New Jersey Man Found Dead In His Home After A Year

WAYNE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The mail piled up, the grass grew wild and patrons at a New Jersey diner often wondered, “What happened to Donald Domsky?”

A call to police led to the discovery of his body in his Wayne home on Jan. 20.

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Authorities said Domsky died of natural causes at age 79 in December 2010. He died alone in his dilapidated 99 Black Oak Ridge Road home and no one knew.

Domsky was loved at the Crossroads Eatery in Wayne.

For 22 years, he could be found perched on the first stool at the counter with a copy of National Geographic magazine in hand.

“He was very thoughtful, didn’t want anything. We used to give him cigarettes, cakes, candy,” owner Valerie Boyle told WCBS 880’s Sean Adams.

Boyle said you could ask Domsky any trivia question and he had the answer but he never spoke of himself.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports

“He was extremely private and reclusive. People knew not to interfere with his privacy,” Boyle said. “You know, we were vaguely aware he had a sister in Passaic.”

So, when Domsky stopped coming in to the diner over a year ago, people assumed he took ill and moved in with his sibling.

The Record newspaper reports a neighbor finally called police and his body was discovered.

“It’s very sad to be so alone in this world, to pass and nobody even notices it,” a neighbor who lives across the street told 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg.

Domsky would’ve turned 80-years-old last August.

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One Comment

  1. Anthony says:

    When someone dies alone in their home, the mail carrier should be the first to know that something is wrong when the mail keeps on piling up. I know that mail carriers are not the most intelligent people in the world, but it’s common sense to contact the police when a house has no sign of life for several weeks or months at a time. I wonder if the mail carrier has since taken a course in logic.

    If he was a regular at a diner, the employees should not have speculated that he took ill and moved in with a relative. One is the loneliest number.

  2. Dee Murray says:

    whats really sad is that his neighbors noticed his mail piling up and his lawn needing to be cut and NO ONE HAD THE COMMON SENSE TO CALL 911 AND MAKE A WELFARE CHECK ON HIM!!!!!!!! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!! RIP Donald ..

    1. Geoff Paugam says:

      The mailman that dumps the mail on your porch should have realized something was up…he/she went to the house 5 days a week????

  3. Sad says:

    It takes over a year for his neighbors to call the police! Shame on them, talk about people not getting involved, people are naturally nosy and someone near must have noticed the mail piling up! What about the mail delivery guy, aren’t they supposed to contact the authorities and report something suspisious regarding the elderly on their routes? What a sad commentary on the state of humanity.

  4. Lorie Post says:

    I have worked waitressing weekends at the Crossroads for 22 years and Donald was an early morning fixture. A very quiet, yet sweet man! I am so sad to hear that his life ended the way it did and went un-known for so long. I asked about him many years in the last year and nobody knew what had happened. RIP Donald … Lorie

  5. brooklyn4ever says:

    Stuff like this is so sad. If he had a sibling, unless they had a falling out, you’d think that she would have known something was up. Heck it was a year! Like the homeless man that died on our train yesterday, no one may ever know his fate. Hope they both rest in peace.

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