Mystery Illness Leaves Upstate N.Y. Teens With Twitches, Spasms And No Answers

Doctors Unsure Why The Lives Of Young People Have Changed For The Worse

LE ROY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — More than a dozen teens at a high school in upstate New York are suffering from a mystery illness that is leaving them susceptible to twitches and spasms.

Thera Sanchez started showing symptoms when she woke up from a nap.

“It’s very heartbreaking to me to be honest, knowing that right now I can’t do what I love,” she said.

Chelsey Dumars was stricken suddenly while in school.

“I couldn’t stop stuttering,” she said. “And then throughout the day, I got worse, and I started twitching and everything.”

The debilitating condition has completely changed the lives of many young people in the Genesee County town, reports CBS 2’s Maurice Dubois. Once vital, active teens have been left exhausted and in pain.

“I hate when it happens because my body is sore. Sometimes it gets me to the point where I want to cry from twitching so much,” Dumars said.

What’s worse for these teens is some of their diagnoses haven’t been clear.

“Last time I went to the neurologist, they said they’re not sure and they’ll keep looking into it, but besides that they haven’t told anyone anything,” Lydia Parker said.

Twelve of the cases have been confirmed as conversion disorder. Three new cases are suspected.

“Traditionally it’s some kind of stress or multiple stressors that provoke a physical reaction within the body. This is unconscious. It is not done purposefully,” Dr. Jennifer McVige said.

However, those who are suffering with the condition said it goes well beyond that.

“I don’t think this is in my head. I don’t think I can wake up from a nap and this can happen,” Sanchez said.

And their parents fear they may be running out of time.

“She does not have time for ‘I feel’ or guesswork or anything like that. She’s deteriorating,” said Melisa Phillips, Sanchez’ mother.

Health officials have ruled out several possible causes, including drugs, head trauma and environmental factors, but activist Erin Brockovich thinks the state was too quick to rule out environmental problems.

Some questions surround natural gas wells near the Le Roy Jr./Sr. High School, and possible toxic remnants from a 1970 train derailment.

“Whether it’s environmental or whatever’s going on, we have to find the answer,” said Dave Watson, Dumars’ father.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke is also researching the disorder.

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One Comment

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  2. Nero says:

    Pole shift.

  3. Cindi says:

    If it is a true physical problem then my heart goes out to them but something about this reminds me of the afflicted girls during the Salem witch hunt.

  4. Truth Seeker says:

    They should be asking about if all these women have been getting vaccines. Vaccines containing thimersol are known to cause neurological disorders, lowered IQ, and dementia. They should look into this link.

  5. sfcmac says:

    Dude, I bet you used a whole container of tin foil for your hat.

  6. sfcmac says:

    Twitching and spasms? It’s probably some new popular teen dance….

  7. Lucy says:

    The devil and his minions prowl around seeking to “steal, kill and destroy.” These girls are obviously having their lives stolen. There can be no other explanation. Toxins would not affect them all at once, emotional problems would have been calmed by anti-anxiety drugs. Just because you cannot see them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Wake up people!

  8. John H says:

    I vote for a new possibility – aluminum poisoning. Many believe that aluminum in the food chain causes Alzheimer’s, so it could also cause these neurological symptms.

  9. millerla says:

    “Fracking Fluids
    Most of the recent advances in fluid technology for shale gas recovery are owned by Halliburton. The gas industry describes fracking fluids as being “like soap and oil.” However, because Halliburton classifies the fracking fluids as proprietary, nobody knows for sure what is in them. Samples from well blowouts and fluids pits in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico found fluids to contain diesel fuel and more than 200 different kinds of chemicals, over 95% of which have adverse side effects including brain damage, birth defects and cancer.”

  10. millerla says:

    it does really sound like neurological damage – maybe associated with hydro-fracking?

  11. linda newkirk says:

    When they call in the shrinks and label such a very troubling illness as “psychiatric,” and the state authorties concur, you can be certain that someone is covering us something big. Time to start digging deep! Consider some serious cleanses for chemical poisoning and seek some alternative medine fast. Do not wait for the powers to be to get it together and give you a solution. You must get to work youselves. Thinking of you all and seriously praying for you as well.

  12. Nicholas Costen says:

    Dr. Samuel Milham wrote a book titled “Dirty Electricity” that, among other things, discusses health problems at schools with dirty electricity (high-frequency transients that ride on the 120VAC wiring). Meters that measure the dirty electricity levels and filters that filter it can be purchased from Stetzer Electric. Parents of the affected children might want to read this book and visit Stetzer Electric web site just in case this is an issue.

  13. bobobama says:

    the cause in two words : GARDASIL VACCINE !!!!

  14. liberal larry says:


  15. BrickHouse says:

    A teenager twitching and stuttering, eh? Boy, that’s unusual.

  16. heater says:

    Erin Brockovich.. must be a movie

  17. furdburfull says:

    They all were licking Toads for a cheep high, they have what is commonly known as clap and cheer douh dough da da do do reaction (followed by rapid claping and drouling)

  18. Hip says:

    It is completely reprehensible to give a diagnosis of “conversion disorder” (mass hysteria) or “psychosomatic” for any diseases or outbreaks of unexplained symptoms. There is little or no evidence that conversion disorders or psychosomatic illnesses even exist. Yet these labels are often used at the drop of hat, when a cursory investigation has not discovered an immediately obvious cause.

    This is laziness, unwillingness or plain scientific incompetence in terms of investigating the myriad possible causes. It takes very good scientific detective work to uncover the truth in these situations.

    These “conversion disorder” or “psychosomatic” labels are the fallbacks frequently used by governments and other authorities, as they can be conveniently applied wherever you want avoid an extensive investigation of causes, or wish to conveniently close the case without a real answer being found.

    Meanwhile, people who get such labels of “conversion disorder” or “psychosomatic” stuck on their diseases and conditions are left with no help and no real explanation.

    Don’t accept this psychobabble nonsense of “conversion disorder” or “psychosomatic”.

    1. Juliet Benson says:

      I know these psychosomatic diseases exist, because I have one. My symptoms worsened the more and more anxious I became, until I was finally diagnosed with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. The frequency of my convulsions was reduced to almost nothing immediately. Now it only comes out if I am very upset about something and feeling helpless. I was very liberated by what I learned.

      1. millerla says:

        But in this case, the correlation between your agitation and increased suffering is clear. It is also scientific; a lot of physiological and neurological changes go with agitation. In this case, where neurological damage is implied, and _children_ who are especially vulnerable are involved, no line of inquiry should be dismissed.

  19. ej says:

    Sounds like mercury. Then again it could be a toxin in their text book binders. Simply from a behavior analysis, it looks like they are in a partial waking state for fine tuning motor control Like one of the effects of Ambien.

    I wonder if they would have spasms less, while taking a night time regime of Ambien.

  20. Juliet Benson says:

    As a person with a functional neurological deficit, it seems clear to me that this is an outbreak of culturally induced conversion hysteria. It first struck me four years ago after acute stress–my legs began kicking without my permission and the more anxious I became about it, the more the convulsions spread to the rest of my body. As soon as I was diagnosed by an internationally renowned neurologist at the National Institutes of Health, my symptoms were dramatically reduced by my understanding of them. Now they only strike when I am upset enough to experience brief dissociation (as the umbrella of functional neurological deficits seems to span the border between dissociative and somatoform disorders.)
    Unsurprisingly, women are more susceptible, as they are also more prone to mental health problems and the effects of stress.

    1. Juliet Benson says:

      A further, rough explanation for how this occurs is that the portions of the brain involved in higher motor planning are intricately tied up in the portions of the brain responsible for awareness of one’s actions, in order for an individual to feel that they have agency over their movements. If these complex connections are interrupted by extreme emotional distress, there is in effect a temporary “hardware crash” where the movements are indeed involuntary, though there is no actual neurological damage. Hence, it is not malingering.

      1. Hip says:

        I have ME/CFS, a disease rather immorally classed as a psychosomatic illness, which thus often causes doctors to heartlessly dismiss patients’ hellish symptoms as merely “all in the mind,” even though the leading scientists say that ME/CFS is a real physical disease, typically associated with a chronic low level viral infection, and often leaving people housebound or bedbound.

        Classing ME/CFS as psychosomatic has also has a terrible effect on limiting the amount of proper biochemical research on ME/CFS, as once the causes are assumed psychogenic, it turns attention away from the neurology and biology of the disease.

        Other diseases also classed as psychosomatic include interstitial cystitis, which can be life destroying, and irritable bowel syndrome. Again, such a psychosomatic classification lead to stagnation in proper biochemical research into these diseases.

        This is why I have the utmost suspicion of any psychosomatic classifications: it stops the search for the real physical causes.

        Even your condition of non-epileptic seizures, though triggered by stress, most likely has a physical cause. It’s great that you have become aware how stress triggers your condition, and can now control it, but unfortunately, classifying your condition as psychosomatic also tends to reduce research for any physical causes behind it.

  21. Kay says:

    What do these students have in common besides going to the same school and having the same symptons? Is there a favorite hang out or swimming hole? Since most of these victims are girls what is their common practices – getting their nails done, favorite new makeup or fad diet, K2, etc. Also, the focus has been on the high school since there are so many students with the same medical problem, but could there be more people within the surrounding areas that are having the same symptons?

  22. Linda Moore says:

    GARDASIL causing these teen neurological problems being covered up in the media? Some family members reporting Gardasil vaccinations.

  23. Jack Ryan says:

    An alternate hypthesis: Have investigators inquired into the possibiity of group hysteria, coupled with female-adolescent preoccupation with Ouija boards? … I;m just sayin’ …

  24. Jack Ryan says:

    Here, here !! Let’s all give three cheers for the tin-foil hat and black-helicopter brigrade !!!

  25. Que says:

    You are a blind fool.

  26. Brian says:

    @Steve Zarren
    The movements do not look like dystonia. But, are they tics? I would like to ask the girls if they have the urge to move their limbs in the manner they do. In Tic disorders there is a building compulsion to move to do the tic. It can be controlled temporarily by will power.
    There is nothing new here than last week’s report of the same story. Last week it was said that not all the girls had been given Guardacil or the other brand of HPV Vaccine. For Lyme to present with such a rare if ever even reported symptom of Tics, would be in itself a Zebra, but for several, all at once, presenting with a non-typical (or even possible) movement disorder related to Lyme is ridiculous.
    I still think a PANDAS-like phenomenon is at the heart of this./

  27. Que says:

    You are not wrong sir. I just look up at the sky and I see chemtrails. Slow kill? Georgia guidestones, take a look at them. “Maintain humanity below 500 million.” Cancer and diabietes have increased dramatically in the last 10 years. Vaccines filled with industry chemichals and live viruses are injected in billions of people every year. Food additives like aspartame that actually eats up brain matter, people have gone blind from drinking to much diet soda. Genetically modified food. Birds on mass are dropping dead from the sky. Fish on mass are floating on shores. This funky disease in this article, I could go on and on. “They” sure do have a plan and “they” are implementing it.

    Anyone who is namecalling you for telling a truth like this has clearly not done enough investigation on his own.

    1. JC says:

      Yes, you’re exactly right. There’s a sinister plot to keep Earth’s population below 500 million.

      And yet, despite the fact that these nebulous global cabals are apparently powerful enough to spray “chemtrails” over the entire planet and contaminate the food chain of every country on earth, they somehow can’t get their hands on VX, sarin, smallpox or anything else that would actually help them achieve their goal of killing off most of humanity, and instead have to resort to killing us all with aspartame.

      Given that “they” are about 14 times over their goal for population control, they seem to be doing a pretty poor job of it.

      1. davec says:

        bordering on PSYCHOPATHY

      2. Matt says:

        The only thing about Chemtrails is the very elite and their families live here too. I remember driving to work one day about 7:30 am and the sky was very clear. I looked up out of my sunroof and saw a chemtrail stream so high up the plane was not visible. I actually could NOT see the plane, just the chemtrail streaking across the sky. It had to be 80,000+ feet. It really freaked me out. My theory on chemtrails is the ozone layer is so depleted these chemicals are a protection against the sun on very clear days. I agree with the rest of the posts. If it was neurogical how come the affliction is all from the same geological area? That theory does not make sense. Its some sort of environmental affliction no doubt man made.

        1. Mac says:

          Chemtrails? Adults call it “condensation”… you know, water vapor suspended in the air, which gets all bunched up when the pressure difference of a wing puts the squeeze on it — which is why the “trails” look like clouds, drift like clouds, and eventually disperse like clouds. Not nearly so thrilling to contemplate, I know.

          You folks are sad.

    2. davec says:

      and youre attempting to say that your stringing hysterical theories together is “investigation?

      Youre a nut case

    3. james says:


  28. JC says:

    Ah, yes… why trust the opinions of practicing doctors, when with the power of the Internet, you can get the opinions of hundreds of armchair physicians?

    “Trust me, I read a BLOG about this.”

  29. CommonCents says:

    It’s doubtful these girls are being -purposely- targeted by such a weapon.

    HOWEVER, your (gagaa) response is precisely what the mass manipulators are counting on… you are far too ignorant to ever realize this is being done to people.

    Numerous patents have been granted for such devices, the best examples of mass hypnosis and ‘suggestion’ are the Al Gore and B.Obama stadium rallies.

  30. JC says:

    “Doctors aren’t sure. Therefore, GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY.”

    Impeccable logic.

    1. davec says:

      and sources that have been around since the 1970s SUDDENLY cause an outbreak

      these people are f-king crazy

  31. Dr. Doktor says:

    It looks to me like mass drama-induced psychosis, spread by Facebook, Twitter and texting. Notice in the article that it mentioned stress as a possible reason? Yes, mass teenage angst-induced stress is a very real possibility. In times past, young people had some time away from the constant hysteria that is mid- and late-teens. Now, with 24/7, fingertip communication, no one can ever step away and decompress.

    Nobody needs a “chill-pill” or any medical intervention. Instead, Mom and Dad need to suspend texting on the phone accounts and unplug the PC. Then, we’ll see this “epidemic” cure itself.

  32. offended says:

    hey folks
    thats why they call it DOPE

  33. George N. Weezie says:

    Ahh, I see Merck has probably struck again! It is the vaccines folks. It likely isn’t that hard to figure out. I see no mention of vaccines ruled in or out. Vaccine injury leading to neurological damage via an inflammatory encephalitic response is VERY common. The CDC would do everything in it’s power to cover it up if vaccines were the cause. Government by the government and for the government! Who knew slavery would be this much fun!

    1. Brian says:

      Uh Huh. but there is no encephalopathy. The girls were not all given HPV vaccine. George N Weezie, has been an Alex Jones listener for ~ 6 months?

  34. Bill Jones says:

    Homer Simpson had the same symptoms. It turned out to be cheap beer.

  35. jon says:

    if vic’s assertions are so blatantly laughable, it should be easy to dismiss them outright with an actual, you know, rational argument, rather than childish name calling.

    1. davec says:

      I did, Im an expert at such technology, hes a liar, he cant prove any of it.

      Your idiotic remarks ….

  36. tnwatchman says:

    It’s WIFI SIGNALS!!! – TURN OFF YOUR ROUTERS IN YOUR HOME, ALSO, REMOVE THE BATTERY FROM YOUR CELL PHONE!!! – BOTH GIVE OUT HIGH LEVELS OF RADIATION AND EMF TOXICITY!!! – Get away from “wireless.” I went back to wired and I’m feeling much better. Another problem might be the “chemtrails” planes are spraying above every city in this country. Go to google and lookup “chemtrails.”

  37. Vic Livingston says:

    Well, I sure got yours, (likely) military contractor psyops goon.

    1. davec says:

      Post proof. Youre constantly weaving complex tales of intigue, then blaming others when YOU cant prove any of it


      Why would I read anything YOU wrote, youre no source with any engineering backgorund.

      State your technical credentials for such claims

      You cant, youre a liar

      1. nooneinparticular says:

        Vic. dont listen to these fools.

        Youre right. Ive been trying to get through to you, your website keeps being blocked.

        Youll get a Publishers Clearinghouse letter in teh mail shortly, ITS NOT FROM THEM

        It has a RF tracking and data collection device built in. DO NOT open and touch the letter inside. Theyve graduated to DNA tracking..

        Wrap it in foil, DONT take it inside and throw it away. Take it back to the Post office, write on the outside “INGSOC- sat Alpha” on the outside, they know how to dispose of it.

      2. davec says:

        VIc youre a liar.

        Wave fronts colliding cause DESTRUCIVE INTERFERENCE, it SCATTERS the waves.

        BTW, you didnt respond to the FACT that no such antenna exists.

        Again, you need psychiatric help, youre crazy

    2. John Barnes says:

      Their symptoms fit those of PANDA, a nasty strep reaction that causes the body’s immune system to attack the bgrain, resulting in the type of symptoms and reactions these girsl are displaying.

      1. mickey mouse says:

        Dr. Barnes, why are you the only sane person on this thread? Are there no real doctors or pediatricians in Up-State NY that they need Erin Brokovitch to provide a medical diagnosis for strep? Does “up-state NY” mean “Hics-ville”, where parents don’t practise preventative medicine, the media and officialdom doesn’t practise common sense, and doctors,well, they just don’t practise? Tax playing citizens would like answers to these pertinent questions.

      2. TSB says:

        Some cases of Tourette Disorder have been linked to PANDAS. Usually PANDAS is linked to strep infections and yet nobody has mentioned any of these girls having strep. I”m sure it’s one of the first things the doctors considered. There are many that don’t believe Tourettes, which this looks very much like, is caused through genetics but that a pathogen could be the cause that just hasn’t been identified yet. Maybe all this attention their symptoms are getting will lead someone to discover something. Also, unlike the way it is portrayed in the movies, the vast majority of Tourette Syndrowm cases do not yell out obscenities. That is called Coprolalia and happens in less than 10% of cases. The symptoms these girls are displaying sure do look like Tourette Syndrome to me. I should know…I”ve had it since I was 7 and it’s just like this.

    3. davec says:


      One of the FIRSt jobs of a Government counter intl agent is to discredit the oppostion.

      Thats what you are doing. Youre posting hysterical Tin Foil Hat LIES trying to discredit Citizens who are genuinely concerned about government intrusion


      Of course youll deny it, its called ‘plausible deniability”

  38. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    I know, Indulge in all sorts of questionable behaviors, then we’ll sort out just exactly where you went wrong.

  39. Chris says:

    It’s just cabin fever.

  40. Ronnie says:

    It’s Bush’s fault…….remember, if it happens on Obama’s watch, it’s Bush’s fault.

  41. LEL says:

    Video game withdrawal symptoms?

  42. poorbaby says:

    Love that they’re upset that it’s not environmental. Aw.

  43. Mark Courtney says:

    Their doctor should be arrested.

  44. Bud Norton says:

    The article doesn’t say where Erin Brockovich got her medicat degree.

    1. Gimlish says:

      It does not take a degree to be intelligent or informed. Do you know who she is? Bud Norton.

    2. Ronnie says:

      What’s a Medicat degree? What kind of degree do you have?

  45. David Maxwell says:

    Oh I see, and this “disease” only affects women. Got it, it’s called trolling for more special treatment syndrome and air head enhancement disease. Remember the biggest lie of the twentieth century. “We don’t want to be put on a pedestal, we just want a level playing field”.

  46. Joe Blancher says:

    I recommend you contact an exorcist.

  47. john says:

    Maybe Verizon’s 4G is to blame..

    tim timm timmayyyy.

  48. Jack says:

    They’re all girls…hmm. there’s got to be a connection with that. It kind of reminds me of what they thought happened with the girls related to the salem witch trials. They think that had to do with a type of mold on certain bread.

    We need House to check this out

    1. LEL says:

      I wonder if all these inflicted girls are avid fans of the TV show “The Bachelor” and are suffering an empathic reaction to the never ending emotional drama of trying to be desirable.

  49. HMichaelH says:

    Hysteria. Plan and simple!

  50. David z says:

    My kid would be spending time in a hyperbaric chamber, twice a day for 7 days if she came down with this so called conversion disorder. Ifnothing else it would relieve the fatigue of chronic muscle contracture.

    1. JH says:

      It sounds like this is dystonia. Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Desiree Jennings contracted this 10 days after receiving a Flu vaccine in 2009. If the didn’t get it from a flu shot at school, they may have contracted it from a gardasil shot given by the school. She was eventually cured with chelation therapy, which removed the toxins.

      There are some very nasty things in all vaccines that the gov’t doesn’t want us to know about. Research the contents of shots and how each affects the body.

      1. Bob says:

        That was a hoax. Don’t be dense, and do your research.

        1. crob says:

          that was not a hoax. the medical establishment just decided it was. they dont want people to fear the lethal injections they want you to take. One of the active adjuvents found in vaccines is a man made form of mercury, others include artificial sweetners to lower your immune system since they are poison too, immunosupressants, and neurotoxins. I dont think I really need to explain how bad those last two really are. in some case studies, they have found the immune system suppressants to be permanent for some people.
          Many of the original vaccines created were thought to have worked because we saw rubella viruses almost disappear but this was also when the use or soaps and cleanliness jumped up. Many european researchers have concluded that the vaccines were ineffective and that the germ fighting power of soap and washing your damn hands was the real solution. i doubt many of you will understand this though or listen seeing as whatever doctors and the gov tells you… you believe

          1. David Pittelli says:

            It’s conceivable that some vaccine additives could be harmful without the medical establishment knowing about it. It is not conceivable that our vaccines don’t work without the medical establishment knowing about it. It isn’t just that disease rates went down with the use of vaccines, it’s that individuals who get a vaccine get the relevant disease at less than a tenth of the rate of individuals who do not get the vaccine. It is also not conceivable that there’s a medical establishment deliberately hiding known significant risks. Doctors have an interest in their patients, frequently discuss side effects and such, and don’t en masse keep secrets from everyone else. You are ignorant and paranoid.

          2. Paula says:

            I read two papers from separate oncologists years ago (cannot tell you their names today). Both said everyone of their patients were fully immunized…neither one had seen a patient in their combined practices who were not immunized. I believe we are putting off childhood diseases for horrific cancers later in life. I stopped all immunizations in my children at that point. My children that are not immunized fully are healthier than their peers who are fully immunized. I have 3 grandchildren. 2 of which do not receive immunizations and 1 that does because her parents want to be missionaries. That one granddaughter is sick all the time. The other 2 simply don’t get sick.
            I find it interesting how people react when you decide to not go with government mandates…instead of getting upset with the government, they get upset with you for thinking for yourself. Chicken Pox were something most everyone got as a kid…no big deal. My mom had whooping cough and measles at the same time as a child…yes, she was sick, but recovered. If you want to understand why they push vaccines so strongly, check out what Bill Gates thinks and why he’s dumping millions of dollars into funding them:

            1. Mike says:

              Your children rely on herd immunity. There is nothing magical about that, since farms do it to keep costs down.

              1. Paula says:

                What a joke, Mike…my children would supposedly be more susceptible to the viruses injected into every other child…no, I did not forbid them from playing with friends if they were recently immunized…with a live vaccine injected into those children, my children would have been more at risk. I choose not to be cowed by fear…my kid’s immune systems are stronger than most because they don’t have a man made form of mercury and other toxins which their bodies have to fight off…

        2. Renee says:

          Bob, the real truth about the Desiree Jennings story is that she DID experience the symptoms seen in the videos. These symptoms WERE REAL. How do I know, my sister works for one of the medical centers that diagnosed and treated her. When she first came to their center, they had to call an ambulance twice because of seizures which stopped her breathing and rasied her blood pressure to criticial levels. What Desiree Jennings experienced WAS REAL NOT A HOAX. Each facility she was treated at video taped her when she came in and during treatments. These videos show the truth. During the treatments that the center where my sister works, Desiree stopped having seizures, she was able to walk and talk normal. However, there were still times the symptoms would return, which was expected as the treatments were not complete and she was still TOXIC from the flu shot. Had she elected to complete the treatment, there is no doubt in my mind or my sister’s that Desiree would have been completely back to normal. The treatments which were given to Desiree were chelation treatments along with other treatments to rid her body of the toxins which has been placed into it by not only the vaccine but also the environment. Is Desiree guiltly of being selfish and greedy, I believe she most certainly is and the she took advantage of several people who were trying to help her. Was Desiree faking, again I beleive that she was not in the beginning but as the treatments did their job and her body began to heal I believe she began to “milk” the publicity and generosity of others and I do believe she pretended when she was in front of the camera of the big networks. I can say in complete confidence, based on the REAL TRUTH I have seen personally, that Desiree did have the symptoms seen in the early videos which were caused by the flu shot she received AND that the toxins from the flu shot were removed by the chelation and other theropies which she received AND that anyone who makes a decision based on assumed truths rather than first hand facts is asking for heartache.

      2. r charles says:

        what a tool to push your agenda, shame on you.

      3. vaccine poisoned says:

        I’m glad to see someone finally pointing to vaccines – which we know are full of mysterious viruses. Thank you.

      4. larry says:

        I agree vaccine is culprite but you will never hear the truth,big pharma . LR

      5. Brandi Lefeber says:

        Gardasil was my first thought also and the question never gets asked! Bad batch of vaccines, girls all standing in line together to receive it. Same bad vial given to all twelve. About 12 doses in a standard bottle, correct? Please do some heavy metal detoxing on these girls. TO THE PARENTS OF THESE GIRLS: Find Dr. Andrew Wakefield or Dr. Russell Blaylock for help, PLEASE!

      6. bumpkin says:

        Nasty things like heavy metals, et al. Since I finally grew up and into a self-directed adult, it finally occurred to me that if the government says I “have to” do this or that, it is the LAST thing I will be doing. They are NOT interested in my health or safety. They are interested in money only, and in controlling populations. Playing GOD.

      7. Damon Smithwick says:

        I bet Ms. Jennings went to the bathroom that day too, I think I’ll copy your complete lack of reasoning and conclude that her daily urination caused it. Anti-vaccination people are complete scientific idiots.

    2. laura says:

      I agree completely. The extra oxygen would help heal the neurological issues they’re suffering in an efficient, painless way. My son developed serious twitching of head and shoulders when he was seven years old. We went to a naturopath that resolved his health problems within a month by boosting his immune system. These girls’ bodies can heal without having to know the reason why it happened. Find a local naturopath to guide you in boosting your immune system. It could be as simple as clearing out parasites or building up your b vitamins or balancing your omega 3 and 6 oils. I do know the more panic and hysteria these girls feel, the worse their symptoms will get!

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