NY Lawmakers To Consider Raising Minimum Wage To $8.50 An Hour

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Hundreds of thousands of workers making minimum wage in New York could soon be getting a big raise.

Minimum wage workers haven’t seen a pay increase in three years. That could soon change, since State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver reportedly plans to introduce a bill today, raising the state’s minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $8.50.

That’s a 17 percent increase.

The bill would also require the rate to be adjusted annually for inflation.

Nationwide, 18 states already have a higher minimum wage rate.

Earlier this month, Silver spoke about the need to bring New York up to par. He said the current minimum wage is unrealistically low.

“It’s absurd to expect anyone, let alone a working family, to afford the cost of living today,” he said.

It’s an issue both Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have championed recently.

“The cost of living in New York City, like nearly everywhere else, has gone up,” Bloomberg said during his annual State of the City address. “And not just housing, but food, transit and all the key parts of a family’s budget. But there’s one thing that, in all fairness, hasn’t gone up: The ability of those at the bottom of the economic ladder to pay for those essential needs.”

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  1. led says:

    l Idon,t understand why ther so Hellbent on keeping the poor poor!

  2. Christina says:

    Definitely need to pass this bill. NY is expensive and some workers, if not most workers, are under paid for their services. The increase would have great benefits in the end. Sure, they’ll be some set backs, but those things can be worked out if it means a better pay; a better quality of life. ( The belief’s of a 17yr old girl entering college this fall )

  3. mckeever2004 says:

    restaurant owners always cry when they suggest raising minimum wage.they do not hesitate to raise there prices when product prices go up.raising minimum wage is a good thing.

  4. Hortense says:

    I support the plan for the minimum wage be increased. There has been an increase in the price of almost every basic neccessities of life for NYers. There is an increase in the price we pay for gas, transportation, insurance, food, rent, utilities even an increaase for the cost of the local stamp. people has to live and the bills has to be paid, yet the salary is unable to meet the demands. With the salary increase people will feel a little better and will be able to provide better for themselves and family. ths minimum wage increase will give all working class a salary increase.

  5. Lisa says:

    THe country is in a bad way & this may help NY State better adjust ot the inflation,depression,etc… I am in agreement as I fell the rate is way to low for any family person to be able to take care of their basic needs. Cars require,gas & insurance & maintainance.People need to eat,have clothes,& shelter.If having to work 2 jobs to make ends meet, where is our most precious valuable rating?FAMILY time ❤

  6. hh7686@aol.com says:

    The miminum wage should be $11.00. Who can afford $8.50 when the rent is 2 dam high.

    1. tOMMY says:


  7. adam j, mack says:

    ”They have to pass this bill before they do anything else.”

  8. JGNY says:

    Crazy politicans pandering for VOTES. Silver is a disgrace. Employers, YEAH..just pay more. Go ahead, take a little more from their so called awful profits. This will lead to LESS HIRING. This will lead to more layoffs and businesses owners moving OUT of NY. Why locate here when expenses are less outside of NY. I am sure some of the unions will love this as they do not need to bargin for raises are some low end union contracts….OH wait, thats the idea. Less Hiring, more welfare…vote democrat.

    1. mckeever2004 says:

      i hope your one of the ones living on $7.25 an hour.if not try it some time.every thing goes up .this is not 1950 keep up with the times…lol

      1. Tommy says:

        NY is expensive. If you can’t afford to live here move. There are plenty of places in this country where you can live well on $25K per year. New York City is not one of them.

  9. mike says:

    This is why the cost of living goes up for everybody..

    1. JOE says:

      no cost of living goes up because of greedy companies, the Gove need to get this bill through. the end.

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