Gisele Consoles Brady, Rips Patriots Receivers For Bleepin’ Bad Play

NEW YORK (WFAN) — The prayers of Gisele Bundchen and her entourage went unanswered on Super Bowl Sunday.

Tom Brady’s supermodel wife watched helplessly as Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker dropped a wide-open chance to possibly seal the deal on another Lombardi Trophy for New England.

Instead, Eli Manning and the Giants stormed back to win Super Bowl XLVI, 21-17.

Gisele’s frustration was on full display Sunday night after Brady’s desperate Hail Mary pass fell short in Indianapolis.

“Eli rules!” exclaimed a fan after the game as Bundchen left her luxury suite at Lucas Oil Stadium. “Eli owns your husband!”

“You (have) to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball,” Gisele snapped. “My husband cannot (bleeping) throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Gisele rips receivers after loss

The exchange was caught on video and obtained by

The supermodel, who reportedly emailed friends and family last week to pray for her “Tommy,” wouldn’t get any divine mojo from Madonna’s halftime rendition of “Like a Prayer.”

Gisele later consoled Brady with a postgame embrace — in full view of reporters and photographers.

It may have been a super night for the power couple, if not for key fourth-quarter drops by Welker and tight end Aaron Hernandez.

“It comes to the biggest moment of my life, and (I) don’t come up with it,” said Welker. “Most critical situation, and I let the team down.”

Was Gisele right to rip the Pats’ receivers? Sound off in the comments below!


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  1. zninja says:

    haha I’m sorry I just had to comment and respond to the people sitting in their chairs here on a perfect monday morning, feverishly debating whether Tom Brady’s super -girl has brains to go with her millions of $’s. Sad fact is, she does have a brain. Bigger than that of most of you all.

    Anyhow, let’s talk football. Fact is, Welker should have caught that pass and saved the game for Pats. Sadly for all you Patriot fans out there, he didn’t. And it cost Welker and his boys Super Bowl XLVI. However, knowing that both teams played with a mediocrity yesterday, it was expected. Brady and the team should have played better throughout the entire game, not even allowing it to come down to a last minute hail mary pass attempt.

    Overall, great game for the Giants. Glad they won!!!

    Enjoy your new toy (very nice car), Eli! For being MVP ;D

    And all of you please stop complaining about how jealous you are of Gisele’s money and fame. Just….. stop.

    Thank you!!!!
    -Monday Morning Madness

  2. Stantheman13 says:

    Instead of hating on a guy’s wife, I think it’s time for Mr. Kraft to spend some $$$ on players! He’s gotten by on the cheap by signing low ball picks and has-beens…band-aids! How about building a team for the future?

  3. Andrew Marc says:

    What a class act she is. Football is a team sport, Jezebel, you win and LOSE as a team. She wouldn’t know anything about that because her whole life is about her. Would you expect anything else from a self centered super model? She should show some grace and apologize to her husband’s teammates.

  4. cluxx clamsman says:

    The only time she should open her mouth is when its time to fill it with Brady balls.

  5. rob says:

    yeah ha ha there’s another point I’d like to make:
    This guy has a supermodel wife and millions in his wallet and a mansion to come home to.
    He needs your prayers.
    What has our America come to? We pray for our beloved Foot ball gladiators, but when the bill of Rights is TRAMPLED ON by our “tall dark handsome POTUS”, we just yawn and take it up the A$&… You people are Ignorant and disgusting. You deserve what you get in big government, slavery and tyranny. FASCISM. ENJOY IT. You don’t care as long as you have your FOOTBALL right????

    1. Another Joe says:

      i lol’d on the above statement

  6. Marcie Potter says:

    Gisele is a poor loser, and the New England Patriots lost the Superbowl. Who cares about this woman? Only the people who are mesmerized by the rich and famous, people who absorb their lives in a fantasy existence. Guess what everyone? Gisele farts and belches and looks bad once in a while too. Move on with your lives.

  7. Vince says:

    Ok Gisele, I think you have crossed the line. Your supermodel, diva attitude does not work in this sport. Trust me. The last think this team wants to hear is the QB’s supermodel wife boudmouthing other players. He has to live with you at home, but in the lockerroom with the others.

  8. panther says:

    She obviously has a big mouth and a small brain.

    1. bass says:

      Heck yeah I love those kind of hotties.
      They’re only good for ONE THING and that’s the kind of coverage I’d expect from CBS… not some dumb woman talking about football. SHow some of her HEAD! lol

  9. Stantheman13 says:

    She’s just saying what other fans are saying! Give her a break! Patriots now know they have a talent gap on the team. It’s cute to have all those short receivers and backs….but after a while and against a stronger opponent, that lack of size does start to affect things. They really missed a healthy Gronk! Time to draft a real wide receiver and dump 85!

  10. Rob says:

    First of all, WHY is this b&%$ even COMMENTING on football? I mean seriously LOL! Who cares what she says or thinks? Her job is to shut up and put out. Be that pictures or her BJs. Don’t come out and ask for Prayers (gimme a break) or whine when your hubby sucks it up on Super Bowl night. However, don’t ask some anorexic model what she thinks….. EVER. Kthxbye.

  11. FL_Catholic says:

    Hmmm… perhaps Gisele’s prayers weren’t answered because her beloved “Tommy” dumped his pregnant girlfriend for her. (God tends to punish scoundrels and deadbeat dads.

    Or perhaps her prayers weren’t answered because she has been an outspoken advocate for abortion. He tends to not like it when his creations are destroyed before they are even born.

    Sorry, but the better team won, and she;ll just have to deal with the fact that her husband is not the Greek hero she wants him to be.

  12. FG says:

    Best part of all these comments is reading them then realizing that Brady, even after the loss…goes home to Giselle. His life is still better than all of yours…hate away!

    1. bass says:

      With as much C sucking you’re doing for Mr. Brady you should perhaps insert an “A” in your name and come outta the closet.
      We all know you want it so bad! You love the Brady dontcha!

  13. Martin Wierzba says:

    Stop feeding the trolls… This story is taking her comment out of context and then trying to get you to say nasty stuff. This is why I love Tim Tebow, He plays the game and is a good sportsman. The fans should not feed into this article. Otherwise all I have to say is Grats to the Giants… Remember its just a game… And God Bless.

  14. StickToWhatYouKnow says:

    Is she serious? I get defending your man, but not at the expense of his team mates. When she becomes an NFL receiver and never drops a pass, then she can open her mouth. In the meantime, she should stick to recommendations on spray tans and lingerie. Maybe Brady will verbally abuse her supermodel co-workers for pushing into her spotlight…

  15. 1985 Bears BEST OF ALL TIME says:

    ya know,,,,,,give her a break ,

    Now with that being said,,,,,, wonder what she thought about her hubby giving up the two points and the ball back to the Giants on his first play from scrimmage

  16. Tommy says:

    For all those getting bent out of shape over this, do you really care what a supermodel thinks about your team or sport? She knows more about birdseed than the sport.

  17. PensWin2012 says:

    Just a game ….. no reason to blow a fuse. Now that the spectacle is over, we can concentrate on a real sport, with real athletes. GO PENGUINS GO !!!!!!

  18. Lester Matthews says:

    Neither team should have been in the Super Bowl. They were both losers, The game was so boring I couldn’t watch it after the 1st Qtr. Remember, Drew Breese and the Saints beat New York by 20 points. Go Saints….

  19. James W. Adams says:

    The difference between them having to get a touchdown or a field goal at the end was determined by that bonehead play her husband made on the very first possession.

  20. Kevin Gamble says:

    She’s right though, they should’ve caught the ball, it was a perfect throw and easy to catch.

  21. Vince Lombardi says:

    Wow…Didn’t know Gisele was such an idiot. It’s a team game. Sometimes the receivers drop the ball…sometimes Tom doesn’t get it to them. Not all of Toms throws were on the money. His interception on the long throw down the middle was all on him. He threw the ball short.

  22. Corpsvett says:

    Sux to lose. I was glad to see the Giants win. Tired of hearing about Brady. Plus, it shut up the Mutt and Jeff team in the announcers booth. They now have till next season to get their heads out of Brady’s arse.

  23. PeteInTX says:

    Congratulations to New Jersey’s own Giants on a new Superbowl win

  24. sahj says:

    She is the C word. Watching in her luxury box. Now she can go home to her 22 million dollar pad. I give this marriage 2 mome years.

  25. Dr Snake says:

    I think both teams played really well. No one needs to go home with their heads hanging low. It was a great game.

  26. David H says:

    Brady’s punt in the Denver game was bad football karma. Bellichick loves rubbing it in. Payback from the Football Gods.

  27. red speck says:

    Gisele should be careful. I remember back in 2006 when she was doing a runway show and was supposed to turn left–but she TURNED RIGHT! OMG! It threw the entire clothing line in jeopardy. Thankfully for her, Kate Moss was there to pick up the pieces and carry the day.

  28. Mike boone says:

    Stick to wifeing and modeling and don’t embarrass your husband any more its a team effort the team lost not a couple of players .

  29. Spike says:

    God did answer Gisele’s prayer. The answer was “NO’.

  30. Barry A Kenyan says:

    LOL……… What a could of fake losers! I guess she showed here TRUE colors in the heat of the battle……………. Fake at the tata’s on her skinny ass chest.

  31. Frank Cotton says:

    She throws blame around like a female Obama…

  32. Master Shake says:

    I actually think I agree with her. Catch the freaking ball!

  33. dork says:

    Just stay in bed and spread your legs like a good wife should. Otherwise shut up.

  34. Tom Brady might just get his mojo back when he asks for a trade to a team with an honest coach. It’s pretty hard to win a Super Bowl when you don’t know what plays the other team is going to run.

    How is what Pete Rose did any worse than what Coach Bellicose did? That’s the question Dan Patrick should have asked ol’ holier than thou Roger Goodell. BAN BELLICHEK FOR LIFE.

  35. tex realist says:

    what’s a gisele and why is it important?

  36. Bdalton says:

    Divine mojo? That is seriously offensive. The result of prayer and spiritual health is not divine mojo. How unbelievably ignorant and offensive. What disgusting bias.

  37. sam says:

    Inappropriate of Gisele to do that. Bia#$#ch is right!
    Noone could have caught that ball. Lets face it, Tommy had a really bad night and his wife blaming others for it is cruel. Tommy should put a muzzle on her mouth and maybe a little rinoplasty too.
    The guy starts with a safety, the supposed best QB in the NFL. Horse poop!
    As soon as the safety his confidence was blown,he never got it back. Game over.

  38. Steve says:

    I think the bigger issue is here that this poor young man is demoralized and may not feel he has much more to live for after this loss. multimillions aside, and supermodel notwithstanding, the poor little rich kid didnt get what he wanted, and we all know that is devestating to his little ego.
    Hopefully these two damaged kids can pick up the shattered pieces and move on.

  39. ponderosaTX says:

    Welker was wide open but Brady overthrew him. The ball was barely catchable but a very difficult play. Welker often makes difficult catches but he failed this time. Since Welker had several steps on his defenders, Brady has no one but himself to blame.

    The David Carr comment was funny.

  40. Manrice says:

    Oh, OK, now it’s the fault of Brady’s receivers. What a moron this woman is! Its a good thing she is beautiful, because she is totally vapid. Stick to underwear shoots, Gisele. Hasn’t Brady coached her to keep her mouth shut rather than disrupt team relationships? This is the last thing Brady needs. When you fail, you fail as a team. Brady wasn’t exactly stellar in the game, either. All I can say is Go Giants! They peaked exactly when they needed to and played their hearts out. Belichik and Brady deserve one another.

  41. Billy Goats says:

    Brady who?

  42. Vik says:

    Have one thing to say to that no-talent, brainless bimbo. SEE YA AT THE CANYON OF HEROES TOMORROW!!!! GO GIANTS!!!! WE are the champions.

  43. Evill Buddy P says:

    Typical trailer trash broad that ran into money by using her body.

  44. zmogus says:

    “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife. So from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you!”

    1. Ophilo Obarbo says:

      When the lights are out it’s the compassion that counts. Supermodels are lacking that way perhapse.

    2. Manrice says:

      The next line in this song is “A pretty woman makes her husband look small
      And very often causes his downfall.” How appropriate.

  45. MainelyDoc says:

    I’m a total Pats fan. There’s no reason to sulk or blame anyone for the Patriot loss. Mrs. Brady could just as well blame Brady for intentional grounding when he was in the pocket in the endzone.

  46. mm says:

    Clock management on both sides was horrible. And what was the deal with the guy in the white afro bouncing on a metal cord in the half time show? His parents must be so proud.Though he was going to chop his nuts off!!!

  47. BIGD says:

    Leave her alone. She spoke her mind. She does have to get rid of the the FAT tub next to her in this picture. Listen they say it was a Giant’s fan who said Eli owns your husband. It could have been a simple statement by a Patriot’s fan. So be it, she wanted to ride on a dip stick last night as the wife of the #1 quarterback, instead she had to wipe his A–. BIG difference. GO BIG BLUE. P.S.Eli’s wife got the ride.

    1. Dana says:

      Um no. Rule number one. The wife of a team player and members of the team are NEVER supposed to badmouth other team members. It’s just not done. It’s beyond the pale and rude and thoughtless.

  48. John K says:

    Hmmm…if I remember the game right, the Giants got the first 2 points of the game when Brady’s errant pass led to a safety. Take away Brady’s screw up and the Patriots need only get in field goal range to win the game instead of having to score a touchdown. Guess the super model must have missed that screw up.

    1. mm says:

      I bet the big guys in Vegas putting bets on a safety in the first quarter made out like bandits last night.

  49. Jerry Butler says:

    What a bunch of classless sore losers. The last thing those two clueless morns need is a super bowl win. Can’t buy class… either you have it or you don’t. She just captured the problem with the Patriots… they aren’t a team.

  50. Diana says:

    Brady lost coz his scuzzy wife messes with his mind – she controlled him from the get-go. No man can perform athletically, when his mind is in a bog – a bog created by his wife. Brady, get out of the bog – get rid of your wife – you will never succeed until you free your mind.

    Shame on you GIZELLE for possessing what is not yours – You will pay.

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