Police: Carjacker, Off-Duty Lieutenant Trade Shots In Brooklyn; Carjacker Killed

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – A suspected carjacker was killed in Brooklyn after an early morning shootout with an off-duty police lieutenant.

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The shooting occurred around 4:15 a.m. Thursday in the Cypress Hills section. Police say an off-duty cop witnessed the driver of another car take off on foot after slamming his car into a divider and then a light pole near Jamaica Avenue.

The cop went after him from the crash scene and that’s when police say the suspect fired at the lieutenant, who then shot back, striking the suspect.

Residents who heard and saw the scene as it unfolded say they’re stunned.

“I heard four gunshots, one and then three after. Then I heard sirens,” said one woman.

Police say the suspect, who was later identified as 22-year-old Christopher Kissane, died at the hospital.

Cops say Kissane was also suspected in a shooting and carjacking attempt in Queens before he allegedly carjacked the vehicle that crashed on Jamaica Avenue just before the shootout.

Some Cypress Hills residents say violent crime has them hiding in their homes after dark.

“Our community right now is very apprehensive as far coming out,” said Brooklyn community activist Jason Henrique. “There’s no help coming from anywhere.”

“Thank God a kid and his mother or person who was on his way to work didn’t get killed or didn’t get run down by this person,” Juan Rodriguez, president of the 75th Precinct Community Council told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

Police say a loaded .22 caliber revolver was found at the scene as well as a plastic bag with 15 additional rounds.

No one else was injured, but the officer was taken to the hospital for trauma.

  • Zoran Radić
    • joey fom B'hurst

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  • Anonymous

    Actually I know the kid who was killed. He’s been a POS since middle school. And for the record, he’s white as rice.

    • Rich

      White, black, red, yellow, brown, POS regardless.

  • danny

    Let me get this straight NYC. If someone gets carjacked by a guy with a gun, they cry that there isn’t enough police. But when a cop shoots and kills a carjacker, he needs to be investigated and the police are brutes. Make up your damn minds already!!

  • CT Native

    No great loss.

  • Liberals Are Evil

    Let’s see now…4:15am and a gun in his possesion. Something tells me he was not doing charity work. Thank God for one less parasite in the world.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Clearly if this young man had a father he would not be walking the streets at 4am with a loaded gun trying to car jack someone.When will the black race learn the babies father thing is not working out to well for them

    • jack mancusi

      right on my man!!!!

    • Goodriddance

      Where in this article did it say he was black?

  • Wimpy little dark

    Ha blacks are funny

  • Roy

    Dude – you need help!

  • Squez

    It amazes me how people make comments without having any facts. The facts are not out yet. This is the one of the reason the city of ny is in the situation it is. Just rehtoric from people no real support To protect our communities. No real solutions just rhetoric. I’m all for police oversight but lets give the men and women in the NYPD the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions. If you can do a better job go take the civil service test to become a police officer and see if you could do a better job. I’m sure many of the commentators on here couldn’t handle it. Maybe startup a community base watch group and help police your neighborhood. This will cut down on crime and police abuse. Have a nice day….


      Have a nice day.

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  • Frank Rizzo

    Looks like it could be one of those dollar vans. And we all know who drives those.

  • bobby

    Good Riddence Im sure the City is alot safer knowing there is one less POS skid left walking around …..

  • royallen

    Yes ,the good guys win,the bad guy dies, I hope the Lt. gets an award for valor……..

  • Just sayin

    Bet theres something more to this story. These cops are doing and getting away with to much.

    • Spanky Mcghee

      Yeah right
      Getting away with putting his life in danger so that we’re all safe from a lowlife POS like this carjacker.
      I wonder what a liberal azzhole like you would say if it was YOUR car that was Hijacked by this POS with a gun.


      by Johnny, I think you’ve got it!!

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    • @OWS

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  • Bullett

    As Stan Brooks (WINS) would say; “Stay Tuned”.

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