NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Local officials have managed to delay the closure of the Customs Inspection Station at the Red Hook shipping terminal in Brooklyn, but they only have 90 days to convince the government to change its mind.

WCBS 880’s Steve Knight On The Story

Shoppers were upset as the closure would mean that many products would cost more in stores, such as at the Fairway Market just down the street.

“Doesn’t seem very fair,” one shopper told WCBS 880 reporter Steve Knight.

“Anything that costs the consumer more money I’m not in agreement with. You know, you want to keep the cost low,” said another.

Beer would cost an extra $0.75 for a half case. Bananas would cost a few more cents per pound.

“Just suck it up,” said one man.

But one shopper who does not drink beer says he has already found cheaper bananas in New Jersey.

700 people work at the customs station.

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