Dylan Leggio Went From Sky High To Depths Of Despair In A Couple Of Minutes

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A dream denied.

On Monday, a heartbroken high school student who thought he was accepted to prestigious Vassar College spoke out about what it was like learning there was a mistake.

Dylan Leggio of Katonah, N.Y., thought he’d made it.

“I was just extremely happy that, first, I got into a top-class school like Vassar, and also that my college process was over, like I didn’t have to worry about waiting until April, or anything like that,” the 17-year-old said.

He said he pictured himself attending classes on the famous 150-year-old campus, but last Friday his joy suddenly turned to disappointment.

“My mom wanted the acceptance letter so I printed it for her, but when I printed it out I realized that it was actually a decline,” Leggio said, adding that the letter was changed during that time.

The college president apologized immediately on the school website, saying “we put 76 applicants in a terrible position.”

“Before we post any decision letters on the website that students can log into to find out their decisions we check them very carefully to make sure the wording is correct,” Dean of Admissions David Borus said.

But this time the test messages were made public. Vassar receives 8,000 applications yearly for a freshman class of only 600.

“This was a mistake. It was a big one,” Borus said. “But it was simply that, a mistake.”

Vassar has about 2,500 students, so many people are asking if this was the college’s fault, why can’t they just admit the additional 76?

“If we accepted those students now we would have to say no and deny students in the regular decision process,” Borus said.

As for Leggio, he said he’s got his fingers crossed now for some other schools.

“I’m leaning toward schools near Boston because I know I will have an awesome experience there, such as Boston College and Boston University,” Leggio said.

Vassar said it is reimbursing the students’ application fees.

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