Homeless L.I. Teen And Family Move In To New Bay Shore Home

BAY SHORE, NY (CBSNewYork) – A homeless Long Island high school student whose story made headline news after she became a semi-finalist in a prestigious national science contest isn’t homeless any longer.

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Samantha Garvey and her family were given the keys to their new Bay Shore home by Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone Saturday afternoon as part of the county’s affordable rental properties for homeless families.

The teen was nearly speechless as she looked at her family’s new, three bedroom house.

“Everything that has happened in the past few weeks has been unbelievable and amazing,” she said.

The county gave the home to the Garvey family after the teen’s story gained local and national attention when she was named a semi-finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search and it was revealed she and her family were living in a homeless shelter.

The Brentwood High School senior found out on Wednesday that she didn’t make the cut to become a finalist in the Intel competition, with a top prize of a $100,000 college scholarship, but said she’s still a winner.

“I am so overwhelmed,” Garvey said Saturday. “A good overwhelmed by all the support.”

Besides getting a new home, the teen was presented with a $50,000 scholarship from AT&T to the college of her choice when she appeared on the “Ellen” talk show earlier this month.

Then on Tuesday night, Garvey was Long Island Rep. Steve Israel’s guest at President Obama’s third State of the Union address and told 1010 WINS she was exhilarated from her trip to Washington.

samantha garvey Homeless L.I. Teen And Family Move In To New Bay Shore Home

Samantha Garvey (L) meeting Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (R) with Long Island Rep. Steve Israel (Center) in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012. (credit: Steve Israel/Facebook)

“Seeing what was going on, from behind the scenes and having that insider look, “ Garvey said Wednesday. “Everything, all the prominent figures I met yesterday, it was just amazing.”

Even more good news, Garvey’s dog is joining them at their new home. The pooch was going to be euthanized in the pound until a good Samaritan came forward to kennel and vaccinate the dog until they were ready to move in.

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One Comment

  1. I am soooo ashamed says:

    Am I the only one that has a creeping suspicion as to why her teacher (the one with the spiked butchy hair) is always there in each photo.

    1. Yeah says:

      Good observation. The teacher even has gotten the girl to get a similar hairstyle in recent pictures. My theory is that the teacher came up with the idea for the project and did most of the work for whatever reason, maybe she likes her.

      1. i'mgoinstraighttohell says:

        I see a studded doggie collar and a leash

        1. I see it too says:

          Look at the matching scarves on teacher and student, and the way the teacher is looking at her pupil.

  2. Double D says:

    Are you in trouble? Money, credit debt, housing, or unemployed?
    Get in touch with Ellen Degenerce, the giver of every good thing.
    How does $50G’s sound? Just do some doggy tricks and be rewarded.

  3. Robert Moses says:

    Notice that Mike Bloomberg is “solving” New York City’s poverty, homelessness, and other social problems by maliciously and ILLEGALLY exporting them to the quiet and pristine suburbs where REAL Americans live.

    Why is everybody, especially WINS, ignoring this fact? Why is Suffolk County not billing NYC for the cost of that house and this girl’s education?

  4. NYC"s Angel says:

    It pays to be related to the Democrat Steve Israel. Non-homeless cousins and Judge wife. Questions that need to answered.

  5. E Rite says:

    Um, yeah, why so many angry people, b/c she got some help. You all should be angry that Ryan Seacrest make $30mill a year on American Idol.

    He doesn’t do anything (well that is)

  6. Fashionable says:

    She may be the only homeless person in America with designer clothes.

    1. Dannyg says:

      Your SAD!

      1. me says:

        it’s ‘you’re sad’ if you had learned proper english grammar.

  7. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Another example of how a loser wins something free once again in America

    1. Dannyg says:

      Your Sad also

      1. me says:

        You’re really sad, take a grammar course!

        1. Grandson says:

          My gramma died years ago!

    2. Nyc says:

      She did better than you loser azz

  8. carpinteyromnu says:

    Truth global was truth of the matter understood through science, and truth accepted inductively or deductively because of the logic of philosophers plus philosophy ~ man almost everywhere, always, desiring to enjoy much more, better, including the satisfaction of his intellectual curiosities in metaphysics, aspired to this. Truth environmental was that which, for reasons affected through various factors -e. g., resources or policies and philosophies of education acquired, as distinct from -or since variations of truth global, some of man’s aspirations and behavior needed to be based on, for better and extra enjoyment of, both, avoiding society’s retribution plus extrinsic and intrinsic achievements, in his immediate ecosystem -through philosophy and philosophers, educators and teachers throughout educational philosophy, this suffered in helping, education (mostly regarding history, metaphysics) much tendency.

    1. Jerry says:

      Your point is???????/ :\

  9. Getting real says:

    Nice story but well overplayed. She wasn’t homeless when she did the project. Good for her but she sure cashed in with a free house and scholarship which the other finalists didn’t get.

    1. Nyc says:

      Jealous much?

  10. lulu says:

    There’s a lot more intellectual potential living in he shealters.

  11. NYC says:

    Her parents should be very proud. She has set a good example.

  12. mark says:

    thats what america is about

    1. Jason says:

      Seems as though someone in their family could have found something to do to be able to afford ?? That is what America is about……. or at least used to be?

      I’ll bet dollars to donuts they have the cells and I phones as well as designer clothes??
      Samatha deserves credit, sure, is she the only one??
      How many other are more destitute, hungary,elderly and ill.

      My question is will they pay the taxes or will we foot the bill on that also?

  13. LI Teacher says:

    What a great story. I applaud Samanthafor all of her hard work. We need more people like her.

    1. Jason says:

      Of course you do……….between the slackers, teachers unions and superintendents salaries perk and pensions, you guys share the same bloodsucking creating most of the hardship in our counties!

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