Exclusive: Questions Arise On Whereabouts Of Stamford Xmas Fire Smoke Detectors, Extinguishers

Sources: Father Hires Private Investigator; Madonna Badger 'In Safe Place'

STAMFORD, Conn. (CBS 2) — CBS 2 has learned exclusive new information on the deadly Christmas day fire that killed three little girls and their grandparents in Fairfield County.

Tony Aiello reports smoke detectors and fire extinguishers may have been removed from the home, and that girls’ father has hired private investigators.

It’s been one month since the fire that broke countless hearts and took five lives – Sarah, Grace and Lily Badger and grandparents Pauline and Lomer Johnson.

As Stamford police investigate, they’re trying to answer a key question: were battery-operated smoke alarms and several fire extinguishers removed from the home sometime before the fire?

Police refused comment Wednesday, but Aiello has learned several construction workers told investigators the alarms and extinguishers were taken out of the house and stored in the garage, as painters began working on the interior.

Police aren’t the only ones asking questions.

Matthew Badger, the girls’ father, has hired private investigators to look into the circumstances surrounding the fatal fire.

“A private investigation firm can really focus and narrow the scope of their investigation and stay full-time on it,” private investigator Michael Ciravolo said.

Ciravolo, a retired NYPD investigator, is not associated with the firm working for Matthew Badger, but he said it’s a good move to bring in outsiders to supplement the work of police.

“If they find something that in their estimation is criminality or negligence on the part of someone, they have a duty and I’m sure they will take it to the police,” Ciravolo said.

A focus of the investigation has been on Michael Borcina, the contractor renovating Madonna Badger’s home. He’d also been dating her.

Despite an outpouring of support, Madonna Badger is obviously struggling with the terrible loss of her daughters and parents. She said at their funeral …”when I used to hear about people losing a child I would say I could never ever, ever live through losing my babies.”

A source told Aiello that Madonna Badger “is now in a safe place, surrounded by family and long-time friends.”

Meanwhile, Stamford police hope to wrap up their investigation in the next week or two.

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One Comment

  1. Interloper says:

    The saga here continues on a new website, but be forewarned that the same rat pack of ladies here have become even more ravenous vultures there. I have every intention of refuting any of their nasty, filthy and vile comments, which are contrary to any published facts relating to this horrific tragedy or the persons involved.


  2. Buckey says:

    Stop this. It is wrong

  3. NYC10009 says:

    I just want to apologize for the nasty comments I’ve made here. I forgot to take my meds again, and I just got fired from my job stuffing envelopes so I won’t be able to pay the rent on my double-wide again. I feel so bad for the things I’ve said that I hate myself more than usual. Even my dog hates me!

  4. Francis Ford says:

    Good for Matthew!
    There’s a brand new “Lily/Sarah/Grace Fund”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Outrage is a balm for the soul, as you ladies will all eventually discover.
    Whatever, I would just give up. You’ll make yourself crazy arguing with that much crazy.

  6. adam says:

    NYC 10019–your rambling posts are so incoherent. Please elucidate yourself to a more comprehensible manner.

  7. adam says:

    To: Whatever–Your comments here are priceless and right on point! It’s too bad that Ms. Deborah and Ms. Suzette seem to completely miss the point. Duh!

    1. Whatever says:

      Thank you, Adam. Unfortunately, the only points they’ve gotten are the ones on top of their heads.

      1. Cherry says:

        Whatever & Adam:

        I don’t want to waste any more of my time on this commentary, because of the “bullies on the playground” mentality of a lot of these people. So…thanks for your input, and farewell.


        1. Whatever says:

          I think this thread has about run its course anyway, and the playground bullies will soon move on to find more prey. Thanks for being one of the sane voices here.

          1. Francis Ford says:

            whatever, I think you are missing the elephant in the room, sorry to say.

      2. NYC10009 says:

        There’s been no bigger bully on this thread and others than you, Whatever/Cherry.

  8. adam says:

    Well, well, well! After scanning through the postings it appears that the female vipers here (principally Deborah and Suzette) have lost their battle of words on this subject. Perhaps they have moved onto new titillating stories in which they lay waiting to attack their prey with an unending supply of lethal venom.

    1. Whatever says:

      Either that or they’ve simply crawled back under their rocks for a while.

    2. Cherry says:

      I just came to take a look at what had transpired after I went to bed. Are the bullies gone?

    3. lauralee3 says:

      Or maybe they’re gainfully employed and unable to post at the current time?

      1. NYC10009 says:

        Whatever/Cherry/various other sock puppets has been trolling this thread since 2:00 AM last night, judging by the time stamps of her stalker posts, and clearly has no life or job, so keeps busy by stalking Deborah and others on this thread with total nonsensical comments. Lonely, Whatever/Cherry? No real friends?

        It’s obvious why Whatever/Cherry is unemployable ad has no friends or life, and is sadly trolling this thread with her inane nonsense.

        We all need to stop feeding this troll and ignore it.

        1. Whatever says:

          Thou doth protest too much…sounds to me like you’re describing yourself.

      2. Cherry says:

        As for me, I’m gainfully retired. What about you? Are you gainfully employed?

  9. lauralee3 says:

    I don”t know all of the facts (and apparently no one else, including the police, does either); however, I do think there’s a lot to be suspicious about. It may have been a genuine ‘accident’ or not. Certainly, the proper safeguards (smoke detectors, etc.) were not in place, nor was a certificate of occupancy…and from various media reports, Borcina was a man of low integrity with a shady past, which only adds volumes to the suspicions. As for Madonna, she’s now wagging the dog.

    I do know, and have said all along, that there is more to this story than meets the eye; however, I am OPEN to either conclusion – accident or deliberate move. What I don’t understand is how some people ONLY believe this was an unfortunate incident and cannot wrap their heads around the possibility that someone needs to be held accountable…for FIVE deaths. Open your minds, people!

    1. Whatever says:

      At this point, it looks like it was a preventable accident caused by carelessness in more than one sense. If Borcina is in violation re. licensing or safety issues pertaining to his work on the Badger home (as it appears he is), he should be held accountable. If his actions led to the fire that took five lives, he should be held accountable. As for proving that this was deliberate, good luck with that.

      1. Francis Ford says:

        i agree, whatever, that proving it deliberate will be a tough one for the authorities. then again, when it is deliberate there is usual a trail leading to $$$$ that they find. we have to wait and see what they find. then again sometimes the bad guys get away with their evil deeds…..i hope there is closure and justice in the case of any wrong doing, eventually. this case is too tragic for so many unanswered questions to be left hanging.

        1. lauralee3 says:

          Yes, it would be difficult, but I’m wondering lately, where is Borcina? where does he live? have the police been to his house? Remember when Laci Peterson went missing and the police seized the home computer and found that Scott Peterson had been researching tidal information? I wonder if Borcina had been researching fire-related information. Just a thought.

          I can’t imagine Borcina’s in Kentucky with Madonna, so where is he? Remember, this is a guy who was not able to be tracked down for legal papers until he wound up in the hospital, but now everyone knows who he is and what he looks like. As for his motive, boyfriend’s kill their girlfriend’s kids everyday. I haven’t heard that he has any kids of his own, so her three little girls (who probably didn’t like him very much) were in his way of getting her full attention.

          1. Francis Ford says:

            have u read the latest fox story lauralee?
            yikes. i have no idea what to think anymore.
            my head is all scrambled up!

          2. Whatever says:

            “I haven’t heard that he has any kids of his own, so her three little girls (who probably didn’t like him very much) were in his way of getting her full attention.”

            That’s pure (and rather bizarre) speculation on your part. It certainly wouldn’t hold up in support of a murder charge.

            1. lauralee3 says:

              Boyfriend’s kill their girlfriend’s kids e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y…..and little girls love their DADDIES!! How is that bizarre?

              1. NYC10009 says:

                Whatever/Cherry is an idiot who prefers to keep her dumb head buried in the sand, like the good little sheep that she is.

                1. lauralee3 says:

                  I agree NYC. I just like to call people out on their BS 🙂

              2. Whatever says:

                Do you have inside knowledge that the Badger girls didn’t like Borcina? Or that he felt they “were getting in the way of her full attention?”

                Of course not, so you’re just mindlessly speculating.

                1. lauralee3 says:

                  Speculating? Yes. Mindlessly? No.

        2. Whatever says:

          I agree Francis…first and foremost, Matthew Badger deserves some answers. I think it’s becoming clear that Borcina is a shoddy contractor at best with a history of unprofessional, shady behavior and a growing list of dissatisfied customers. Whether he’s found to have set the fire or caused the fire remains to be seen, but I’d think if he wanted to burn the house down for insurance purposes, he’d have done so when no one was in it. More likely (IMO), this was a terrible accident made more terrible by the fact that it was preventable. From what I’ve read about Borcina, I can actually believe he’d be stupid enough to put hot ashes/embers into a bag and leave it in or near the house. Perhaps he told Madonna Badger he would take care of the embers, and she trusted him to know how to properly dispose of them. That – rather than dating Borcina, dating while separated, etc. – was probably the worse mistake of her life, and she is paying dearly for it.

          1. Francis Ford says:

            whatever i personally think Madonna dating Borcina AT ALL (separated OR divorced or even married (!) was the worst mistake of her life.
            Now it looks like that this guy set her house the house on fire and then jumped out the window to safety leaving her to fend for herself on the scaffolding (that’s my personal take on this (so far) but as I have said repeatedly, i have been wrong in the past and I might be wrong here too)
            we have to wait for more details and answers.

            1. Francis Ford says:

              i also find her oddly concerned with her public image but again this is just my personal opinion. Maybe it’s her “handlers”, not her, doing this, but some one is definitely trying a bit too hard in my humble opinion to have a say in how the public sees this and how the public sees her. Why bother? She would have been a sympathetic victim to the public eye anyhow! I don’t get it.

              1. Whatever says:

                I think she is a sympathetic victim to many people. Who among us hasn’t done something stupid or careless and been lucky there were no serious consequences? Who among us hasn’t dated a jerk? I don’t believe for one minute that she was part of some diabolical, murderous plot to get rid of her kids as some of the whack jobs on this board have said. I do believe that Borcina has a lot of explaining to do and perhaps criminal charges to answer to – and in the context of your comment, yes, getting involved with him was the worst mistake of her life. I don’t know what you’re referring to re. her public image, but my guess is that someone else is probably responsible for anything along those lines. For example, I read somewhere that her brother changed her Facebook photo.

                1. Francis Ford says:

                  sure, we have all dated jerks. thats not the point.
                  and no one is blameless and thats not the point either.
                  the point is this on-going crazy, tragic, dramatic story simply does not add up.anymore whatsoever.
                  there are too many details that emerged today that personally, my respect for her has fallen greatly i must say. i hope i am wrong but i no longer think so. today everything shifted for me.

    2. Francis Ford says:

      I agree here lauralee

  10. sue says:

    According to a Fox news article today, Borcina has now changed his story and tells investigators something different from his first interview.

    Now he claims to have escaped from a second story window and didn’t actually encounter the girls at all. Oh, and he was sleeping in a different bedroom than Madonna….

    1. Francis Ford says:

      huh??? do u have a link? thanks.

      1. Francis Ford says:


        wow this is getting very complictacted

        the story is new and different now

        1. lauralee3 says:

          Something clearly is wrong with this whole story, then and now. And in no way do I believe that Borcina was in a different bedroom. Puh-leeze!

          1. NYC10009 says:

            Exactly! So ridiculous.

            And he admits they were sleeping on the second floor, which was illegal according to all the investigators during their press conference. That was ultimately Badger’s responsibility NOT to allow the house to be inhabited without a Certificate of Occupancy, and to follow up and make sure the contractor BF was doing his job and getting all permits, instead of blindly trusting him and giving him ultimate power over the safety of her family. What idiots.

          2. Francis Ford says:

            this new “separate bedroom” thing has really irked me. i can not swallow it one bit.

            1. sue says:

              Exactly. Why try to paint the situation white?

              1. Francis Ford says:

                that answer is sadly obvious

        2. NYC10009 says:

          Borcina keeps changing his story, and Badger has fled to Kentucky. Do those two seriously believe the investigators, including the grieving father’s own private detectives that he hired, aren’t going to see through all this?

          1. Whatever says:

            See through all of what? I have an idea – why not contact CT authorities and tell them you’d like to be a consultant on this case. That way, they’ll be sure to get the investigation right.


            1. NYC10009 says:

              Don’t worry, Whatever/Cherry/Adam, their suspicious behavior has raised red flags to all the investigators and authorities, which is why the police have been brought in and the father has hired his own private investigator. Duh!!! Man, you’re a dummy. In fact, anybody with a brain in their head can see that their behavior, changing statements, and poor choices both before and after the tragic fire are highly suspicious.

              Now go back to sticking your head in the sand, like a good little sheep.

  11. Deborah Jeffries says:

    I’m jealous of her? I have more respect for a prostitute because at least they get paid for putting out. Madonna Badger is a skank, balled a guy she hardly knew, was paying him for so called renovations that wound up killing her family all while STILL MARRIED. I would keep my legs closed till the ink dried on the divorce papers.

    1. Whatever says:

      Your anger towards this woman is over the top. My guess is that you resent her because she had what you don’t – and now you feel “it serves her right.” As for her personal life, I’m quite sure you have no idea how well she knew Borcina. She was separated and dating – that makes her a skank? Her estranged husband was dating, too – in fact, a lot of people date during the required separation period before a divorce becomes final. She was “still married” in the legal sense only rather than committing adultery, as you stupidly imply.

      Jebus, get a life already.

  12. anonymous says:

    A horrible tragedy from any way you look at it and it is unimaginable to most what pain the parents are feeling. But fires like this have happened before and some do and some do not, get the media coverage like this one. It is most important to often repeat fire safety with your family. Everyone should have working smoke detectors. Check them and have your children help so they know what the alarm sounds like. Understand and practice several ways out of your home.Have a safe spot where you can all meet once out. Have your kids practice crawling and teach them how smoke rises.Tell them it will be dark and hard to see due to smoke. If need too, install safety ladders for high windows. Understand how to clean out a wood burning fireplace, stove etc properly. And teach that skill to your children when they are older. Ask your young children, grandchildren etc if they learn fire safety in school. Most do and will be happy to talk about it. And repeat these conversations over time- older children and college students need reminders too on fire safety.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m honestly happy for anyone posting here who has never experienced a tragedy, because I think that has to account for some of the comments I have seen, but I must to enlighten all of you on one point. During the first few weeks after a blow like this you just don’t know what you feel. I am sure it has hit her by now and she is unable to face the boyfriend. She really is a nice person and loves her children. You can’t predict how a person will (or should) react to something like this, nor can you make rules about appropriate conduct in such an extraordinary situation. When something is really big, you can’t survive feeling it all at once, and I think that any medical professional will back me up on this.

    1. Whatever says:

      Very well said.

    2. NYC10009 says:

      You’re another idiot. We’ve all experienced tragedies, and that’s why we want those who caused this horrific fire to be held accountable. That’s why there’s something called Negligent Homicide, and also why the police in Stamford are investigating, as is THE OWN FATHER who has hired private investigators. What about that don’t you and your sock puppets, Whatever/Cherry, don’t understand? It’s your own stupidity and LACK of outrage over the deaths of FIVE PEOPLE that’s truly disgusting.

      So go ahead and keep your head buried in the sand, but stop criticizing the rest of us who can recognize criminality, and demanding justice for the victims.

      1. Whatever says:

        Nice response to a perfectly civil post. You could care less about justice for the victims – none of whom you knew, I’m sure. Forums like this provide a useful smokescreen for losers like you, Suzette and Deborah who need an outlet for the frustration of their own miserable lives.

        1. NYC10009 says:

          Whatever/Cherry = deranged stalker who has been on this thread since 2:00 AM last night.

          Get a life, loser.

          1. Whatever says:

            Is that all you can say? Again?

            Obviously, the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  14. Deborah Jeffries says:

    She didn’t seem that emotional during the funeral coverage. Matthew Badger’s reaction is what you would expect after losing your entire family, becoming completely unglued. Poor man God I feel for him.

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