CBS Local talent and sportscasters from across the country are giving you their insight on the upcoming Big Game. Catch the picks from each of our experts to see who will be the victor between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Let us know your pick and the final score in the comment section below! Who has the upper hand and will tally another win on professional football’s biggest stage – Brady or Manning?

joe benigno2 The Big Game: CBS Local Sports PicksJoe Benigno | CBS New York – WFAN
New England 24, New York 21
Belichick and Brady looking for revenge from the Super Bowl loss in Super Bowl 42. Probably the toughest loss of Belichick’s career, although he may not admit it. He’s got to be very excited to be able to exact some revenge from that game. Plus, I can’t see Brady playing back-to-back bad games after admittedly saying he didn’t play his best in the Ravens game. Also, the dynamic has changed from 2007…now the Giants are the hunted ones, even though the Patriots are a slight favorite right now. The general consensus seems to be that the Giants will win the game which to me, makes the Patriots even more dangerous.


rich lord2 The Big Game: CBS Local Sports PicksRich Lord | CBS Houston – KILT
New York 29, New England 16
Thanks to all of you who have been following along these last few weeks as I’ve attempted to correctly guess what’s going to happen in this very entertaining NFL post-season. For those of you keeping score; after a mediocre 2-2 performance during the wild-card round, I have been absolutely on fire while accurately predicting the outcome of 5 of the ensuing 6 playoff games, with the lone exception being my, “homer” selection of the Texans to beat the Ravens. Heck, last week I wished I’d gone to Vegas after saying the Giants would beat the Niners, 19-17 (it was 20-17) and the Pats would knock off the Ravens, 24-20 (it was 23-20). Of course, this just means that I guessed right, not that I’ve morphed into an NFL savant of some sort. I’m well aware of how unpredictable this stuff can be. In other words, my REAL sports gambling days are long behind me. I’m excited about this game for many reasons, but mostly because this matchup guarantees that history will be made at Lucas Oil Stadium.

When New England quarterback Tom Brady steps on the field, he will tie John Elway for most Super Bowl appearances by a QB with 5. If the Patriots win, Brady will tie Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for the most Super Bowl wins by a QB with 4 and surpass Montana for most playoff wins with 17. However, as much of an all-time great as Brady is…if the Giants prevail, let the argument begin about how New York quarterback Eli Manning might be the better “big game player.” After all, a New York victory will mean that Brady has lost 4 of his last 6 playoff games (2 of them Super Bowls) while Manning has won 8 of his last 9 (2 of them Super Bowls), and will then trail Brady by just one championship. Interesting debate. I like the Giants in this game for one obvious reason: defense. They have a great one, the Patriots do not. Brady was less than sharp versus Baltimore and now he’s facing the hottest defense in the league. Meanwhile, the New England defense continues to struggle stopping the pass at a time when they will be facing a quarterback with a hot hand and a myriad of dangerous weapons at his disposal. The Patriots got this far by winning 2 home games versus teams not very good at throwing the ball. It’s a whole new game versus the Giants. Manning won’t need a miracle finish this time; Brady can’t keep up.

brett The Big Game: CBS Local Sports PicksBrett Jensen | CBS Charlotte – WFNZ
New England 34, New York 27
All I can say is thank goodness Baltimore isn’t playing San Francisco. Between the storyline about the brothers Harbaugh and the snooze fest with the defenses being dominant, there’s a real chance I wouldn’t have been inclined to watch the entire thing.

But at least we have a very intriguing matchup between the Giants and Patriots. Two old-school coaches having a rematch from a Super Bowl a few years ago that produced one of the biggest Super Bowl upsets in history. Two star quarterbacks, star wide receivers and tight ends, as well as the Giants defense makes for a classic game.

This is Tom Brady’s fifth one, tying him with John Elway for most all time. If he wins, it will be his fourth and will cement his place in the discussion for best all time. If Eli Manning wins with the Giants, it will start the process of asking which Manning is the better QB, Eli or Peyton.

With all that said, I think it’s New England’s to lose. The Pats should’ve won when they played a few years ago in the Super Bowl, and I think that will help spur them to victory. The defensive line of the Giants will be more neutralized this time and Tom Brady will have a big game. It’s going to be close, but New England wins.

joniak126 The Big Game: CBS Local Sports PicksJeff Joniak | CBS Chicago – WBBM
New York 24, New England 23
Toughest game of the season to handicap. Tom Brady’s no huddle attack could mute the fierce Giants pass rush. Getting the ball out quickly and on time to the tight ends and Welker will move the chains. But, how healthy is Gronkowski? Despite statistical disadvantages all season, the Patrots keep finding ways to win. The Giants did not have Hakeem Nicks or Ahmad Bradshaw in the week nine regular season meeting and that alone creates a challenge for the Patriots defense. Eli Manning, with time to throw, will be a dangerous Eli Manning, especially in a three-wide package. I just don’t think the Patriots pass defense can handle it for sixty minutes. It promises to be a terrific, down-to-the-wire affair with many twists and turns. It should be a treat for every football fan.


eric nelsonedit The Big Game: CBS Local Sports PicksEric Nelson | CBS Minnesota – WCCO
New England 30, New York 24
Tom Brady comes into Peyton’s Place and gets it done at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Brady gets his fourth Super Bowl ring in the house that Peyton Manning built, and denies Eli Manning a chance to win a second title. This game will validate New England’s greatness in the NFL galaxy – four Super Bowl wins in 11 seasons – and puts the Patriots next to the great Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Dallas and Green Bay dynasties from back in the day. New England also exacts some revenge for losing Super Bowl XLVII to the Giants, a loss that denied the Pats a spot in perfectville. In that game, NE was one minute from being 19-0 and moving into the 1972 Miami Dolphins exclusive neighborhood, when Manning, David Tyree and Plaxico Burress spoiled their perfect plans. This time New England gets the Super win and the confetti shower after the game. It’s also one more title for the spoiled Boston fan base which has an abundance of sports riches in the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics. The victory will elevate Bill Belichick onto the NFL’s Mt. Rushmore of coaches, as he equals Pittsburgh’s Chuck Noll with four Super Bowl wins.

zolak 420x3161 The Big Game: CBS Local Sports PicksScott Zolak | CBS Boston – WBZ
New England 31, New York 27
I actually do think this game will live up to the hype, but I think it will be higher-scoring than four years ago. Somebody is going to make a play in the third quarter, and I think it will be New England. The Giants will get to Brady early in the game, but the Pats will make adjustments up front. I think Gronk is a go and he’ll play the entire game, but I don’t know how productive he’ll be. I think Wes Welker is going to be the MVP. I’m going 31-27 Patriots. Giants make it close at the end, but they just run out of time. Pats win their fourth Super Bowl in the last 11 years.

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