NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Super Bowl-bound Giants will meet at the Meadowlands, board shuttle buses to the airport, then head to Indianapolis, but in town or not, local businesses are benefiting from Big Blue’s success on the field.

Victor Cruz, who got a hometown sendoff in Paterson this weekend is so popular, his jerseys and T-shirts are this week’s top sellers at Modell’s in Times Sqaure.

“Victor Cruz, he’s definitely number one in my book with the Giants,” fan Tracy Beck told CBS 2’s Mark Morgan.

“Cruz, anything with the word Cruz on it, customers are flocking in looking for them,” said Marc Sacks, assistant manager of Modell’s.

Asked if he was sick of people requesting Cruz gear, Sacks told Morgan: “Sick of the phone ringing, for sure, yeah.”

Merchants, of course, are thrilled with Big Blue boost in business.

“That’s why we came in. We came in from New Jersey. Can’t get them in New Jersey anywhere right now, so we thought we’d take a ride in now while it’s quiet and see if we could get one, so here we go,” said Bob Schultz of West Milford, proudly showing off his Cruz jersey Sunday.

Next week, bars will be overflowing with fans.

“It’s just going to be great business for any bar with huge screens and the Super Bowl on,” said Angelica Cartagena, manager of Rumours Bar in Midtown.

“It’s going to be really crowded and I’m going to get here really early so I can have a seat at the bar,” fan Donna Pappalardo told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin. “Watch them win, that’s the most important thing.”

As the Giants take the next step on the road to glory, fans remain confident in a repeat of Super Bowl XLII.

“We’re New Yorkers and we’re the best team out there. We’re in the best city in the world and I just think it’s time, once again, that the Giants win,” said Clara Panzini of Lake Grove, N.Y.

“Because we got it in the bag, that’s it, New York all the way,” said Rachel Carrillo of Canarsie. “That’s right, in the bag… No doubt.”

CBS 2 even found a non-Giants fan whose dislike of the Patriots has pushed him into the G-Men camp.

“I’m a Jets fan and if it’s the Giants or the Patriots, I’m going with the Giants. That’s pretty much the way I see it,” said Richard Beck of Colonia, N.J.

Asked if that was hard for him to say, Beck answered: “No, I’m a New Yorker. I’m for the Giants. Go Blue.”

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