Activists Send 400 Tacos To East Haven Mayor After Infamous Quip

Joseph Maturo Jr. In Serious Damage Control Mode Following Jest Gone Awry

EAST HAVEN, Conn. (CBSNewYork/AP) — The office of East Haven’s mayor was blasted with prank phone calls and a delivery of hundreds of tacos Thursday after his now-famous quip that he would address accusations of anti-Latino bias by eating tacos, a remark that left emotions raw in the town’s large Hispanic community.

Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. has apologized several times but resisted calls for his resignation over remarks he made to a television reporter following Tuesday’s arrests of four town police officers, men described by one FBI official as “bullies with badges.”

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Reports From East Haven

Maturo held regular meetings Thursday as Connecticut’s Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission called on him to resign.

“The Latino community is upset and deeply wounded in what should have been a day of redemption for them,” the commission’s acting executive director, Werner Oyandel, said in a written statement, calling the comment “unprofessional and given in poor taste.”

Watch Maturo’s ‘Taco’ interview below (YouTube)

An immigration rights group, Reform Immigration for America, delivered 400 tacos to his Town Hall office in protest, though Maturo had left shortly beforehand for a meeting. A soup kitchen picked up the tacos, but one was left symbolically for the mayor.

The group had asked the public to text TACO to 69866 all this week and said they would send an actual taco for every text they received.

In a statement released by his office, Maturo said the abundance of tacos highlights the need for healing in the town.

“The events of the past few days have focused our Town, and my administration, on the need to deal sensitively and compassionately with the challenges currently facing our Town,” he said.

His office fielded a steady flow of calls, some with prank comments about tacos and others from supporters who want him to stay in his job.

Maturo has been mayor off and on since 1997 in this predominantly white, blue-collar town on the shore of Long Island Sound where Latino residents comprise about 10 percent of its population of 29,000. East Haven has been under federal scrutiny since the U.S. Justice Department launched a civil rights probe in 2009 that found discrimination and biased policing against Latinos.

A federal indictment accuses the four police officers of assaulting people while they were handcuffed, unlawfully searching Latino businesses, and harassing and intimidating people, including advocates, witnesses and other officers who tried to investigate or report misconduct or abuse.

The taco flap came after a reporter asked Maturo on Tuesday, “What are you doing for the Latino community today?”

Maturo’s response: “I might have tacos when I go home; I’m not quite sure yet.”

Maturo, who is of Italian heritage, then said he might have spaghetti or any other kind of ethnic food, growing increasingly angry as he told Diaz to “go for it, take your best shot” to make the “taco” comment seem to imply something he did not intend.

He has called himself a “jerk” for the comment, which he called an off-the-cuff quip made at the end of a long, stressful day of interviews.

The video of Maturo’s comments has spread across the Internet on social networks and media websites. It led Connecticut’s largest paper, The Hartford Courant, to call for his resignation in an editorial that declared: “The Mayor is an Idiot.” A Facebook page demanding Maturo’s resignation had more than 750 supporters Thursday afternoon.

The town’s Democratic Party is demanding the resignation of Maturo, a Republican, and he has fielded criticism from state and local officials including Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who said on a conference call Thursday from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that Maturo’s remarks were “pretty bone-headed.”

Many residents were still angry Thursday in East Haven, where 38-year-old Jose Tapia, a cook originally from Ecuador, joked, “We’ve got tacos!” as he left a bakery with a bag of bread.

“I took it as a joke, but deep inside, it’s the true version of racist, that comment,” he said.

Pedro Gutierrez, the owner of the Guti’z Bakery, said the comment showed the mayor is out of touch because many Latinos in East Haven are from Ecuador, where tacos are not a part of cuisine, as they are in Mexico. But he said it also shows disrespect for all Hispanics.

“He clearly thinks of us as a third-class people,” he said.

Others were more forgiving, saying they viewed the comment as a misstep, but not something that should end Maturo’s political career.

Others in East Haven said people are being too sensitive.

Paul Esposito, 70, a lifelong resident, made a special trip Thursday to East Haven Town Hall to express his support, telling Maturo’s receptionists, “I don’t want him to resign. People make mistakes all the time.”

Those who know Maturo say that he’s not an idiot or a bigot, but that if the taco comment was meant to be a joke, it was clearly a misstep they think he genuinely regrets.

“It’s baloney. They’re making a mountain out of a molehill,” said Michael Liso, 65, who said he worked as a firefighter with Maturo and has known him for 40 years. “That’s why you put erasers on pencils. — It’s over and done with. Now let’s move forward.”

Maturo, 60, asked East Haven residents in a written apology Wednesday to “have faith in me” and the town. Whether he can make peace soon with Latino residents upset by his taco comment remains to be seen.

Marcia Chacon, a native of Ecuador and co-owner of My Country Store, said the one remark by Maturo destroyed some of the goodwill he had earned in the community by hosting a recent open house with the police department.

“We realized that he is a racist person,” she said. “We realized it is worse than we thought.”

Maturo has said he will no longer publicly discuss the quip. Messages left for several of his political allies at the state and local levels were not immediately returned Wednesday and Thursday.

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One Comment

  1. Malik Al Spaghetti says:

    “The town’s Democratic Party is demanding the resignation of Maturo, a Republican”
    Say no more…Politics…This is the only way demoncrats win. They’re not happy until every town is like Chi-cage-co.
    As far as Mexicans – there are plenty of Cubans and Spaniards that also despise them for good reasons. Care to call them racist too? We can see very well what Mexicans did to Mexico…poverty, disease, violence, murders, thanks.
    BTW, racism has been over used. No one really cares anymore because the truth is EVERYONE tends to be racist – ESPECIALLY those who call people racist. Let me be clear – EVERYBODY sucks.

    1. khpdave says:

      I’m Republican in mid-America and, to be fair, if our mayor (Republican or Democrat) made a flippant remark about an ethnic or religious group in our community dealing with a sensitive issue, I would likely support a call for resignation.

      Being crass and insensitive are not qualities any party should tollerate in a community leader.

      1. regulas says:

        Your a Republican, I have swamp land for you, liar.

        1. Rick O'Shea says:

          When will these people learn to construct sentences properly?

      2. BDDD says:

        Lying demo-crap operative!

        1. dog says:

          You and regulas are the part of the GOP everybody tries to ignore, because you are so embarrassing. Stop dragging everyone else down with your negative bull and talk about the issues.

          Grow up

      3. Apesimist says:

        It is most certainly NOT a resignation inducing comment……….PA LEase.

        YOU my friend are not a republican nor a conservative and certainly have NO sense of humor.

      4. flashman1854 says:

        what about Joe Biden, the VP? are you calling for his resignation? He tends to make comments like this on a pretty regular basis.

        oh that’s right, he’s a Dem..

        1. MJN says:

          Good call! Gotta give Joe credit for catching himself halfway through his “Apu the call center rep!”

      5. mm says:

        Really, Does this include Obama’s AG Eric Holder tossing out a lawsuit against the New Black Panther party whose members were brandishing guns and nightsticks outside a Philadelphia voting location in order to intimidate non-blacks from voting? And all the while, shouting “kill all the white babies.” Don’t tell me you’re a republican and spare me your phony outrage. And don’t say, “Well, that was Holder, not Obama.” Holder is Obama. Obama chose him as he represents his views. For whites to forgive and forget something like that, while Hispanics cry over a taco quip, proves how weak of a group Hispanics are. In addition, the mayor is not a community leader, he’s the mayor. Di*k.

        1. Michael H. says:

          It was 1 guy. There was no gun, just a nightstick and all the videos show him standing silently, not saying a word. Don’t make that incident more than it is. Lying to add details that don’t exist do not help your argument.

          1. texas58 says:

            It was not one guy, there were at least two and we don’t know if there were more. The two guys were both dressed in paramilitary fashion and one was openly brandishing a nightstick. It is also possible they were armed more heavily but of course you would ignore that. They were certainly doing their best to intimidate anyone who was white and what they did was criminal and racist. Naturally, our AG, Eric (My people) Holder, is himself a black racist so it doesn’t surprise me he threw the case out since it was against other black racists like himself. Please educate yourself before posting again!

      6. Texasgoat says:

        Taco benders aren’t allowed to vote, so f them.

      7. Hey You says:

        It would seem more sensible to call for resignations of those political “leaders” who are insensitive to economic reality.

      8. MC says:

        You people should stop this politically correctness.

        I bet that most of them complained through an interpreter.

        Call the Immigration on the town and see how many will move to IL or CA

        I am not originally born here (so I am an emigrant – but legal)

    2. Ralph says:

      You are right, the Cubans did ALOT better with Cuba, and Spains economy is just BOOMING, compared to other lazy European nations, such as Germany.

    3. ChurchSox says:

      “.. [T]here are plenty of Cubans and Spaniards that also despise them for good reasons. Care to call them racist too?’


    4. Bryan says:

      What the Mexicans did to Mexico? Are you serious? You need to brush up on your history pal.

    5. Kevin Pearson says:

      Cubans discriminate against anyone that isn’t Cuban. They LOVE the immigration status quo. They LOVE having a Spanish-speaking underclass that they can intimidate and bully by threatening to call the police, implying that their rivals would be deported. Such tactics don’t work on gringos that understand the principles of this country where they are squatting.

      1. Ric Gomez says:

        Right on, Kevin that is right on.

      2. BigLouie15 says:

        Having lived in Tampa for 23 years and been friends with many Cubanos (I am 100% Dago), you are right. There was a social difference between the Cubans, Spanish descendants and the Puerto Ricans living there. Anybody that thinks that the hispanic designation is monolithic is ‘un poquito loco’.

        1. Kevin Pearson says:

          These “poquito locos” are the same people that keep advocating Marco Rubio as a GOP running mate. Of course they are the same people that want to wash their ears out with soap anytime they hear someone speak Spanish. They think that Rubio would help with the Latino vote, but being Cuban, he would probably repel more Latino voters than he could ever attract. It would be like nominating a plantation overseer to attract the former slave vote on the premise that they were once co-workers.
          Pre-Mariel Cubans did assimilate and refused their kids Spanish. I would bet that Jeb Bush speaks Spanish better than Rubio does. Unlike Rubio, Jeb has actually lived in a Latin American country, unless you count Dade county as a Latin American country, but Jeb has lived there too. And Jeb’s wife, Columba, is from Mexico.

    6. Richard Koch says:

      Obviously you know nothing about this case nor the East Haven area. The majority are Puerto Rican, Cuban, and so on, not just Mexicans.
      Four “peace officers” have been charged by the FBI for the violation of civil liberties against hispanics which is why this mayors remarks were out of line.
      You are also clueless about Mexico. The Mexican people are not the issue, but more the oppressive government backed by the US that cares nothing about its own people. Mexico is rich in natural resources, but all of that benefits only a select few at the cost of the Mexican people.
      Get a clue!

    7. babydriver says:

      Lot of hooey for nothing.

    8. dave says:

      so true. so true.

    9. Kevin Pearson says:

      “As far as Mexicans – there are plenty of Cubans and Spaniards that also despise them for good reasons. Care to call them racist too?”

      Obviously you have not spent much time around Cubans. Yes they are racist. I lived for years in Miami, so I have the street creds to say so.

  2. royallen says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nothing like a niice fresh free taco………….I hope he saved a few for me

  3. Ed Sheridan says:

    The mayor should thank these liberal advocates for the tacos. He should also send the advocates a copy of our immigration laws and underline the parts that prohibit foreign nationals from entering our nation illegally. We allow more legal immigration than any nation on earth. It is time to remove illegals from our nation before they destroy our nation with sheer numbers. Our government has to stop ignoring our laws. The situation in East Haven is all about illegal immigration. These illegal, law breaking leeches should be removed from our nation.

    1. Rosalina says:

      You are 100% right, and if he doesn’t want all of his tacos, he can send them to me.

    2. Spidey Tar says:

      You sound just as racist as this Mayor. This is not about illegal immigration this is just plain racism. American Indians should be the only ones complaining that their country was overrun by illegal immigrants from Europe.

      1. pashaman says:

        Native Americans didn’t have a country. They were primitive tribals and they got their butts kicked by organized colonialists. BTW, when our ancestors showed up the native Americans were already engaged in regular ethnic cleansing of each other. I feel so sorry for them.

        1. Lilith Whyte says:

          Native Americans were forced to ‘Celebrate Diversity’ and embrace cultures other than their own. Look at how it worked-out for them.

        2. MisterJones says:

          You are a A$$CLOWN! We still take scalp come on down for your hair cut boy! I bet I can make you feel sorry lol for yourself.

      2. BDDD says:

        -yawn- Old, worn-out crap… . Boring. Get a job roach. Get out of my wallet beggar.

      3. Bob G. says:

        Hey Spidey….The Mexicans were overrun by the Spanish! Ever heard of Mexica?

      4. trigger says:

        the American Indians came here from Asia. you point is mute.

        1. Grammar Police says:

          I believe the word is ‘moot’.

    3. Ric Gomez says:

      Hey Ed, why do you assume that “these Hispanics” are illegal? Why do you assume that they are all law-breaking leeches? Most of the town’s Hispanics mentioned in this and other articles were business owners; and by business owners, I must assume that they are probably hard working members of their community. My assumption is based on logic your assumptions are based on hate and ignorance. Shame on YOU!

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        Because these morons that have never applied for a passport think that anyone with a Hispanic name is “illegal”. Even Texicans whose families that have lived in Texas since before the Texan Revolution are “illegal” to these “burros”

      2. Kevin Pearson says:

        Because he is ignorant, just like he thinks that “illegals” cost the taxpayers money. This shows ignorance of how the government works.

        First of all, the Welfare Reform in 1996 made federal handouts like Section 8, food stamps, etc. unavailable to out-of-status persons. If they do receive these benefits, it isn’t because of illegal immigration it is because of fraud.

        Second of all, they are ignorant of a thing called baseline budgeting. This has been known since the budget battle of 1995 with the government shutdown.
        Unlike households, which have to plan budgets based on their income with a baseline of ZERO, the Federal Budget has a baseline of the previous years’ budget and every item has a set percentage increase, and if they do not increase by that same amount it is considered by the Democrats as a cut.
        In order to get the increase every year, every government agency spends every penny they are given, because if they didn’t, they couldn’t claim that they need the funding. If the last month of the fiscal of the year, there are 3 billion dollars in the food stamp program. that hasn’t been spent, then they would go an buy new furniture, produce TV commercials to advertise food stamps,etc.
        Knowing that, the idea that illegals cost the taxpayers money is ridiculous, because these social programs are going to have the same funding REGARDLESS of how many people use them. The idea that deporting “illegals” would cause taxes to go down, is simply delusional and insane.

  4. stressed says:

    I live in Phoenix!. Considering the hatred many latinos have towards whites, I always laugh when they pretend to be “hurt” by a few words! Maybe the ones in Phoenix are just much more violent than those back east? lol

    1. Tax revolt says:

      I have lived in phoenix and i concur. The mexicans there are much more violent. Especially if you go to guadelupe I think is the towns name. It is basically mexico in the middle of Phoenician valley.

  5. Jack Sprat says:

    If I “insult” a rancher, can I get a steak? Medium, please. With mushrooms on the side. Thanks.

  6. Tex A. Montana says:

    In a California we had an incident in which Hispanic employees of a Mexican Fast Food Outlet “personaly contributed to the burrito ingredients”. Could the Tacos have been prepared in similar fashion?

  7. Jason Keighin says:


  8. Grant Faraday says:

    Re the comments: Where are the Editors of the paper here?

  9. esc says:

    If someone wants to send me a free Mexican Pizza, I will gladly insult them.

  10. denver bill says:

    He may want to think twice before he eats any of those tacos. They were probably all made by Mexicans.

  11. BigLouie15 says:

    The only ‘Free Speech’ that liberals/dumbs are in favor of is their own – look at what Biden has said and done – anyone else, conservatives/Republicans are required to resign. This PC crap has got to stop and this is just an example of it.

    1. Scudbuster says:

      I wonder if this same group that is soooo outraged, will send VP Biden some curry!

      If the mayor had a D after his name this wouldn’t be in the news.

    2. Pete says:

      What about if someone said President Obama didn’t use that “negro dialect?”

      1. tax revolt says:

        Why do you think his SOTU speech was at an eighth grade level. He really couldn’t use all ebonics as most of the country would not understand what he was saying. Instead he dumbed down his speech.

  12. Steven Moshlak says:

    We are all Americans. If the folkls that are Hispanic, or from Italian, irish or other descent don’t like it, move the heck back to the country you claim to be from or run for office.

    BTW, I like my tacos either spicy or a “Choco’ please. Better yet, I like building my own taco, but I add a little sour cream, with the salsa.

  13. Lex says:

    Frankly, I don’t see what the big deal is. So he said he was having Tacos for dinner, That’s it? That’s the racial comment? Good Lord, the ire should be directed at these “Gotcha” reporting tactics. The man was obviously trying to pay tribute to Mexican cuisine. The local media immedietly saw an opportunity to jump on the P.C. bandwagon and get their little “Mayberry” reporter on the National forum. Pathetic. And to all you true racists posting your poison on this forum,,,,grow up. Your so ignorantly blind, you don’t realize how immature your comments are and how alienated you are from the rest of society. Of course being so, I don’t expect you to understand. That being said, I still defend your right to speak freely….it’s what humorously exposes you.

    1. John B. says:

      The reporter asked Maturo what he was going to do for the Latino community. Maturo told the reporter what he was going to do for himself. Apparently he didn’t answer the question, probably because he doesn’t have any idea.

      There was also the bigger problem of police harassment of Latinos. Four cops busted for bullying! I don’t know how East Haven runs its business but most local cops answer to the mayor, and the mayor seemed to be doing nothing about it. He could have stopped the problem before the FBI got involved.

      Not being familiar with the troubles in this town, until now, I’d guess the reporter asked Maturo his question based on the police bullying problem. And Maturo is going to have a taco.

      1. tax revolt says:

        He did answer the question. He is going to help the mexican community by buying some tacos for dinner. Where else does one go (besides home) to get tacos? They go to a mexican restaurant. I don’t go to chinese joint for pasta. I don’t go to an italian joint for tacos. Besides everyone knows if you want good mexican food you go to the restaurants in the mexican communities.

  14. Really says:

    I guess Hispanics won’t stop whining until they’re just as pathetic as the blacks.

    1. Real Deal says:

      professional victims on parade …………………. mexicans must keep up with the other professional victims

  15. Mark says:


    1. Scudbuster says:

      I did hear this morning that it did.

    2. John B. says:

      Quote from the article: “A soup kitchen picked up the tacos, but one was left symbolically for the mayor.”

  16. Speedy Gonzales says:

    His mistake was not arranging for enchiladas instead! With mole sauce!

  17. Barbara S says:

    He ought to donate those tacos to a wetback organisation, and then sic the INS on them. Too bad the INS, or whatever it’s called these days, does diddly when given illegals.

  18. ralph says:

    “What are you doing for the Latino community today?” The question itself was stupid and racist. It implies that the Latino community should be singled out for special favors.

    1. Ric Gomez says:

      The term ‘wetback’ is not called for; and no the ‘question itself’ was NOT stupid and racist. However, your commentary is both. The mayor was asked what he was going to do to improve relations with the Latino community. He response was a joke. Especially after the charges that were brought forth by the FBI. You should get beyond your hatred and glib emotional responses. Try to be honest with yourself and your (apparently) deep-rooted anger towards the changing profiles of our country.

  19. Tom says:

    Latinos must not have a sense of humor. Even Speedy Gonzalez wasn’t safe.

  20. Amish says:

    The mayor sided with his fellow Latins (Catholics) against the officers. Had nothing to do with justice or rule of law.

  21. EasterBunny says:

    Jews run the media. Another perfect example.

  22. John Scott says:

    Activists!!!! hmmmmmmm
    “arab spring” in place of “muslum takeover”
    “occupy protesters” in place of “terrorist”….
    a**holes in place of “activist”
    anyway .l.. em all……….

  23. Knightflyer says:

    I guess the truth really hurts the spics and the ricans.But I am sure the mayor appreciates all the free meals.

  24. Random Ethnic Dude says:

    This is what happens when you let people into this country who have no intent of assimilating.

    BE an AMERICAN, or GTFO!

    1. ed says:

      Exactly, America is multi-cultural and multi lingual. So you can leave whenever you like we won’t stop you;

    2. John Scott says:

      Hey buddy!!! This should be your motto………..

      “Mentally challenged” in place of “Retarded”…
      “African American” in place of “Black,” “Negro” and other terms. (However, “Black” is used in English-speaking countries other than the U.S.)…
      “Native American” in place of “Indian”…
      “Caucasian” in place of “White”…..
      “Gender-neutral” terms such as “firefighter” in place of “fireman”…
      Terms relating to disability, such as “visually challenged” or “hearing impaired” in place of “blind” or “deaf”…
      “Persons of color” in place of “ethnic minorities” or “non-whites” in countries populated predominantly by people who are white…..
      “Holiday”, “winter” or “festive” in place of “Christmas”….
      “arab spring” in place of “muslum takeover”
      “occupy protesters” in place of “terrorist”……………..
      Shoud I say more???? naaaaaaaaaaaaa
      oooops did I say that again!!!!
      I agree GTFO or shut the Fook up!!! or in short hand (..l.)

  25. Eyeball says:

    Dont waste no tacos on that yankee. Send them to me. Love ’em.

  26. cwilliams says:

    We have a lot more important problems to deal with right now-like how to keep progessive liberal elites from ripping our country to shreds,,

  27. LarryG says:

    Poor, sensitive beaners.

  28. John Moser says:

    La Raza racists calling someone, well anyone, racists is a little much. The “Latino community” could vote him out of office but they are about 90% illegal.

    1. Random Ethnic Dude says:

      Unfortunately, they exercise the right to vote….illegally.

    2. Tom says:

      Why do you think Democrats don’t was ID’s for the voting booth? They would loose out on all those illegal alien and dead people votes.

      1. Scudbuster says:

        And those who vote more than once!

  29. Dave says:

    Dumb! “The reporter” is just getting under his skin and pressing him hard enough until he says something regrettable. Was the comment he made worth while, fair, or mindful? No! But this isn’t reporting it is like watching live Jerry Springer.

  30. A Little Common Sense says:

    Leave the guy alone. The Mayor should have taken the reporter by the back of his neck and put him out on the street. Then, he should have had him arrested and fed 50 tacos within the space of 5 minutes. If the reported had failed, the Mayor should have had him whipped 200 times. End of story.

  31. Aaron says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not like anyone of them can understand him or were watching the news anyway? Besides, are you really dumb enough to think Italians don’t eat spaghetti or Mexicans don’t eat tacos or blacks don’t eat chicken? We’re drowing in polital correctness till the point where we don’t want to face the obvious.

    1. ed says:

      Ct. has mostly Puerto Ricans (US citizens by birth) who eat mofongo- Ecuadorians who eat cui and Salvadorans who eat pupusa. Americans eat tacos- therefore all latinos must be Mexicans right? It’s this ignorance and indifference which makes Maturo such a turd. When you’re escorted out of office next week we’ll all eat pasta Fazul in your honor.

  32. American Juan says:

    Latinos and Puerto Ricans – Get Over It! The political correctness in this country is so out of hand!

  33. taco eater says:

    Having tacos in a local restaurant is doing something for the Latino community. Patronizing a business is not good enough? If you can’t take humorous sarcasm, go home.

  34. Jay Bedingfield says:

    Where can I get in on this scam? I want to be snarky with the media and get yummy tacos too! What’s the problem again?

  35. Eugene Jones says:

    I thought the Mayor’s remarks were (1) stupid, (2) dumb, and (3) cruely insensitive.

    1. Ralph Immup says:

      Then get thicker skin. If he were a Dem and said it people would have got the joke intended and given him a pass. Put an (R) after someone in office name and it’s racist. So tonight I will have a taco with my Hispanic friends with thick skin and we will laugh at the thin skinned hypocrites who really just want at Republican out and could care less about the statement in reality.

  36. george says:

    If I were the mayor, I’d think twice about eating those tacos. They’ve probably been Jesse Jacksoned.

  37. BigBoa says:

    Talk about people that need to get a life.

    It must be nice to have little more to worry about than a mayor making a statement that isn’t even “racist”.

    Wonder how they’d feel about the fact that the mighty Boa isn’t voting for ANYONE who doesn’t pledge to deport all illegals? Perhaps they would send him some burritos?

    AH HAHAHA!!!

    What a bunch of bean-dippin’ dolts….

  38. Mike says:

    I for one thought it was hilarious.

    1. Mike says:

      Through and through, from the comment to the response. LOL.

      1. Mike says:

        Alot of Mexicans got paid THAT day. ROFL.

        1. Mike says:

          Now I’m hungry for tacos. Damn it.

          1. Ralph Immup says:

            Here Here! Taco Bell or Del Taco tonight.

            1. Cindy says:

              You still have Del Taco? They closed all the Del Tacos in Houston 20 years ago. I miss them – wouldn’t eat at Taco Bell if they paid me. Yuck.

  39. Larry Schwarz says:

    He said ”he might have a taco”.What his Police force did are Gestapo tactics as bad as The Nazis.His apology was not sincere.Can’t Gov.Molloy fire this guy and The Police Chief.

    1. Mark H Smith says:

      Your comments are far worse the Maturo’s.
      Relax. Calm down.
      Get a hobby.
      It ain’t that big of a deal.

    2. 1st Cav says:

      always bringing the Germans into it…….racist!

    3. sillyrabbit says:

      May the Schwarz be with you!

    4. James G says:

      Why do liberals always want to have people fired because of speech? What are you afraid of?

      Can’t you engage in debate or discussion on any issue? It is just a small minority of political nitwits (I am referring to you and your ilk) that are always trying to control everybody else’s speech.

      How about, just this one time, you be the one to shut up?

    5. Barry Howell says:

      Larry? Please don’t have kids. Ok?

    6. Tom says:

      Awwww, did another liberal get offended again?

  40. Ray Caldwell says:

    Wow…how stupid can you be, the guy was simply asking “WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO FOR THE COMMUNITY!”
    No where was food mentioned…what a dumbass!

    1. Very conservative says:

      I diagnose you with an extreme case of liberalism. I suggest you seek help IMMEDIATELY.
      Mr. Maturo should be PRESIDENT. Send those illegals packing (along with their tacos). They steal jobs that Americans “don’t want to do”, don’t pay taxes on the minimal wages they earn (while padding the rich man’s pocket), and send most of what they do earn back to their third world homeland. They also get free healthcare at the expense of HARD WORKING, ASS-BUSTING NATIVE LEGAL CITIZENS like myself. Never mind them wanting US to adopt THEIR language and culture. Who was here first and founded this once great nation? And who came afterwards looking for a handout? Huh?

      All in all, they contribute next to NOTHING to the economy. And I don’t have anything against immigration. That’s what America is. But it needs to be LEGALIZED and CONTROLLED. Hopefully libtards like yourself will wake up and realize that before this country turns into a third world one like theirs.

      Joseph Maturo for President. He has my vote. And I haven’t voted for 15 years.

      1. cat on a hot tin roof says:

        Great come back. He has my vote too, and i haven’t voted since 1980. I hope this Ted Baxter clone reporter enjoys his 15 minutes of fame. What a jerk. The mayor was just giving a sarcastic answer to an idiotic question. Good for him.

        1. Mark H Smith says:

          Well said, and ‘Amen!’

      2. ed says:

        Time to set the record straight for all the poor ignorant souls on this board. There was this thing called the “Sapnish American War” around 1900, and we ANNEXED Puerto Rico. So they have more right to be here than most Italians, Russians, Etc. who arrived much later. Salvadorans and Ecuadorians generally come here legally. Guatemalans and Mexcians are another story but we need to discern otherwise we are STUPID!

    2. cat on a hot tin roof says:

      Ted Baxter asked: “What are you going to do for the latino community TONIGHT.”

      1. george says:

        What would I do for the “Latino community” if asked to explain? How about showering it with free one-way tickets back home? End of a myriad of problems — overnight.

      2. James G says:

        Odd, but whenever I am in a latino community, I see latinos eating tacos, selling tacos, even making tacos. Sure, not all latinos , but I am quite sure there is far more taco activity of some sort than would be found in, for example, a Greek community. Or Little Tokyo.

        Maybe the statement was just meant as a show of support, as in ” I will spend my money in your community, buying products that you make and sell.”

        If the mayor said, ” I am going to eat a plate of spaghetti” — that would offend me if I was selling tacos for a living.

        I only wish he had said, “I will teach them English, so that we do not have to waste everybody’s time with pressing the number 1 on the phone.” That would actually be beneficial to the Latino community AND the rest of us.

        1. Kevin Pearson says:

          That makes a lot more sense. Most of them, if they learned English, they would be able to go back to their home country (assuming they were not born here) and get a better job than they could ever imagine they could get here.

  41. Guest says:

    East Haven is the most bigoted city in the US. This proves it.

    1. Very conservative says:

      ^You too^ (read my above reply to another left wing whacko)

    2. Mark H Smith says:

      To Guest:
      I second the comment from ‘Very conservative’; you are clearly the bigot here. It was a flippant comment to a flippant question.
      Get a hobby.

    3. Barry Howell says:


      The mayor’s comments were NOT “bigoted”.


    4. Tom says:

      Yes, that reporter was pretty bigoted, wasn’t he?

  42. jerseyjoey says:

    Yo YO, extra sour cream please and make sure they not chalupas.

  43. Sally says:

    I understand the “immigration reform group” plans on delivering tacos to the Mayors office. Let’s have a huge taco party. Let’s not forget our Italian friends. The mayor also said he might eat pasta for supper. I make a mean sauce. Any volunteers to bring the garlic bread?????????????????

  44. SoSo says:

    That goes to show that you do not need to be bright in order to become Mayor. What a F_ing IDIOT.

    1. Tom says:

      It could be worse. The mayor could have been a liberal.

  45. A "Going Postal" Worker says:

    Wont Tellya –
    I have a question that is probably “intellectually excruciating” for you.

    What is 2 + 2?

    1. ed says:

      Yo mama’s I.Q.!

  46. A "Going Postal" Worker says:

    This guy is exactly the “brand” of American that cannot tolerate anyone that is not like him, that shows up at anti ground-zero mosque protests, hurling racial slurs.

    Maybe he can leave office and move into Congressman Peter King’s district (though even Peter King is not this bad – this guy is hard-core, “Glen Beck” stupid).

    1. Mark H Smith says:

      A “Going Postal” Worker:
      Can’t take a little humor in your dose of truth?
      It’s amazing how intolerant you on the left are, given that you run around screaming about people being intolerant. The Mayor’s statements were not meant to be racist, but your perception that they are racist proves only one thing…you think the Mayor is a racist.
      If you want to call people racists, start hurling that crap at the liberals. They’re the ones that have set up the new plantations in the inner cities, dumbed down education and created a huge addition to the number of people living in poverty in the last 3 years. Everywhere there’s liberalism, there’s misery. Fact.

    2. Mark H Smith says:

      At “Going Postal” Worker:
      Oh wait…I misstated a fact…I said the number of people living in poverty in the last 3 years increased. Actually, it’s been the last 5 years, because the Congress has been controlled by the Demaocrats since January of 2007. So in addition to thanking Obama Bin Lyin/Valerie Jarrett for the continuation and intensification of racism, we can thank Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Also, let’s throw a shout-out to Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Reverend Wright for their constant fanning of the flames. History is full of examples of racism on the left, and devoid of examples of racism on the right.
      Do some research.
      Get a clue.
      (How did I know you were a liberal?)

    3. James G says:

      You are a liberal simpleton (redundant), obviously.

      How could you possibly deduce all of that from this non-story? You couldn’t. Nobody could know all about somebody just because of an off-hand remark. But, you and your worthless liberal pals just want to shut people up, rather than discuss facts and solutions.It is easier to scream “racist” than to engage in adult discussion of issues.

      You are the problem. Without you and others like you, we would have far less racial tension in this country.

    4. Tom says:

      Yet another liberal pulling the race card when they get perpetually offended. I would rather have his brand then the one who believes in handouts, removing our freedoms, destroying our economy, and making political correctness into a religion.

  47. says:

    Hey, i live in East Haven, how do I get in on this taco action?…I want free tacos…

    1. the clarkster says:

      That’s easy. Go to Taco Bell!

    2. Aaron says:

      That’s funny. I want in on the action too. Now I’m starving.

    3. Tom says:

      Reminds me of the time when George Bush Sr. said he didn’t like broccoli. The Broccoli Growers Association sent him truck loads of broccoli to the White House.

  48. terry says:

    If he had said Kielbasa and perogies, I would have laughed.

  49. danny says:

    If I say something idiotic, will someone feed me too?

    1. Tacobell says:

      It’s about time we got rid if being guilty because of our skin color. White guilt people need to get over it and stop feeding the PC trolls.

      1. James G says:

        Maybe we should just learn to laugh at ourselves and not take everything so seriously.

    2. farmgirl1976 says:

      The Liberals are so thin skinned…..they are offended by everything and everyone!

    3. Dog says:

      Post your home address and see what happens 🙂

    4. Kat says:

      They can send the extra Tacos to the freeloading occupiers.

  50. Esmerelda says:

    This is all so stupid.
    He said something that was supposed to be funny,
    didnt turn out that way. Enough already.

    1. teresa says:

      What he said was not funny nor was it intended to be. It was meant to be demeaning and disrespectful to Latino’s who are part of the communitty that he represents. If you can’t understand that or choose not to that’s another issue.

      1. David Sanchez says:

        Tell me, Teresa – I mean teresa…what’s it like in your righteous little world, where you’re judge and jury, perfect and above reproach, and never EVER say something you wish you could have said differently…? Oh wait…refer to perfect and above reproach…

        GROW UP, PEOPLE….the Mayor said something careless that he’s since publicly taken responsibility for and apologized for. Who among you hasn’t said something wrong that you later regret or wish you could take back…?

        There are REAL issues that need your attention and support….taco comments aren’t even on the long list.

        MOVE ON, ALREADY….

        1. Louie says:

          I agree David! 100% Let them have their 15 minutes of fame.

      2. James G says:

        How could you possibly know what his intentions were?

        Oh….You must be one of those real smart liberals who knows everything. We are so lucky to have so many liberals to explain everything to the rest us. Lucky for us, you can read minds, you know the true intentions of every person on the planet, and you know what is best for each and every one of us. We are so fortunate that you dropped by to share your wisdom.

        Now, get lost.

      3. Tom says:

        OK, let me get this straight. The mayor wants to eat tacos and this is demeaning. i have an idea, let’s all occupy Taco Bells now. OWS now becomes OTB. How dare Taco Bell sell tacos to anybody who pays for them!!

      4. Johnny B Goode says:

        Hey teresa how about Lations being disrespectful to us. We made a mistake welcoming them. The free pass for minorities is over they have shown they have no interest in getting along or assimilation. They own us respect too.

      5. farmgilr1976 says:

        How do you KNOW what he mayor “meant?”

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