NEW YORK (WFAN) — Hey Vince Wilfork, don’t leave me hangin’!

After New York called — and lost — the coin toss at Lucas Oil Stadium, Giants defensive end Justin Tuck extended his hand across referee John Parry toward the Patriots.

Only New England’s big nose tackle wouldn’t have any of it.

Tuck eventually gave up on Wilfork, his first choice, and instead slapped five with cornerback Devin McCourty and guard Logan Mankins.

Wilfork  turned and pumped his fist as he stalked toward the Patriots’ sideline.

Wilfork’s snub — shown on television across the globe — may have been the first hard hit Sunday. But the Giants got a measure of revenge shortly thereafter when Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was called for intentional grounding in the end zone — good for the first two points of Super Bowl XLVI.

And, of course, the Giants had the last laugh by beating the Patriots 21-17.

Why would he leave Tuck hanging? Was it all the pre-game chatter from New York? Bad feelings left over from New England’s loss to the Giants four years ago in Super Bowl XLII?

Until Sunday, the NFC had won 14 straight coin tosses at the Super Bowl.

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