Conservationists Are Howling Over Liam Neeson’s Latest Movie ‘The Grey’

New York(CBSNewYork) — Local conservationists are taking on the number one movie in the nation. “The Grey” shows actor Liam Neeson struggling for survival against a pack of wolves.

But the wolf keepers at the Westchester Wolf Conservation Center told CBS2’s Lou Young that they’re upset about the way the animals are being portrayed in “The Grey”.

“This movie does exploit an irrational fear, and it’s going to keep growing,” said Spencer Wilhelm. “They used wolves in making that film. Behaviorally, wolves are not going to do things like that.”

The conservationists at the center raise and care for endangered wolves before releasing them into the wild out west, and in the south to improve ecological balance.

In the wild the wolves face an already hostile human environment.

“We’ve had wolves released from here and just months after those releases those wolves were illegally shot and killed,” said Maggie Howell.

The center’s twenty-five wolves are kept far from human contact and fed from a meat locker filled with local roadkill.

Experts say that wild wolves will avoid contact with a person, even one carrying raw meat.

When CBS2’s Lou Young left the meat and the camera with the wolves they refused to approach until the humans were long gone, not like in the movies.

The experts at the center say that the film has created a teachable moment. They have no problem with people seeing the movie as long as they understand that the characters in the film are fictitious.

“I love thrillers. Movies like this are fine as long as people understand that this isn’t reality,” said Rebecca Bose.

It’s believed that the last wild wolf was killed in New York State in 1893 by a hunter, since then coyotes have claimed the area as their home.

Have you seen ‘The Grey” and do you view wolves as friend or foe? Let us know in the comments section below…


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  1. Ida Lupine says:

    I wouldn’t have a problem with it, except that this film comes at a time that is very bad for the future of wolves – they are being removed from federal Endangered Species protection for state management, and that “management” consists of immediate hunts planned, including the ugly and barbaric aerial hunts in Alaska and Idaho. Not to mention the fact that real wolves were killed to be used as props in the film Just an example of irresponsible filmmaking that I don’t have any intention of seeing.

  2. The Realist says:

    If the Westchester Wolf Conservation Center is truly upset about the movie, then it should SUE the producers to recover their monetary loses.

  3. Tom Gaglione says:

    Personally I don’t think it fosters an irrational fear. People do (and should) have a fear of being stranded in the remote wilderness amidst large wild carnivorous animals (lions, tigers, bears, wolves, etc.). And this is simply a ‘movie’ that plays on this natural fear. Years ago there was a movie called The Edge, a similar story about being stranded in the wilderness where the antagonist was a grizzly bear. I do agree that the wolves in this movie were hyped up a bit, but that’s hollywood – it’s merely scare factor for entertainment purposes, not to demonize or spark a crusade against them. Most people understand that.

  4. Travis Day says:

    Unfortunately, most of the American public will believe anything they see on film, even something as outrageously false as “The Grey.” It is up to more intelligent persons to continue to make the public aware of what a farce this movie is.

  5. Lori Garcia says:

    I have been a lover of Wolves since I was little.these animals are no way a threat to are more likely to die from a astroid then a wolf.I have not seen this movie nor will I.I think if you have to eat the meat of an animal just to get a feel of the charcter then you do not need to be I always say.God will punish those who harm his creation.

  6. Cindi says:

    This is one bunch of psychologically damaged individuals. Since when do you have to kill and eat wolves in order to do a film….I will NEVER see anything any of the cast does again…

  7. Kathy Mitchell-Wales says:

    I realize this is a fictional movie however what really gets me is the fact straight from actors mouths they ate wolf to “get into character” now this to me is horrible to do and to be proud of it? Seems way beyond the call of acting. Any wild animal is capable of going after a human even a small squirrel or chipmunk. The hunts being held in various Northwest states makes this poor timing to put to the public. Since the Gray Wolf was taken off the ESA in these states hunters and haters of wolves have been waiting for the day to start killing them. I see where wolf advocates see this as another threat to the already misrepresented wolf.

  8. Ramon Maroulis says:

    grey timberwolves are awesome!

  9. Noodle Head says:

    I’ve grown up (partially) in wolf populated regions in Europe. Wolves are NO danger to humans unless you’re an idiot that corners one and harasses it (but then ANY animal in that condition would fight back). For crying out loud, our forefathers domesticated this animal and created dogs… The Grey is a really funny movie to anyone that has had personal experience with wolves. They really should have picked some other animal – ehhh but then again it’s Hollywood, so the standard for realism is pretty low.

    Noodle Head

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