot. The crap scared out of them? YES! But lets do it your way and continue to coddle kids when they break every rule at every turn.

                1. Michael H. says:

                  Nowhere in the article was it stated that the kid held at gunpoint was the kid ringing the bell. She grabbed the first kid she saw and held him at gunpoint. Unless her life is in immediate danger, which it was not, even pulling the gun on the kid was a crime, let alone firing it into the air, which was reckless and highly illegal.

                2. Daisy says:

                  KPMc, You’re attempting to engage in reasonable discourse w/a 21 year old drunk. It’s not going to work.

                  I substantially agree w/all your points but take some issue w/’the kid didn’t deserve to be shot’. From our safe perspective we can speculate that the young man (along w/his delinquent cohorts?) was up to drunken mischief but I can assure you that if I had been in that woman’s position, alone in the house w/my children, not having any definite sense of what was going on, and my aim good enough — that young man would have been shot. And it would have been sorted out later. Moreover, I’ve no idea if she had placed a call to the police or not, but think it quite possible she did.

                  1. Luke says:

                    “sorted out later”????? Shoot my child because he’s walking home on the sidewalk outside your house and you and yours won’t live to see another 24 hours—-that’s a promise. She ADMITTED that she didn’t know who rang her freaking doorbell. She just took a gun and put it in the face of the first person she saw! Walking down the street —-even at 11:30pm—is not illegal you FREAK!

              2. M. Rodriguez says:

                You are either a troll or the biggest idiot when it comes to logic. The kid did do something wrong: trespassing, and underage drinking, both of which are against the law. When sommeone is intoxicated, they cannot be reasoned with half the time. This wouldn’t have ever happened if the teen was indoors (he was also probably breaking curfiew), and he hadn’t been drunk. Quit trying to defend his a tions because it’s making you look stupid.

                1. Michael H. says:

                  Nowhere does the article say the kid was on the woman’s property, which would be required to claim he is trespassing. Being drunk in public is not a reason to pull a gun on somebody, and in New York state, neither is trespassing unless the person is armed themselves and your life is in immediate danger. This isn’t Texas.

                  1. Daisy says:

                    Don’t attempt to trespass on this New Yorker’s property. Armed or not, you will be shot. And I, not you, will be operating w/in the confines of the law.

            2. Gotero says:

              This sounds liike a rapist in training

              1. Daisy says:

                “This sounds liike a rapist in training”

                Yup. As the article points out, he was spotted by the owners of the house loitering on their property in the past.

                1. luke says:

                  Says who? The crazy woman waving a gun around or her idiot husband? Show me a police report where this kid was caught “loitering” on their property in the past. GOD—you’re a moron!

              2. Richard Halloran says:

                It really does. Sounds like he was attempting several times to get her out of the house to rape her. A drunk teenager in the middle of the night at a womans house harrassing her and was seen there before. The woman is the victom in this case not the drunk teen. Now he’ll be free to do this again to another woman. Police best keep tabs on this guy. I’d hire a private eye to follow him and record him. I bet the truth would then come out what his real intentions were.

        2. Mike A says:

          What logic?

          1. Daisy says:


      2. They All Do Drugs and Drink says:

        You, sir, just perfectly personified what’s wrong with American society these days. “Your middle school students all do drugs and drink already”….WHAT? Mine don’t. Exactly what do all those students’ parents do when they’re not parenting? This “situation” in every town in America is exactly why American students rank near the bottom of the academic skills list compared to other countries in the world. And, an inebriated teenager out on foot at 11:30 at night is likely not the poster child for everything that’s wholesome. The woman had every reason to be concerned for her safety.

    2. Hail to KPMc says:

      KPMc is the exalted ruler of this blog. You’ve berated and annoyed everyone here.

      Take your guns and your misguided ideologies and move to Michigan where your neighbors will welcome you with open arms.

      1. KPMc says:

        Wow… you couldn’t be further from the truth.

        Congratulations on not only stereotyping but getting it totally wrong.

        I don’t own a gun, legal or otherwise, or have ever wanted one. But I do, however, support Americans right to own guns, legally. I support Americans right to protect their own lives and property and most of all I am for people (including 17 yo old enough to consume 5 beers) being responsible for their own actions.

        Plus its nice that you have the courage of your convictions to include your own handle as the screen name.

        1. SouthSide Alum '07 says:

          excuse me but how was a 17 year old who drank 5 beers and walked home acting irresponsibly? It was established by police that this minor was not the one who had “pranked” this woman yet he was still assualted in the street. High School kids drink thats the reality of the world we live in just like it has been for the past 40 years. Kids have always done these things. However, luckly most of the time they still have enough sense to walk home rather then drive. I have lost more friends at South Side to drunk driving accidents then I would like to remember, so when we have minors smart enough to walk rather then drive they should not be assualted in the street for no reason. Then further more attacked by people claiming they “deserved” it for drinking. Last time I checked drinking doesnt forfit your rights as a person.

          1. KPMc says:

            Im amazed at how many people are willing to accept underage drinking as responsible. You people need some serious introspection.

            He said he was looking for his dog. Looking for his dog after 5 beers on a school night just after this woman was harassed. If you believe that I feel sorry for you.

            1. SouthSide Alum '07 says:

              We accept underage drinking because it is part of our society and always will be. You will not be able to convince these kids not to drink why not at least hope they do it responsibly and safe. I drank through high school and college and I’ve gotten my undergrad degree and am working towards my masters at one of the top business schools in the country. Drinking didnt stop me or any of my friends from anything because we did it responsibly.

              Now where in the article are you getting anything about him looking for a dog? its a pretty short article and you seem to keep introducing your own facts no one else on this blog knows. Had the individual not had drank any beers that night would it be appropriate for this woman to pull him into her home at gun point? The answer is NO! She acted poorly and thats the end of it! A gun is your right and RESPONSIBILITY as a citizen to defend your home. Meaning if someone is attempting to break into your home and cause you harm you have the right to defend you and your family. You DO NOT have the right to go into the street with a loaded firearm and aim it at someone who does not pose a threat to you.

              What if her gun had accidentally discharged and she killed this boy walking home from a friends house? It truthfully hurts me to think that people like you and this woman are living in the town I grew up in thinking that this behavior is justifiable.

              1. arnie says:

                we i only see u

              2. Daisy says:

                I’m going to be kind and only cite this one example from your comment: “Had the individual not had drank any beers that night ..”

                Do you actually expect anyone to believe that you’ve ‘gotten’ an undergrad degree and that you’re now working “towards my masters at one of the top business schools in the country.”?

                God help us all if you’re telling the truth; our social standards have dropped more deeply than I’d imagined.

                1. South Side Alum '07 says:

                  @Daisy- Let me apologize for my typo, I understand how the value of my comment is destroyed for you simply based on the grammatical error. Let’s try this again, “Had the individual not have drank any beers that night would it be appropriate to pull a firearm on him?” The answer still remains and will always be NO, It is not appropriate to pull a firearm on a teen unless he presents a clear danger to you! Even if the teen has been drinking or sober it is always wrong. Your firearm is your right to defend your family within your house. If this kid entered her house then she had every right to use that weapon but the fact remains he did not. Furthermore, I do not believe she ever felt danger or she would have never unlocked her door to leave her sleeping family unattended inside. She committed crimes and will be held accountable.

                  I’m sorry if my credentials as a college graduate and South Side Alumni are not acceptable to you. You clearly have a very high distaste for America’s Youth as well as the town that has shaped thousands of children into highly successful members of society. If I have learned nothing from growing up in RVC at least I learned whether or not it is appropriate to pull a gun on someone in the street.

                  1. SEE says:

                    Uh, actually, you’re “typo” underscores the infantile thrust of your arguments. “Everybody in high school drinks” and “South Side Alumni are the nation’s top” are not established facts. That is an argument involving a material fallacy by making a sweeping generalization. Also, “all my friends drank in high school, and you did too”. Actually, I didn’t…and basing an argument on your own personal experiences is an example of fallacy of accident or hasty generalizations. I learned this as an undergrad at a rather mundane college. Due to that fact, I don’t believe you graduated from a top notch college and are working towards a master’s degree. I think you are a 13 year old kid with a drinking problem. Someone should let your parents know.

    3. RVC-'r' says:

      He wasn’t approaching anyone’s house he was walking bye. Got the wrong guy. How is this his fault at all? He was with his friends watching football, having a few beers. Really? So he had 5 beers watching football all day. What world do you live in? Internet tough guy/gal. Everyone should pull a gun when something is wrong then call the cops. makes sense.

    4. TheRealKingMax says:

      Standard Bloviating Parent Comment, made as a defensive move and in preparation of a lawsuit.

  29. mz says:

    For everyone saying this kid should have been shot, it easily could have been your kid walking to or from a party one night, or out hanging with his/her friends… how would you feel about it then? You think this is soooo unsafe, go move to Jamaica or the Bronx for a year and then come cry about it.

    1. KPMc says:

      If my child is drunk and approaches someones house at 11:30PM on a school night then you are right, I am going to be mad. At my child!

      Not saying the kid should be shot but please stop making him out to be an innocent victim.

  30. D.A. gets karma says:

    HAHAHAHAH now she can be on the losing side of the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. Karma is a b..ch!

    1. richard says:

      I agree. Now this punk (district attorney) will now know what it feels like to be a defendant at her expense and the complex’s profit. I’m sure she helped ruin the lives of many young men and women by advocating unjust long sentences. I hope they lock her up for 20 years! Assault on a minor with a deadly weapon!

      1. judge judy says:

        i think 15 years with option for parole in 10 is a fair sentence

      2. Kevin O'Reily says:

        I was wondering was it 5 beers or 5 beers. Which do you think it is?

  31. 21 year old RVC resident says:

    Are you people kidding…100’s of teens between the age of 13-20 walk around RVC at night coming back from friends houses. Yes he was 17 and had a few beers who cares….he had enough sense not to drive a car. He should not do the responsible thing by walking home then get pulled into some strangers house at gunpoint. I commend this kid for walking home the woman used very poor judgement and fired her weapon into the air. That is a criminal act plain and simple.

    1. gary says:

      I agree. She should be given at LEAST 20 years in prison for assaulting this minor.

    2. Daisy says:

      “Yes he was 17 and had a few beers who cares….he had enough sense not to drive a car.”

      Maybe Obama can give him his Noble Peace Prize. The poor little misunderstood delinquent deserves it at least as much as Obama.

      1. Chris says:

        Why do you assume that anyone not supporting the mother is an Obama fan, your comment is retarded and makes absolutely no sense.

  32. PB says:

    What a stupid woman. Put this piece of crap in prison for 10-15.

    1. KPMc says:

      for what? protecting her home and family?

      1. KPMc says:

        I did… the 17-yo had 5 beers. Did you read that part? what do you think he was doing?

      2. mj says:

        yes we all know how dangerous drive by ringings are. thats the first lesson the teach in terrorist training camp … ring a door bell then run , followed closely by calling out someones name then ducking behind a car.

        1. KPMc says:

          Have you heard of the recent and all too prevalent home invasions around the country? So you are fine with drunken teens harassing your wife and children at 11pm. You would advise them to just go to bed and ignore it right?

          When I was a kid my parents let me know that if I was doing something stupid and anyone got hurt because of it, including me, it was my fault.

          Today’s parents immediately defend their little angels and look for someone else to blame for their child’s rotten upbringing. I guess you are one of those parents or a child raised by them.

          1. mz says:

            RVC is a safe town, it’s people who jump to grabbing a gun who ruin it.

      3. doc in NJ says:

        how was this cognitively impaired woman protecting her family, KPMc?

        1. KPMc says:

          If i have to explain it to you its not worth it. Just tell me what you’d recommend if someone was harassing your wife and kids at 11pm in the suburbs? You have heard of home invasions, no?

          1. doc in NJ says:

            call the police. What any EDUCATED person does.

            1. KPMc says:

              Is there something wrong with standing up for yourself?

              When someone wrongs you do you cower under the protection of the police state or do you at least speak up for yourself?

              Since the woman is a lawyer I’d say she is fairly well educated so your sentence is ludicrous.

              1. Eric B says:

                It’s OK KPMc. Don’t worry about it. You’re right. These idiots posting things supportive of the kid, were all probably kids that did the same thing as this moron when they were younger. They have to justify their own stupidity by coming to his defense. I love some of the rational. “call the police, what any educated person does.” YEAH, because the police ALWAYS get there in time. That’s why the murder rates, rapes and robberies are all so high. You don’t have a God-given right to police protection and it’s not their job to ‘protect you’. They just clean up the mess when it’s over. You DO have a God-given right to defend yourself. They’re not going to engage your point about the home invasions because it’s a fact and they’d have to deal with it.

                But lets go ahead for a second and just assume the kid wasn’t up to no good………..at 11:30………drunk……….wandering the neighbor hood. I wasn’t there but I’d be willing to wager that 11:30 at night is NOT when all the kids go out to play pattycake and hopscotch. But that’s just me.

  33. Cristina says:

    Ok so is everyone forgetting how many home invasions there have been in Nassau county lately? And why was a 17 year old illegally intoxicated on public streets let alone her property? Are they kidding with arresting her?

    1. Eric B says:

      Of course they’re not kidding. The proper thing for her to do, after being harassed at 11:30 at night would have been to curl up in a ball in the corner and cry. All the while hoping that these indiduals are stable enough not to break in and rob or rape her. In which case, her proper response to that would be to lay there and allow it to happen.

      That’s pretty much how she would have been in the clear.

      The drunk, jackass kid? Naaa. No need for accountablilty there. By the way, why wasn’t his “shaken mother” held accountable for the state of her inebriated child? Just Checking.

  34. snufalufugus says:

    Isn’t 17 a little old to be doing that? I stopped when I was about 12. And if police weren’t so useless, maybe this woman wouldn’t have to take matters into her own hands.

    1. Kevin O'Reilly says:

      People who drunk do stupid things

  35. C says:

    I live in RVC and I’ve had teens do this to me drunk and they even broke the window over my front door. There is a line between a joke and being harassed.
    This poor lady was being harassed and tried to protect herself.

    1. mz says:

      just call a cop, they’re just being ignorant and ringing a door bell not axing down the door sheesh.

      1. KPMc says:

        Yes… because as the kids laugh from a block away when the cop car rolls up 45 minutes later that will really deter them from doing it again.

        Lets stop coddling our delinquent children (and their parents) and hold them responsible for their actions.

        1. Get over it says:

          .When were they destroying property? They are kids, So he drank some beers and they were being “Juvenile” that’s what they are. Coddled how? Having a shot fired in the air is ok? You’re ridiculous. No the kid’s shouldn’t be coddled. They also shouldn’t be held at Gunpoint for playing pranks. There is no need for Bernie Geotz in Rockville Centre. The prank is older than all the people involved put together, get a grip.

  36. The Facts says:

    The attorney’s behavior is atypical of that of most licensed gun owners. She will most likely have the license revoked and be unable to get another.

    1. Go lawyer says:

      I applaud her and she probably would of been better off shooting the little butt wipe.This is whats wrong with todays kids NO RESPECT.Their parents are like my kids a angel boo hoo your kids a troublemaker and would of been no loss to anyone.

      1. Luke says:

        Yea, shoot a kid for walking on the sidewalk in front of your house. You’re an idiot.

  37. Wayne LaPierre says:

    Believe it or not Bernadette Greenwald is actually an attorney herself but registered under her maiden name BERNADETTE M. NICCHIA.

    Well there goes her pistol permit and law license.

    My guess is she had the right kid and he was the one ringing her doorbell. If she were in control of the situation, and she did not point the gun at him, but merely safely discharged it into the ground, she should get no penalty. [But I hate it when a neighbor shoots his gun into the ground late at night and wakes me from my slumber. OK maybe she should be fined $50.] If I were in the kid’s shoes, I would rather someone shoot their gun safely into the ground to convey their message, than have a strapping guy who I just awakened with my monkeyshines come out and beat the crap out of me with his bare fists.

    Anyway, these damn kids need to be taught a lesson if they step out of line.

    If I am on the jury, “not guilty” from the start.

    Reminds me of a story that my dad told me from WWII. When the US troops went to inspect an area that they captured, they found a bunch of dead Germans whose backs were gone. They were obviously the victims of “dumb dumb” bullets. These are illegal under various war conventions. The officer in charge figured out who did it. Rather than charging the soldier with a war crime, they charge him with “wasting ammo” and fined him $0.10 (ten cents).

    Likewise, the soldier who plead “Guilty” to killing those Iraqis should have been charge with wasting ammo and fined a dollar.

    1. JB says:

      you are kidding right? Did you read this story?

      1. KPMc says:

        I read it… the 17-yo had 5 beers. Did you read that part? what do you think he was doing?

    2. MustangLee says:

      Believe it or not, the word “attorney” is the fourth one appearing in the article. Genius.

  38. richiesq says:

    Introducing a gun into a situation is obviously always dangerous. An attractive woman, home alone with her two young children, she must have been terrified to take the actions she did. Even in her fear, and with her maternal instict to protect her children, no one was harmed. Why this young man was previously loitering on her property, we do not know. We also do not know what the end result would have been, had she not taken the actions she felt were necessary at the time. While this result lends itself to catchy headlines, the headlines may have been much worse had she not acted. We must be mindful that neither her, nor her children, nor even their tormenters were injured. For that we should be thankful, and she should not have to face criminal charges, and damage to reputation and profession.

    1. Eric B says:

      Actually introducing a gun into the situation DIFFUSES the situation. That’s why police officers do it. 8 out of 10 times, the gun comes out…..the hands go up. Danger stopped with no bloodshed. The idea that the existence of a gun CAUSES danger is an idea that has come into existance becasue of social engineering. You’re now trained to hear the word gun, and it should send a chill down your spine. That’s the intention.

      Case in point, out came the gun………the ringing doorbell magically stopped.

      Situation diffused. Just a teen drunk scared shatless and one spent round.

      Move along.

      1. Nuthin to see here says:

        It’s not social engineering and it doesnt send a chill down my spine. We know all too well that we have recently lost a police officer and an FBI agent because a retired cop and an MTA cop took their guns out and lost their heads. I guess that was the other 2 out of 10 times you were talking about. Obviously it can be dangerous. This woman had reason to protect herself and her children. I’m glad she used her weapon properly and I’m glad that she was able to avert possible tragedy to herself and her children.

        1. Eric B says:

          Did you even read what I wrote? I think she did the right thing by pulling out the gun to protect herself. People were trying to say that she did something wrong by merely brandishing the gun. She actually diffused the situation. My point was police pull their gun because they know most times the perp will stop in their tracks.

          The social engineeing part I’m talking about is how society has been brainwashed over the years to think that anything relating to guns is bad. That’s being done, it’s a fact. And now if your child draws a stick figure with a gun on it they’ll have to go before a counselor at school.

  39. that guy says:

    I understand that there are many teens in RVC who drink, but you seem to be forgetting that they have to be smart about it to not get caught. I can promise you that the broken bottles and beer cans are not from any teen with a brain because they don’t walk around town drinking, they stay at home or at a friend’s house. You also seem to forget that almost everyone in RVC who is 21 or older is completely smashed every Saturday night and don’t need to worry about being picked up for under-age drinking. As such they are a much more likely source for the trash you keep cleaning up.

    1. Kevin O'Reilly says:

      I have seen teenage kids walking up my block at 12:30am with beer bottles in hand. They were 17-18.

  40. man from old school says:

    this rat teen punk should have been draged to jail and this homeowner hailed as a hero of the first class she had every right even to shoot this pig punk i would have kicked his teeth out

    1. A "Going Postal" Worker says:

      Here here!

      1. Really says:

        It’s “Hear hear!” as you want people to “listen” to this person.

      2. kjkljkj says:

        there! there!

        1. Eric B says:

          Where? Where?

    2. duh says:

      the police determined that the “rat teen punk” had nothing to do with the pranks. she grabbed some kid innocently walking off the street. Additionally, “draged” is not a word. Do you know what a period is?

      1. KPMc says:

        17 yo innocently drinking 5 beers? isn’t that an oxymoron?

        1. Michael H. says:

          Innocent in this context refers to the ring and run prank. I don’t see anything in the article about the kid being charged for possession of alcohol or even public intoxication.

        2. Eric B says:

          And this is probably how they came the the conclusion that he didn’t do anything.

          Cop 1: Were you ringing her doorbell?
          Drunk Teen: No Occifer
          Cop 2: She says you did.
          Drunk Teen’s Mom: No he didn’t
          Cop 1: Good enough for me.

  41. Bill says:

    I guess she should have just gone to bed and hoped these miscreants weren’t going to break into her home and kill her and her kids or set her house on fire. Common sense would tell you that someone pulling a “prank” at your home at 11PM only has the best of intentions.

  42. What a joke says:

    “This is 911″
    “Someone keeps ringing my doorbell and running”
    “If you call us again we will have you arrested for abusing 911. 911 is reserved for emergencies”

    1. pete says:

      “I’m home alone with my children, and someone keeps ringing my doorbell. I feel threatened that it could possibly be a home invasion attempt, could you send a car”

      1. What a joke says:

        “It’s just a neighborhood prank. We will not dispatch a car for a ring and run.”

        1. Kevin O'Reilly says:

          I would not like to be the Police Chief if the “prank” does not turn out to be a prank and someone gets injured or killed after the Police decline to take it seriously!

        2. Blaminski says:

          Yeah, Nazi. You’re too busy riding around looking at hookers and trying to spot a hardened criminal smoking evil Mary Jane instead of doing your job protecting and serving.

  43. What a joke says:

    “This is 911”
    “Someone keeps ringing my doorbell and running”
    “If you call us again we will have you arrested for abusing 911. 911 is reserved for emergencies”

    1. Lisa says:

      I would have shot him. One less POS in this world

      1. MRS LAWYER RULES says:

        Yes Lisa she should of shot first .Lets take back our streets from these losers.

      2. Brad says:

        Lisa, you would have also spent your life in prison for murder one.

  44. Yeah you! says:

    The woman was home alone. After the sickening home invasion event in CT last year, I can’t blame her for feeling threatened. What the hell is that punk doing out at 11 PM ringing doorbells anyway? Too bad he didn’t get hit by a car after running away from the house.
    But of course in America, she will be arrested and the punk will somehow be labelled a “victim”. After all, all these despicable lawyers have to make a living. What better way than to turn the legal system on its head.

    1. JB says:

      This woman is mentally unhinged. If she felt threatened, why would she leave the safety of her home. She was frustrated over a little prank. Even if she had the right kid, she created a very dangerous situation. For her and the kid. I want her off my streets. Kids have been doing things like this for centuries. As for dispicable lawyers, she is one of them.

  45. Kris says:

    I agree. I fully believe in the second amedment, and as a legally permitted gun owner she did not handle the situation appropriately at all!

    1. Brad says:

      Common sense!! wow i thought i was the only one here who knows you can’t discharge a firearm in a crowded neighborhood and falsely imprison a minor at gunpoint.
      The people commenting here are in fantasy land, they did not read the article and can not grasp that 1) he was in front of the house not on the property, 2) your not trespassing by stepping on private property unless you have been instructed by law enforcement or the court to stay off that property. 3) You can’t discharge a warning shot in a crowded neighborhood, 4) you can not falsely imprison someone with no threat to you and no proof of crime.

      I wonder how they wold feel if they where walking down the sidewalk and this lady put a gun in there face instead. I doubt it was an individual 17 year old playing ding dong ditch.

      Sanity and common sense, the only one proven to have violated any laws other then underage drinking is her. but lets face it he’s old enough to go to war so the beer is not really a big deal is it.

      If she where my neighbor i would tell her to make sure she never discharged her firearm again for no reason, unless she wanted return fire.

  46. Michelle Obamas Teeth says:

    Too bad the warning shot didn’t clip one of these little pukes.

  47. chas says:

    Here we go again with the victim being arrested and the person who initiated the incident getting away.

  48. NCPD says:

    I think all charges should be dropped in this case,its a legal handgun and she was protecting her family,criminals ring and run for home invasions and then when u go to door and look nonone is there so you open the door and look around and they force their way into home.She is innocent,maybe is the rockville centre police patrolled more these things would not happen,every weekend in RVC hundreds of teenagers walk around drinking beer and causing chaos and noise and destroying peoples property,Maybe the police should pick these kids up for loitering every weekend .

    1. Tanya Mullen says:

      You are so right.I live in this village and the kids are out of control on the weekends,every sunday morning I am cleaning up beer cans and broken beer bottles.Can”t the Police pick them up for under-age drinking and arrest them.

      1. Republicans are so dumb says:

        I understand that there are many teens in RVC who drink, but you seem to be forgetting that they have to be smart about it to not get caught. I can promise you that the broken bottles and beer cans are not from any teen with a brain because they don’t walk around town drinking, they stay at home or at a friend’s house. You also seem to forget that almost everyone in RVC who is 21 or older is completely smashed every Saturday night and don’t need to worry about being picked up for under-age drinking. As such they are a much more likely source for the trash you keep cleaning up.

      2. mz says:

        i bet you’ll love when your kid gets arrested for it… because if you do live here, they will be doing it, if not earlier than 14 or 15. it’s life.

    2. Brad says:

      this site is full of retards who have no understanding of the law.

  49. Da truth says:

    I bet that is the last time these punks pull a “prank” on this woman and her kids at 11PM.

    1. Brad says:

      No because now they know she can’t own a gun, and her ankle bracelet will only allow her to chase them to the edge of the yard.

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