Two of the most respected defensive players in the NFL joined Boomer and Craig back-to-back this morning. First, it was Green Bay Packers’ all-pro linebacker Clay Matthews, followed directly after by now-retired defensive lineman Jason Taylor.

You knew that Clay Matthews would provide some entertainment right off the bat, as Craig immediately put on a blonde wig he had at his disposal. Matthews was not shy about how he felt Craigie looked in this wig. This inspired Craig to fire back at Clay for how much purple he was wearing this morning.

Before long the interview focused on the Packers’ playoff disappointment against the Giants. Clay was asked about how much the 2-week layoff hurt his team, and whether or not the tragic death of Joe Philbin’s son had any effect on the players from an on-the-field perspective.

After Matthews wrapped up, Jason Taylor slid right into his seat, and the hard-hitting questions kept on coming. Craig immediately grilled JT on his time with the Jets, and even asked him how he would have handled the locker room discord with Santonio Holmes.

Taylor then gives his break down of the Super Bowl match-up, as well as some specific thoughts on Eli Manning and Jason Pierre-Paul. All this and more, right here…

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