Nearly 600 Marijuana Plants Found In Police Raid Of Bronx Building

5-Story Commercial Digs Turned Into State-Of-The-Art Pot Manufacturing Palace

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — You might call it a marijuana mega mansion.

Police raided a five-floor commercial building in the Bronx Tuesday afternoon that was filled with marijuana plants from wall to wall.

The building, located on Morris Park Avenue, had nearly 600 plants, some measuring 7 feet.

Police called the operation a sophisticated pot factory that was cranking out millions of dollars worth of weed, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Reports

“It’s sad. I mean why didn’t the cops pick up on this before?” a neighbor asked.

Police told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis they just got the tip late last year from a neighbor. They said they checked the building’s electric bill and found it to be sky high. So after weeks of surveillance, officers moved in with a search warrant, arresting three adult males and shutting down a 50-pound a month operation that netted $250,000 every 30 days.

Facing charges are Brian Munoz, 24, Victor Reyes, 23, and Diego Reyes, 25, all of the Bronx. They each were hit with one count of criminal possession of marijuana, one count of criminal use of drug paraphernalia in the first degree and criminal use of drug paraphernalia in the second degree.

CBS 2’s John Slattery said there were no sleeping quarters inside, but the building fostered the perfect environment for growing the plants. There was an elaborate set-up of water and air filtration systems, plus heat lamps. Slattery reports that the drugs were allegedly packaged on the top floor.

Neighbors in the area said they were surprised and never suspected anything.

bronx pot bust Nearly 600 Marijuana Plants Found In Police Raid Of Bronx Building

Police remove marijuana after a raid on a five-story building in the Bronx. (credit: Al Jones, 1010 WINS)

“It just looked like it was a mechanics every time I walked by,” said Ricardo Morales.

“That’s crazy…because I used to walk past this every single day. I live down the block on Garfield,” said Maria Candelaria. “Never even smelled nothing come out from this place.”

The confiscated bags will all go to a lab for testing and then, eventually down the line, will be destroyed.

“Good, good. I mean there’s no mistake that it is obviously marijuana,” a neighbor said.

The pungent smell is a dead giveaway, but still the question remains: who’s behind this major marijuana machine?

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One Comment

  1. 420 says:

    Don’t they have anything better to do than go after a harmless drug that’s never hurt anybody. The laws hurt people more than marijuana ever will. I’m still wondering why it’s still illegal does it give lung cancer like cigarettes, Impair judgment like alcohol, give heart disease like fast food? Oh because they said so well ok that’s a very good reason these guys should spend years in prison on the tax payers dime.

  2. swiizy says:

    The thing is the prison system or the police system when they go after people who make money provide something that is victimless. While they think they are providing a service, in reality law enforcement becomes the parasite.

  3. treasonviafeds says:

    3 people who earned 250k a month providing a service that is a victimless crime now are a liability to the tax payer at 80k a year. each…. good rationality dumazas

  4. Dusty Rhodes says:

    thank you NYPD, i feel so much safer now…. the for profit prison industry, DEA billion buck budget, and the bush rightwingers still in justice in DC, are still calling the shots. the LAPD just closed the last dispensary in Los Angeles, there were dozens of tax paying, rent paying storefronts, now you see for lease signs. all for a weed.

    the rightwingers should be just as mad as the left on this issue.

  5. 57nomad says:

    Marijuana is one of the most innocuous substances known to man. The usual reason to make a law is to reduce some harm. No such case can be made for marijuana prohibition. It has become more of a political fashion statement than a rational discussion. There is almost noting to be gained by its continued prohibition and a lot that could be gained by its controlled legalization and taxation. California is drowning in debt and is also the home of some of the most sophisticated domestic growers in the world. Release all of the non-violent prisoners now incarcerated for strictly marijuana related offenses and cease all law enforcement efforts to suppress

  6. Ben Dover says:

    Im confused … is America UNDER THE OBAMA regime GREEN or not?

  7. New York Nick says:

    ““It’s sad. I mean why didn’t the cops pick up on this before?” a neighbor asked.”

    Why didn’t YOU PICK UP ON IT you moron, you lived next door to them, not the Coppers idiot.

  8. Pooba Pudding Junior says:

    If only the NYPD gave a third as much effort into investigating banks for their crimes. … Way to fight crime guys!

  9. Ronnie says:

    The comments are very informative and some are hilarious, they’re better than the subject matter. Looks like I’m changing my tax person, based on that 15%+35% info. Question: the evidence is being held for what? investigation/further review. wha,hahahahahahahahaha!

  10. lone420ranger says:

    “It’s sad. I mean why didn’t the cops pick up on this before?” a neighbor asked.”
    What’s sad, and i mean really sad, is the loss of 800 plants and an great grow-op.

    “Slattery reports that the drugs were allegedly packaged on the top floor.” The stuff was NOT drugs! It was plant flowers.

    Jesus H. Christ, when will this ignorant government face the inescapable fact that prohibition doesn’t work, never has, and never will?

    Anyway, marijuana is harmless…it poses as much danger as a field of cabbage.

  11. John Sheridan says:

    This is outrageous. How dare these narco-terrorists compete with the U.S. government’s narco enterprise. If this is allowed to continue, would would happen to CIA-ATF-DEA-DOJ profits? They might have to increase taxes to cover the shortfall.

  12. Lame says:

    Lame. Vote for Ron Paul to avoid future lameness.

  13. Justavet says:

    Must have been some good s***, @ $5000 a pound. (The story said 50 pounds a month and they were netting $250,000). I bet that would be a surprise to the growers. Even at street value, I doubt that number. Legalize it and we would instantly take millions from the Mexican drug cartels, put millions in government treasuries in the form of taxes and eliminating the cost of enforcement of archaic laws. You would also eliminate costs of incarceration.

  14. Shane says:

    Why don’t they put this much effort into shutting down the doctors who are supplying Oxycontin and other deadly drugs to no needy patients?

  15. Mott says:

    Legalize it. Don’t waste money going after pot. People will always smoke it.

  16. Jim Bunion says:

    Drugs are big income for the US Govt. Our military is protecting the poppy crops in Afghanistan to keep the War on Drugs going.. It is all BS. Our govt.
    sells guns to the Mexican Cartels. Big banks launder the money and it is all an excuse for the Prison system.

  17. Jim Bunion says:

    Pot is harmless. This is BS.

  18. Cam Kirmser says:

    No, rewarded.

    Unless the tipster is actually a competitor and is hoping to expand his own business by bringing down the competition.

    1. Cat says:

      Rewarded for destroying the American economy?

      These young entrepreneurs were bringing money into the neighborhood, employing people and reducing the trade deficit.

      Who cares if a gang of corrupt millionaires 300 miles away says it is “wrong” or “bad”. Also, the anti-drug policies were started by the same idiots who started the Vietnam war. Cruel hearltess and evil people, the whole lot of them are burning in hell right now, I’m sure.

      1. Ozlanthos says:

        Actually the drug war was started by William Randolph Hearst back in the early 1900’s.


  19. pepe says:

    Five story commercial building in the Bronx? Who’s the jew who owned it?

  20. PabloKoh says:

    Google Earth: 21 01′ 22.12 N, 89 23′ 32.16 W
    Crashed CIA Cocaine Jet

    1. kmrod says:

      google earth: 51°10′44″N, 1°49′34″W
      CIA landing zone for teh greys!!

      1. PabloKoh says:

        Stonehenge?? Please explain what is has to do with the drug war or tail number N987SA?

  21. Karl Magnus says:

    The price of high-quality pot (Messiko produces only cheap herb) at an official medical marijuana “dispensary” is outrageous. Large grow operations like this DOES keep the price down and the money in the United States.
    Just legalize the stuff and get it over with.
    Yo, Feds … Think of all that tax revenue OUR country loses! Morons

  22. usaidit says:

    AKA Morris Dark….for obvious reasons.

  23. Tommy says:

    Alcohol being legal and pot being illegal makes no sense. People drinking alcohol drive terrible, get enraged over anything and act like morons but alcohol is OK, people smoking pot are laid back and cause no trouble and it is the bad one right? DUMB

  24. hollyw00d says:

    WOW, what a shame, and yet the “legal” stuff alcohol kills 100’s of thousands every year stil…..This ignorant Country’s got the wrong stuff legal..
    Legalize the harmless plant, Ban the Alcohol, its a killa 😉

  25. Jonathan Kent says:

    Who cares?! Really – if you idiots think your world is now safer, think again! I’ll applaud them when they find the LI serial killer, or get all the Wall Street crooks that destroyed the US economy.

    But, no, you simpletons are happy because some pot plants got thrown out. Big friggin deal. Morons.

  26. Doc says:

    Focus on real crime, the waste of police time and money on pot is insane.

  27. james says:

    so, $3 million per year in reveneue ($250,000 every month)
    So NY, what is the tax revenue fom a 3 million a year business.

    Time to legalize pot. Puts people to work, generates tax revenue, leaves police to do important things rather than watch a building for weeks and doesn;t fill up prisons with non-violent offenders.

    So Mayor – what IS the tax revenue on #3 million a year. How many more of these busiensses could you have – making money, creating tourism. Use your head and make some money. The war on drugs is a war against the citizens It has failed. Please use your head and end the war.

  28. Stinkystu says:

    No, they need to be dumped off in the middle of Mexico so they can see the mess they are helping to create.

    1. JSinAZ says:

      MJ grown in the Bronx has something to do with the Mexican mess? Doesn’t less MJ money in Mexico mean less mess?

      Or did you even think before posting?

      1. liesmuststop says:

        Apparently the only one not thinking is you. Killing off the local competition to send more money to Mexico will work out fine I’m sure. Keep in mind that this does not affect someone’s ability to get drugs, just how much they pay for it and to whom.

        1. JSinAZ says:

          What? I have no idea who you are talking to – I agree that this bust only helps people like the mexican cartels.

          1. wotlos says:

            I suggest you re-read your OP then because it sounded equally arrogant to me. also.

            1. Jesus Jones says:

              Children, children. Play nicely.
              Sounds like someone needs to relax.
              There’s this substance that can help with that. What’s it called again?

              1. Sid says:

                Amen Jesus! Amen!

      2. Stinkystu says:

        My comment was about the tipster, you dope!!! The tipster is causing Americans to buy pot indirectly from the cartels which is supplying the cartels with money which in turn is causing problems in Mexico. Did you even read the comment I was responding to before posting?

    2. Kevin Jack says:

      I’ll buy you a clue!

      1. Stinkystu says:

        Would you care to elaborate.

    3. Bub says:

      Did anyone not notice that these clowns had Hispanic surnames?? In the west coast growing areas it is reported that the cartels have taken over already. They kidnap Mexican nationals and hold their families captive in Mexico. These guys are sent to be grunts at the grow sites in Humbolt, etc. All of a sudden the aging peacfull Hippies that used to be the farmers are getting shot and pushed out of the business. Even though I saw this on a cable news special I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the truth.

  29. pat burns says:

    Why would police waste their time and money on pot? Leave it alone you stupid idiots.

    1. Jonathan Kent says:

      Because they’re too inept/embedded/crooked to go after the dozens, if not hundreds, of Wall Street criminals who wrecked the US economy with their flagrant disregard of risking other people’s money.

      That’s what you get when you vote one of THEM into office. Hi Bloomberg.

  30. James Wanchik says:

    “Neighbors in the area said they were surprised and never suspected anything.”

    That’s exactly what I would say! LOL!

  31. Muzzy Lu says:

    Now Mexican cartels will get more money to hack off someone’s head. Just legalize marijuana! Great e-book on medical marijuana: MARIJUANA – Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. This book has great recipes for easy marijuana oil, delicious Cannabis Chocolates, and tasty Dragon Teeth Mints.

  32. 777denny says:

    STOP the insane War on Drugs! Cannabis has been legal about 99% of the time it has been known to mankind. Please help to end the racist, counterproductive, greed-driven, nation-destroying, peace-destroying War on Drugs/Drug Prohibition. Newt Gingrich doesn’t want to lock up users, while Obama continues the War and even against patients, and Romney didn’t even know what ‘Industrial Hemp” was and walked away from a man in a wheel-chair who used cannabis for pain.

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