B&C Morning Show: Vincent The Intern Learns A Valuable Lesson

This morning Boomer & Craig decided to get to know our intern Vincent, so they invited him into the Allstate Studio for a sit-down.

Shortly afterwards Boomer & Craig knew one thing for sure about Vincent – who has aspirations of hosting his own sports talk radio show one day – his sports knowledge is very limited, which could turn out to be a problem at some point down the road…

LISTEN: Vincent the Intern Learns A Valuable Lesson (01/26)

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One Comment

  1. cousin vinny says:

    give this kid more time and he will prove it to you guys at the FAN..trust me he knows his stuff and very smart…besides, with a name like VINNY MIC how could you go wrong..lol

  2. mary boyle says:

    hey vincent, your a good sport, i think you did a fine job, good luck on your internship, and by the way, ii’m impressed with the GAP vest

  3. rene robert says:

    Hi guys. I work for con edison and befor we start our day we listen to your radio station. We got such a kick out of your intern Vincent…
    Especially when he got those knicks tix. I laughed so loud along with the guys when you thought he was going to go to the game and he could’nt because he had to come to work for you guys on that day.
    I guess he has got a lot of growing up to do, but does he really know how funny he is. that intern made our day … thanks guys

  4. matt says:

    Vincent, I didn’t realize Uncle Tommy and DiAgostino were here…

  5. Tommy Riccardi says:

    hey..i remember seeing this kid at a trivia contest for WFAN in Menlo Park NJ.. He blew away the competition.. must have been nerves.. Anyway that girl looks like a ringer.. Good Luck to the intern!

  6. DiAgostino says:

    Vincent is def very knowledgable in sports.. Must have been nerves.. Hes a smart kid & def will have his own show one day..

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