Leak After Leak Surface Questioning The Credibility Of Police Commissioner’s Son’s Accuser

As Manhattan DA Mulls Charges, Ray Kelly is Still Not Speaking About Greg Kelly

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD and the Manhattan District Attorney refused to comment Monday about the sex assault allegations against the police commissioner’s son.

But that’s not stopping an avalanche of leaks about the state of the investigation.

The headlines were inevitable, given the involvement Ray Kelly’s son, who happens to be a television news personality. The coverage, driven by leak after leak from law enforcement, is questioning the credibility of Greg Kelly’s accuser.

Some readers are saying, enough.

“It is kind of stacking the deck against people, for sure it’s definitely a lot of propaganda,” Kelsey Novick of Greenpoint told CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

“I think stories like this are dangerous. They perpetuate the victim, blaming culture of violence against women,” added Craig Held of Midtown.

Ray Kelly has refused comment after recusing the NYPD and turning the case over to the Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr.

But there was the following leak on Saturday in the New York Post: “A source said Ray Kelly has seen the bar bill from that night and has privately said it was laughably low, which helps knock down the claim that she was drunk.”

The Post’s source was referring to the accuser, who partied at a bar with Greg Kelly before the alleged assault.

That, of course, raises an obvious question: if the police commissioner has turned the case over to the district attorney’s office, why would Ray Kelly have been looking at evidence in the case — the bar bill?

On Monday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Ray Kelly should have no involvement in the case and believes his top cop has kept his distance.

“His idea was to turn it over; I didn’t have to tell him to do it. That’s Ray Kelly, the most honest person I know and understands that you cannot have the potential of a conflict,” Bloomberg said.

If the leaks are correct, a decision about charges could come as early as this week.

Over the weekend DA Vance said he has a good team on the case, and will follow the facts wherever they lead.

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One Comment

  1. Joe Botz says:

    No cover up! She uncovered behind her said boyfriend’s back.

  2. Kelly must go!!! says:

    Is the NYPD running a smear campaign against this possible victim? It sure looks that way to me. An investigation should be started to see where the leaks are coming from and arrests should be made. Ray Kellys is a complete joke and poor leader in these trying times.

  3. deuceman99 says:

    a new law needs to be passed that you must report anything of this nature within 48 hours. watch how fast most of these false claims stop. majority of women lie about this because they want money and hate men. you reap what you sow.

  4. Vernon Hell says:

    Greg Kelly, another member of Rupert’s Rapists.

  5. Jack Web says:

    This lady does not have a chance of being believed even , if her story is
    true ,she is suffering . A man has many ways (if evil )to drug a women
    without much booze,also they could have had a drink or more at the law office.
    She may have either way (drunk or not ) said no and Kelly said yes and no
    condom puleeeze. Remember her brother is a cop and her dad a lawyer
    would they want her lying about this for blackmail money?

    1. Joe Botz says:

      stop the dramatics, the alledged victim was enamored with a local celebrity case closed. She had consentual sex behind her alledged boyfriends back,,sex in the City,,something you need to enjoy…libtard looser

  6. Linda Elsey says:

    I think the boyfriend thought he was going to get a pay off, instead he has shamed his girlfriend.

    1. Rodin says:

      Non-news, non issue. BOOOOOOOORIIIIING…. Let it fade. Final results only, please.

  7. margaret sundin says:

    I think if she made to up for whatever reason she has hurt all women. If no charges are filed will a rape victim think twice about reporting it. And as for him there will always those who believe he did it it whether he did or did not do so. Its really sad.

  8. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Waiting definitely doesn’t help an alleged victim. There’s no forensic evidence or a hospital rape kit. A jury generally wants physical evidence, otherwise it’s a he said she said. An abortion also is not evidence of a rape. The fetus could be another man’s or was produced by a consensual act. Prosecutors won’t proceed with a case that won’t yield a conviction if there’s a reasonable doubt.

  9. Deborah Jeffries says:

    I would be the first person to stand up about violence against women, BUT in this case the big issue is waiting THREE months to report it. Just like with the DSK case, the maid continued to clean rooms after an alleged rape. If you are raped or attacked, you report it ASAP.

    1. Tripps says:

      Xxxxxxxxxxx is a thumb sucker

  10. i believe her completely... says:

    …this sounds like she’s being setup for a fall.

    1. rapedor caught bybf says:

      Her text messages before and after is setting up her fall

  11. ellen says:

    isn’t this the same set of prosecuters who dismissed the hotel maid’s rape charges against the former head if IMF because her credibility was questioned due to leaks?

    if so, maybe the problem is actually in the DA’s office and their “leaks”? just seems a bit suspicious that an alledged rape victim’s credibility is being questioned by this same office so publically and so soon after the previous case was dismissed.

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