Two Girls Abandoned On Brooklyn Street; Mother Arrested

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – New York City police have arrested the mother of two young girls who were abandoned on a street in Brooklyn.

Police say the children, ages 3 and 5, were left alone in front of 5995 Shore Parkway on Sunday around 2:45 p.m.

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

Police say the girls had no identification on them. They were bundled up for the weather and were clutching several clean diapers.

Police say they knew their mother’s first name but could not tell them where they lived.

Police say a good Samaritan stayed with the girls until police arrived.

They were taken to Brookdale University Hospital to be evaluated.

Dalisha Adams, 26, has been charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of minors.

The children are in custody of the Administration for Children Services.

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports the girls’ grandmother, Bertha Davia, said it was all a misunderstanding and is asking ACS to place them in her care.

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  • Optimistic

    This is a sad situation, but we never know what one is enduring until we have found ourselves in the same situation.Yes, she could have done better and taken the children somewhere like a firehouse, store, or hospital, but there is so much in life that we go through as human beings, not to mention genders. Life and times are so difficult, and we all try our best, but sometimes it is just so hard. Many of the comments are harsh, we all sometimes think we can deal with whatever we are faced with and then we are hit with other things to deal with. Just think God the kids are okay, and hopefully they go back to another relative and do not get lost in the system. It is really for GOD to make the call none of you who are making comments are perfect. I WISH THAT I COULD TAKE THEM IN.

  • MHess

    how can you allow these kinds of racist comments to be made on your website? Do you have any idea how bad it makes CBS look? Why don’t you hire someone to delete these comments? They’re painful to read and it’s astounding that no one at your organization cares.

    • LisaG

      Racist? Where has race been discussed? They are talking about a person who had no business having children that she couldn’t afford, much less take care of. How is that racist? Sometimes the truth hurts….

  • Bullett

    I just viewed a picture of the mother on another web site; real P.O.S.

  • Matt

    pure filthy garbage, deserves to be stoned to death, typical of these people, having babies they cant provide for

  • Very conservative

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • EME

    Every day we read about parents killing their children. At least this woman had the decency to recognize that her girls are better off without her. This was probably a heartbreaking realization. Obviously were she the kind of person able to rationally think everything through and plan out how to best arrange for the care of her kids then she would not have been in this situation in the first place! At least her kids are ok – and not being abused, or dead. I have only compassion for this desperate mother, and only wish I could take these two girls in. I have 2 boys the same age but can not provide a home for 2 more.

    • BF

      Everyday? Really?

  • lieutenantdan

    Now ACS has the kids!
    I am positive when we hear more about this situation we will find that ACS
    had already been involved.
    Unfortunately Judges do not want to acknowledge that some mothers can harm children.
    These kids would have probably been better off with their fathers.

  • t

    Keep your legs closed if you cant afford it, true you dont know what really happened here.. so sad

  • cherlse

    3 & 5 and they had diapers ? um what is wrong with this picture ??

    • Booka

      you must not realize, the government pays for the diapers, therefore the lazy welfare queen project mother will have them crapping their pants until they are 10

  • michael

    The governement should require those on public assistance to be granted a permit to have children. If your still on assistance, youre not allowed to have kids. If you were on assistance, then went to work, you can have kids if you can support them……and truly support them and dont need food stamps, section 8 housing, or welfare.

  • Johntrice Mohamad Smith

    Everybody gonna be cracking hard on this women because she done wrong. But nobody knows the trials and tribulations this so called mother of 2 may be facing. Who amongst us can say they would not falter trying to carry the enormous burden society places on them. This alleged perpetrator may indeed turn out to be more of a victim of our hateful, appartied, bigoted society than we realize.

    • Jerri

      I agree. It’s HARD being a single mom. I’ve been doing it for 14 years and it does not get easier. And with the economy and it’s harder and harder to get assistance. If you have no family to help you are TRULY lost.

      I can’t imagine what she may be going thru. Because as hard as it is to be a sinlge mom, worse was the days when I would cry because I was STRESSED with how I would supply for my child. Food, clothes, shelter. She must have been at the end of her rope. Let’s not all condemn her before we know the facts.

      • NurseDee

        Are you kidding??? There is no excuse for leaving young children on the streets with no supervision – regardless of “stress”, “no family”, or whatever. She should have seeked help, and if all else fails, she could have contacted child welfare for assistance or at least put them in foster care until if and when she can work things out. Dumping children on the streets is NEVER AN OPTION.

        • JAC

          Thank you! I cannot believe how many people on this page are defending the mother. I understand how hard it is to be a single mother, and I know this economy sucks, but what if one of those kids ran into the street and was struck buy a car? What if there was a pedophile in the area? Leaving them abandoned is not an answer.

      • Maria

        WOW.. you have to be kidding me!!!!!!!! If she was having trouble then she should have stopped at ONE, not go and have TWO more kids. She’s 26 and has an 8 year old… that means she was 17 when she got pregnant. I am sure it was hard then why would you go and have 2 more kids. There are plenty of women out there that cannot have kids. She had plenty of options. The bitch should be beat. You have a responsiblity as a “parent”, “mother”,and “father” to protect and serve your children. She’s not a mother , she’s a baby maker.

    • Lee0521

      You mean the trial and tribulation of birth control? Abstinence? Taking responsibility for your actions? Yes, I can see where those qualities do not register for certain people.

  • Frankie Millaire Pelletier

    lets not judge this woman we don’t know the whole story

  • Jay

    I agree but she may have done the better thing for them. Guess we will find out.

  • Bullett

    Any woman who would do this, does not deserve the title of “Mother”.

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