NYPD Order Forbids Officers From Using Unofficial Merchandise On Or Off Duty

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Unlike everybody else on Earth, New York’s Finest are no longer allowed to own any souvenirs emblazoned with the department logo, or even just the letters N-Y-P-D.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has issued a directive forbidding officers from owning any T-shirt, jacket, pin or any other merchandise with the NYPD letters or insignia without written permission.

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

The PBA’s lawyers are carefully reviewing the order.

“Telling police officers what images or objects he or she can own or wear in their private lives is a clear violation of the officers’ free speech rights, possibly other Constitutional rights and collective-bargaining rights,” PBA President Pat Lynch said in a statement. “Many private citizens proudly wear NYPD apparel – and police officers can’t? It makes no sense. The PBA believes the order is patently unlawful and we will defend our members’ rights.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said standards have to be set and trusts Kelly with setting them.

“We say that they’re on 24/7 when they’re not officially at work and they’re home, they’re still police officers,” Bloomberg said. “They’re not totally independent even when they’re not on-duty.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On The Story

Deputy Chief Paul Browne said the motion is targeted towards offensive T-shirts showing an inappropriate slogan with a police affiliation.

According to a published report, Kelly was irate after seeing a T-shirt bearing the letters “NYPD” and the slogan “Kill Them All and Let God Sort It Out.”

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One Comment

  1. Go Stina says:

    Perhaps they shouldn’t be allowed to write phrases like “to punish and enslave” on their official vehicles either.

  2. R.Young says:

    They should do just that- target the bad slogans and celebrate the good ones.
    but don’t punish the overwhelming majority of good stuff because of the few bad ones.

  3. Jeff Benson says:

    This directive increases stress. I don’t know how it will be enforced when officers are officially off duty? I’ve never before at any time commented of the news I read of police officers increasingly found guilty of crimes, due to on the job stress. NATIONAL POLICE WEEK activities in DC, in the past, were a great way to relieve stress without anyone getting hurt. What’s wrong with exchanging police car doors with another department? As example.

  4. RJ O'Guillory says:

    The U.S. of Hollow

    Junior demons litter the culture,
    sucking up all that’s left.
    The Elder knew how to pick em’
    The Boy claimed no such heft.
    Picked apart and long picked over,
    our bird of Giving Thanks.
    America, finally laid to rest,
    by her own traitorous Yanks.
    Liberty & Freedom,
    need no such plan to follow.
    Bleeding slowly across our land,
    The United States of Hollow.

    RJ O’Guillory /Author/ Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  5. Bzuc says:

    Soooo just to clarify if the receive a bday or xmas gift they cant accept it.. Well ok that makes sense , now I understand. Another reason that just shows how out of touch Bloomberg really is

  6. Charles Razenson says:

    That order is a clear voilation of the 209 law of the State of NY Section 209L . Once again the Police Commissioner has gone over his limit and becasue the NYPD makes money from selling this stuff and members get pride in wearing it. Well he is Just wrong.

  7. Diesel says:

    Probably unconstitutionally “overbroad.” The Commissioner should tailor the rule to prohibit only NYPD associated with values inimical to the values the NYPD must protect. “Kill them all” or, worse, “Kill the n—-rs” can’t be worn with “NYPD.” How the Commissioner would do this is tricky, but that’s why there’s an ACLU.

  8. Angel says:

    I think just because you work for the Gov,you shouldn’t have to give up your consttutional rights.What slogan or logo you wear on your shirt is protected by FREE SPEECH.A Police officer is also a US citizen and is protected by the same rights as any other US citizen.I believe the ruling to be unfair and illegal.

    1. NYPDrPIGS says:

      Actually they have more rights than your average US citizen. Freedom to shoot, maim, kill, arrest, entrap, surveil, infringe, run red lights for no reason on duty AND OFF, park their PERSONAL automobile just about anywhere for free…..you get the idea.

      And let us not forget STEAL. Which is probably why this “unofficial merchandise policy” is in effect FOR NOW. NY Pigo Dept doesn’t want any members caught wearing any of “their” loot until these Ray Kelly and son issues blow over.

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