Seen At 11: New Research Shows Gun Purchases By Women On The Rise

Latest Gallup Poll Seems To Suggest Americans Becoming Increasingly Fearful

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New statistics show that women are buying firearms in increasing numbers.

Laurie Adamo, a Scarsdale mother of two, has been shooting for about a year. She said she took to it immediately. She told CBS2’s Kristine Johnson that she decided that she and not her husband would be trained and ready in case the worst should happen.

“I know that we’re OK and nothing will happen because I won’t let it happen. I think your perspective changes a lot when you have a child and you see things happening in the world,” she said.

Adamo may be part of a growing trend. The latest Gallup Poll on guns says that 47 percent of Americans now have guns, more than any time since 1993, and women are buying in increasing numbers. Twenty-three percent of women report that they are gun owners, that is up from 13 percent in 2005.

“Our membership has just exploded,” said Scott Bach, head of the New Jersey Association of Gun and Rifle Clubs. “People are waking up to the fact that they are responsible for their own safety.”

Bach said that people are arming themselves because they are scared of what is going on in the world.

“The economy seems to be crumbling. There’s political unrest. We’re beginning to see the beginning of civil unrest,” he said.

Anthony Colandro runs a firearm training school in New Jersey. Colandro told CBS 2 that he is seeing brisk business and that women are a driving force.

“The woman is usually the matriarch who is seeking training, where the husband seems to be reluctant. But the woman it’s like, hey you work in the city all day, what if like 9-11 you’re trapped in the city for a week?” Colandro said.

Shari Spivack is one of those women.

“I take my job as a mom very seriously. I’m responsible for my children. Having it (a gun) there is just another layer of protection. Hopefully I will never have to take it out,” she said.

But gun control advocates say they are skeptical of Gallup’s numbers, which show that serious gun violence has declined dramatically. They said that people who keep guns in their home ignore the danger.

“If you put a gun in the home you are putting your family at risk and that is a reality that cannot be disputed,” anti-gun activist Dennis Henigan said.

Adamo said that she is only thinking about one thing, her family’s safety.

Do you own a gun or are you thinking of purchasing one? Let us know how you feel about firearms in our comments section below…


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  1. Glock Lady says:

    I’m part of the new gun culture. It was a real struggle for me to decide to own and gun, and to carry that gun. Here’s my post on why I made that decision:

  2. A Minor says:

    Honestly, I’m 17 and I think that by the Time I’m 21, I will have been legislated out of my RIGHT to own a handgun. I already reside in MA, so I have no gun rights any way according to the state house, and I feel that It’s only going to go downhill (at the Federal level) for law abiding gun owners…

  3. mo nig says:

    I have many guns. A 9mm pocket pistol, 45 cal compact pistol, a 357 mag snub nose revolver, an AR15, a small cal rifle, and a 12 ga. pump shotgun. I also have over 3000 rounds of ammo. Don’t come looking to take anything from my home or family. You won’t be leaving…

  4. PapaMilano says:

    Own three. Wifie is looking for her first. Go Wifie!!!

  5. Synthiotics says:

    Good article but I just don’t buy that men are more reluctant than women to own and use firearms. They always say stuff like that in essays to make a point, then switch gears next week in order to make another half-brained point. But at the end of the day it appears common sense is prevailing and women are waking up and no longer willing to tow the feminist/liberal party line when it comes to self defense. Good for all of you. Gald I moved out of NYC years ago and can now legally own a weapon.

  6. BigDaddy123 says:

    I have several and anticipate purchasing more. Taught to shoot by the military and shot for my university. Have trained my children and they also have several each. We are safe and follow rules at all times.

  7. Karisa says:

    Having a gun in one’s home is definitely putting someone at risk: the person who enters the home illegally and unsolicited. And it may be a sensitive subject, but be clear on the fact that women are cooler-headed than men and prepared to act in the case of an emergency. Women also tend to be better shots than men, for the afore-mentioned reasons as well as better breathing and body control. How distiurbing that some of you consider armed Americans as dangerous, yet have no opinion regarding armed illegals. Some of us are a bit more proactive and intelligent than that.

    Unlike many men, we will not brag on the street that we are armed and ready. But god help you if you mess with us, because you will surely find out.

  8. John Dallas Bowers says:

    “…what if like 9-11 you’re trapped in the city for a week?” Colandro said.

    Tough luck. If you’re in New York, you’ll get arrested for carrying a gun without a permit — and it’s virtually impossible to get a permit. Sorry, New Yorkers. Your political leaders hate the Second Amendment and have decided it doesn’t apply to you. Oh well.

    1. harold corby says:

      one reason i left ny.that and sick of ny liberal,socialist veiws like they know whats best.

  9. drew says:

    Actually it CAN be disputed. 20+ years of all kinds of firearms in my home and never once shot a family member, pet, or even the floor.

  10. Larry R. Herron says:

    All Americans should have a firearm in the home due to the state of our civilization.

  11. Steve says:

    Here is an example why people need the right to protect themselves and their family. We live out away from town. A guy showed up on our property naked, deranged and extremely aggressive. He tried to break the jaw on a little dog weighing 10 lbs. He also tried beating and kicking his way into our house. It took the co police about 10 minutes to reach our property. In the meantime I was standing inside the door w/ a handgun waiting for him to break down the door. Inside the house was my wife and 2 small children.
    The guy was so crazed when the officer arrived he had to use a stun gun and taser to get him subdued.
    I don’t want some bleeding heart liberal telling me I don’t have the right to own a gun. Luckily, a gun wasn’t necessary, but it was ready and able if necessary.

  12. OleCodger says:

    Interesting. Several days ago, Democratic Strategist Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners reported FOR Mayor Bloomberg’s gun hating group MAIG and said her poll showed that 76% of Latinos support the BATFE’s requiring gun dealers to report gun sales of those guns larger than .22 caliber. Ms. Lake also said her poll showed that suburban women wanted guns out of their neighborhood. She failed to specify if the poll asked if that meant ALL guns or just the guns used by criminals. The poll was so obviously biased and paid for by Bloomberg whose hatred of Americans owning guns is second only to that of President Obama

    MORE guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens = LESS crime. That is a statistical FACT the gun haters will someday have to accept.

  13. Paul says:

    First, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Second, if you don’t want a firearm, don’t buy one. Firearms are used in many sports and are not predominantly used to shoot someone (only the bad guys do this). Criminals who use firearms in crimes are a very small part of the population and are not abiding by any “gun laws” anyway. Most of those firearms crimes are linked to other crimes, such as drugs and many of those crimes are committed by repeat offenders. How these criminals get to be repeat offenders is the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed. Armed law-abiding citizens are not dangerous. Repeat criminals are dangerous, yet they are given second and third chances. Go figure.

    1. Jamie says:

      Succinctly put!

  14. Michael Carl says:

    Dennis Henigan is quoting his fear-filled opinion as fact and is misleading the public. More gun ownership and concealed carry permits usually leads to a decrease in violent crime. That’s from FBI stats. And more kids still drown in the bathtub than killed by accidental discharge of firearms. That’s a statistical fact as well. So the ladies are awakening to a reality. The police carry guns to protect themselves. Our protection is our responsibility.

  15. education first says:

    I was always afraid to get a handgun. Recently I did get a rifle and then proceeded to get two handguns. I trained at a local range and have learned to respect and properly handle my firearms. I now teach my wife and children the safe way to handle firearms. I believe they should all be able to handle them if necessary, just as they were taught to handle a car, which in itself is a dangerous weapon.

  16. Patrick O says:

    The good news is that based on Bloomberg’s anti-gun Superbowl adds. I will be making more contributions to the NRA. I would encourage other gun owns to do the same.

  17. paulnadra says:

    47%. Wow that number frightens me. So many people, so damn afraid. The gun mentalilty is out of control is this crazy country

    1. The Facts says:

      With hordes of criminals out on the streets, decent people have very good reasons to be concerned enough to protect themselves and their loved ones.

      1. paulnadra says:

        The crime rate has been going down since the 1990’s. Pistol packing soccer moms are not necessary

        1. Anonymous says:

          Depends on where you are. Don’t generalize based on the 5 mile radius area you see everyday.

          1. LLB says:

            Guess paulwhat his name has never been robbed, house broken into or grandchild kidnapped. Where I live, I can’t hardly leave my house without worring about being broke into. I have shot one guy for breaking into my property at 3 a.m. just before Christmas. I have never been questioned because it is so bad here. Maybe one day Mister Goody 2 shoes will get to experiance this. I wonder if he would just stand there and let someone rape his wife, daughter or kidnape his children with his hands in his pockets. Just saying. You can’t fix STUPID, but you can numb it with a 2×4!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. paulnadra says:

              First, off LLB. I have been held up at gunpoint, have had my apartment broken into and have 2 cars stolen. I grew up nears the projects in Jersey City so I know a thing or two about crime. I still see no need to carry a gun.
              Your2x4 comment advocating violence against me is so typical of a gun owner. They can’t think rationally.

              1. mo nig says:

                I grew up in the projects in Hartford Ct in the early 60’s. I’ve been robbed, beaten, stabbed on two seperate occassions, shot once. I started carrying as soon as I was old enough to legally. I have saved myself from harm without firing a shot no less than 6 times since then. I truely hope you are lucky enough to survive your next encounter with criminals. In my opinion, the odds of having good luck are not very high, I’d rather have my gun…And by the way, I ain’t afraid of anything with or without my gun. But it’s always nice to have a little insurance.

                1. LLB says:

                  mo nig, I can relate to what you are saying, However, the response that paulnadra just gave he undoubtly has got to be in the top ten of the most stupid people I have ever got up with. A guy like that needs more than a 2×4 since he knows so much about crime. A little insurance does come in nice when needed.

        2. David says:

          pistol packing soccer moms are why the crime rate could be going down. You don’t believe in YOUR right to own guns? Fine, don’t force your beliefs on the rest of us who do. Because when your house gets robbed, or you get mugged or assaulted, you’re going to wish you either had a gun, or wish someone with a gun would come to your aid

          This is uneducated mentality that is trying to strip us of our Second Amendment right. Which is a shame. Just because we own firearms doesn’t mean we’re criminals, doesn’t mean we’re just waiting for that opportunity to shoot someone, it means we’re protecting ourselves, family and property and exercising our Second Amendment right

          1. BigDaddy123 says:

            I agree with you wholeheartedly. The second annendent guarantees the right to bare arms and raise a militia. Several reasons went into this part of he constitution. First was personal protection. The nation was young and dangers were out thee. Moresonow. And to protect us from a government that tries to become totalitarian.

        3. Rusty Shackleford says:

          Yep the crime rate has been plummeting just as the rate of gun ownership has been skyrocketing. There is an inverse relationship between the two. apparently.

        4. Marshall Brinson says:

          Why do you think the crime rate is going down???…Because more legal owners are carrying and armed! More Legal Citizens armed mean less easy targets for Thugs!!! Wake Up!!!

    2. Paul Eldridge says:

      When the other 53% has a armed thug kicking down their door or trying to car jack you with your loved ones in danger what will you do? Call the Police and hope they will get there in time. The Police carry guns to protect them not you. Or maybe run to the 47% that have guns.I HAVE GUNS AND I AM NOT A DAMN BIT AFRAID!!!

  18. PeterM says:

    I understand that CBS felt compelled to at least give a nod to the gun control activists such as Dennis Hennigan (actually, kudos to CBS for referring to him as an “anti-gun activist” which is what he is. However, he is, simply put, a liar. Do the research yourself. Go to the CDC website and research how many people are killed in gun accidents every year. You will see that very, very few are. More people are killed in accidental drownings, falls, fires, etc., etc. The gun deaths we hear about are 2/3 homicides and 1/3 suicides. So, if you are a criminal or live with one or mentally unbalanced, yeah, best not to own a gun . If you are a law abiding, responsibile person, as I believe 98% of people are, the benefits of gun ownership far, far outweigh the risks.

  19. bryan says:

    My enire family including my kids have learned how to properly handle a firearm. My wife is well versed on protecting herself and loved ones. There is no risk if you teach children to properly handle guns. The curiousity factor goes away. You respect a gun just as you would any other tool in the house. Is a chain saw any less lethal?

    It’s good to see that people are waking up. Woman are smart to arm themselves.. Now if they were able to actually ccw, then maybe we would see less rapes and muggings.

  20. Lisa says:

    I had private lessons to learn how to handle a weapon properly. I purchased two guns for my personal protection. I live alone. How is that jeopardizing my family? I’m only trying to insure that I live to be the mother and grandmother my adult boys deserve.

    1. John Dallas Bowers says:

      Well done, Lisa. I hope you’re going to the range regularly to keep those skills well honed.

  21. JohnnyZ says:

    Richard, you seem to indicate that “political pressure” and the decisions made by “the 9 people” due to that pressure, is somehow a flaw in the system in that it allows the “will of the people” to be carried out through the political process. The reason the “political pressure” system works is because the “will of the people” is heard loud and clear across the land, and that “will” is what this country is founded on. I think you have it backwards. It’s exactly that “political pressure” by the people, and for the people, that allows this country to be a shining example of independence and individual freedoms the rest of the world only wish they had.
    You speak of “historical rights,” well then let’s not forget the historical bearing of arms that made this a free country to start with. It didn’t start as a bearing of arms by a military force, it started by the people’s ability to bear arms as an individual freedom that enabled them to not become enslaved in their own homeland.
    Let me ask you Richard, would you prefer that no one in America own a firearm, and then when the next dictator or regime decides they now know what’s best “for the people” instead of upholding the “will of the people,” what would you have us do then, Take them to court?!!!

    Richard, our rights under the 2nd Amendment are what keep the remaining rights viable. The other pursuits you point out cannot be defended without the deterrent of the 2nd amendment’s content. Think about it!

    1. Richard says:

      I didn’t imply political pressure was a flaw in the system. What alternative is there to some jurists interpreting a text called the Constitution? I am just against Constitutional Idealism, the idea that certain “rights” are mandates of Heaven (“inalienable) whereas they are clearly mandated by men (now women too) based on historically based interpretations of the Constitution in response to real political pressures. In other words, I’m a Constitutional Realist (as in REAL POLITIK), not an idealist , as most gun advocates are. You say, “The reason the “political pressure” system works is because the “will of the people” is heard loud and clear across the land, and that “will” is what this country is founded on. ” Exactly. But you’re going around in circles. You’re admitting the country was founded on many wrong ideas, such as the disenfranchisement of blacks, women, Native Americans, and even the slavery of one class and the deracination (uprooting) of another class to the point of destroying an indigenous culture. These actions must be taken in a wider historical context, of course, but they happened nonetheless and would not be tolerated today. So your “will of the people” can be as wrong today as it was a centuries or even decades past (the legal concept of spousal rape is fairly new). You idealize “political pressure” while I historicize it, just like I historicize gun ownership. Why do you think the Founding Fathers accepted slavery in the Constitutional mandates? Because of political pressure. Yet the same political pressure led to the Abolition movement and the Civil War; it led to the Civil Rights Bill of the Johnson Era (second Johnson Era!). Political pressure said women could not vote; then political pressure put women on the Supreme Court. It seems like the history of America is the history of mistakes and their remedies. Preach gun ownership by all means; just don’t sentimentalize or idealize the issue. There’s nothing “ideal” about the Constitution; it’s a piece of paper in response to political pressures, some of which were from reasonable and some from unreasonable people. It’s our job to continue to scrutinize which is which.

  22. Nick Wong says:

    Oh man – so many mistakes with this – the most blatant being Laurie Adamo not wearing eye protection at the range. It’s also not the NJ Association of Gun & Rifle clubs – it’s the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC). It’s also GUN for Hire, not Guns.. Get it right.

  23. Nick Wong says:

    Dear Laurie Adamo – PLEASE WEAR EYE PROTECTION when shooting at your range. It’s a basic safety precaution which should be followed. I don’t care if you want to look good for the camera – that horrible teacup grip you’re holding your Glock with doesn’t help. Please take a basic firearm safety course for some training.. Also – what gun range allows you to use an IWB holster and lower your gun off the table?

    Dear CBS – PLEASE GET THE NAMES RIGHT! It’s not the NJ Assoc. of Gun & Rifle clubs. It’s the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs – ANJRPC.

    1. Nil says:

      Hi Nick-
      I find it curious that you chose to attack Laurie Adamo and some small errors in an otherwise informative piece. While I agree with the issue of eye safety, I disagree with your attack of her grip on the handgun. Grip is a personal thing and many shooters with unconventional grips achieve high levels of competence. Likewise, basic gun safety does not preach one particular grip over another.
      Out of curiosity, have you ever taken a basic gun safety course? FYI: Several of them in several states require drawing from a holster…In addition, firearm qualification for carry require it at some point. Where might one qualify if you can’t draw.
      On the subject of CCW. Would you rather people draw their guns in the middle of a store or at a range counter? Or perhaps walk in with unholstered unconcealed guns? I don’t know, I might find that a little disconcerting.
      In summary, opions are just that, opinion. If you wish to voice it that is awesome…just try not to attack people; especially when your facts are not concrete.

  24. Anthony Gunforhire Colandro says:

    Thank you Pam and CBS for such an open minded and objective piece.

    The rise in firearm ownership in woman will have a lasting effect because it is the women who need it as an equalizer to help them counter the increasingly violent society we live in.

    In the immortal word of Jeff Cooper “When you need help in seconds, the police arrive in minutes”.

  25. jesse says:

    kids dont live here but ill be dam,ed it theye going to take my water and food,,,,

  26. Pete says:

    Don’t get me started with the obstruction of the second amendment that NYC gun owners have to deal with! If you want to put a end to people trying to take what you own, and hurt the one’s you love….get armed, get trained and get even! A$&holes would think twice if they knew grandma was packing heat in her stocking. I own a gun, and I hope more responsible people do the same.

    1. Richard says:

      Pete, you have the right to campaign for gun ownership. But PLEASE don’t plead the Second Amendment. That has NOTHING to do with personal ownership of firearms & in any case even if it did the Constitution is historically enfranchised. There is no such thing as a Constitution that dropped down from Heaven; it’s always historically mandated. That’s why one time in history women had no vote, today they have the vote. Blacks were slaves–I mean CONSTITUTIONALLY slaves, not merely ILLEGALLY slaves. Women were not DEPRIVED of the vote; they were CONSTITUTIONALLY disenfranchised. Get the difference. And, constitutionally, no Afro-American is an American citizen; that was possible ONLY BECAUSE after slavery was mandated by the US Constitution, a later AMENDMENT said ANY person born on US soil is automatically a US citizen. Would you have it otherwise? If not, then don’t swear on the Constitution, swear on God, or moral principles, or logic, or Nature, or whatever, but NOT ON THE CONSTITUTION. But apart from this more serious (historical) issue, no reasonable person would read that SECOND AMENDMENT as anything but allowing States Rights, to wit, the right of States to be let alone by the Federal Government. It had nothing to do with Joe Smith holding his own personal gun, much less a semi.

      1. Patrick O says:

        Richard that is your opinion. The Supreme Court has ruled twice and upheld private ownership.

        1. Richard says:

          Patric, all I’m saying is don’t make the so-called right to own guns a human right, because that’s a chimerical position at best. Gun advocates are trying to make the right to own a gun on the same level as the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or shelter, food, the right to one’s own religion, the right of assembly, etc. That right is not comparable with those other rights or we would be air dropping guns to poor countries instead of food and medical supplies. Your sacrosanct Supreme Court is simply 9 people who merely channel the politics of the day. Simple as that. One day the politics says all black people are slaves and the Court rules accordingly. Times change, and the Court changes with the time, as does the Constitution and so-called “rights.” Even some rights are of course attenuated, such as the right to assembly (but not the right to block a fire exit) or the right to assembly (but not the right to yell fire in a crowded theater as was famously opined). Historically the right to bear arms has been restricted if the right to bear arms compromises the right to public safety. The principle of Double Jeopardy has been recently attenuated with Federal prosecution, to give another example. Some legal purists (i.e. strict Constructionist) would argue that is indeed a violation of the Double Jeopardy protection. All this is beside the point. I don’t think any reasonable person would put the so-called right to bear arms on the same level as the right to freedom of worship, assembly, liberty, etc. Proof is that many democracies prohibit firearms yet no one questions those are true democracies, in the way that they would not be called true democracies if there was no universal franchise or no freedom of religion, press, etc. I have nothing against people being gun advocates but I do resent this almost Constitutional Idealism amounting to a human right to own guns. Personally I have sympathy for people who are frightened in their homes and surely a bullet in the ass is preferable to having one’s family’s throats slit as in IN COLD BLOOD or the Richard Speck murders. I can see both sides. If we could only turn back the clock and have one of those victims instead fire a gun once or twice and have the perps lay immobile until the police arrived. I also don’t believe in the reckless ale of semis and the cult of guns, least of all as a human right when, to sum up, a human right is whatever 9 people, or the political pressures of the time, say it is. Clearly for Americans the political climate will never pressure those 9 people to constrain the right to freedom of the press or assembly, but it’s more likely the political climate will change enough to pressure those 9 people to constrain the right to bear arms.

          1. Pete says:

            Richard , this was a question of : Do you own a gun, or are you thinking of purchasing one? From the length of your well written comment, it seems you have more brains then sense. The world we live in is FAR from perfect…and some people wouldnt think twice about killing you for cup of coffee. I hope for you and your family’s sake…youl’ll never have the need to protect yourself from harm. For myself….I sleep better knowing I own a gun, and know how to use it!

          2. Patrick O says:

            I think these are you opinions. I like many others am a hunter, shoot competive hand guns, and have concealed carry for personal protection. That is my Right and I am a safety freak in all aspects of my life, my guns are accessible to me, but locked up. Would you advocate taking my right away? You have a choice, but want to take mine? That is a slippery slope in a free country.

            If we have a natural disaster or terrorist act committed how will you protect yourself and you family? Do you know what happens after a few days without drinkable water? If you have stored it, you better be able to protect it.

            If you want to depend on the government, it will take days for help to arrive.

            1. paulnadra says:

              Patrick. More fear. The chances of something bad like that happening is so small that justifing average people to pack heat is crazy. I feel guns are NOT about protection, just about hate and intimidation pure and simple.
              The second admendment is about a militia, niow about some soccor mom “protecting” her family.

              1. Joe says:

                Tell that to the people that went through Hurricane Katrina!

                1. paulnadra says:

                  And guns did them NO GOOD. They still needed food and water

                  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

                    Some of them used guns to retain their food and water. I would say they did damn good with them!

              2. The Facts says:

                The U.S. Supreme Court threw out the militia argument in June of 2010 and affirmed the individual right to keep and bear arms. One can disagree, but this is the law of the land.

                1. paulnadra says:

                  I stand corrected. I hope someday this terrible interpretation is changed for the good of the country. No good can come of so many armed, distrustful Americans

                  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

                    Yes, how dare the uphold the true meaning of the Bill of Rights!

                    Richard, if you don’t like it, then propose an Amendment to repeal it. At leas be honest about it.

              3. The Facts says:

                The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the individual right to keep and bear arms in June of 2010. This is the law of the land.

              4. Patrick O says:

                Almost 50% of American households have guns based on resent studies. The fear of the neighbors having gun fights is crazy…

                People at one time thought the world was flat because they could not see past the horizon. Is the world still flat to you?

                1. paulnadra says:

                  “Is the world still flat to you?

                  People who own guns are the flat earthers in my opinion, they trust no one

                  1. Patrick O says:

                    Because that is what you say or believe? I am scared that people that fear things they don’t know and actual might influence policy.

                    1. Rusty Shackleford says:

                      Irrational people like Paul who would impose their childish fear-driven beliefs on the rest of up are a reason in and of itself to own a gun.

                  2. DEvenson says:

                    We trust no one? Sounds to me like you trust no one. I trust plenty of people and I carry almost everywhere I go! I honestly don’t think that at any point in my life time i will even have to draw the firearm, but am I going to go out unprepared? No. I also don’t see how its about intimidation. Most law abiding citizens who carry guns carry them in-side their waist band where no one can see it. How is that about intimidation. If we wanted to intimidate people we’d carry them out in the open! (thats legal in quite a few states including here in PA). I’ll admit, most of the people who are really crazy about gun rights (the most vocal ones anyway) can be a little, over the top. But than again, thats true for all of the people who are vocal about things. Really, your opinion is your own, just please don’t generalize. Otherwise I’m going to assume your a crazed commy liberal who wants to control my every move, 1984 style.

                    1. paulnadra says:

                      Thank you DEvenson for your thoughtful response. Your the only gun person on here that sounds reasonable. I just wanted you to know that.

                      I especially liked the part “I’ll admit, most of the people who are really crazy about gun rights (the most vocal ones anyway) can be a little, over the top”

                      At least you admit that some gun nuts are just that:nuts, and the ones who aren’t should admit they exist.

                  3. jon says:

                    paulnadra i owned a conv store a criminal came in shot me twice because he wanted the money i had worked all day for he didn t ask first he shot first his problem was i had a handgun and knew how to shoot but you don t have to worry he won t get a chance to rob you or your family my gun saved my life and i carry all the time to protect my life and my family and even you anti gunners if the need be i hope you never get put in that position but you will be glad if a gunowner is close by to protect your life

              5. John Dallas Bowers says:

                Statistics indicate that rise in concealed carry permits is associated with a decrease in violent crime. So the value of a legally armed and trained citizenry goes beyond the protection of each individual; it also discourages random attacks against potential victims who just may have the means to defend themselves.

                1. Patrick O says:

                  So true.

              6. Rusty Shackleford says:

                paulnandra, do you own fire insurance? A smoke detector? A Fire Extinguisher?

                The chances of your house catching on fire are so small that justifying the average person own these things is crady.

                “I feel guns are NOT about protection, just about hate and intimidation pure and simple.”

                Guns are tools and are incapable of hate and intimidation. That takes a human being.

                I will never understand the niave thinking that will disarm the innocent and let evil go unchallenged.

                1. paulnadra says:

                  where co you think Illegal guns come from? Illgottem legal ones.

                  Get rid of them all. Only the cops and the military need hand guns.

      2. Jon says:

        There are so many things wrong with this comment I don’t even know where to start……

        1. Richard says:

          You’re probably better off not even starting.

  27. ConcernedCitizen says:

    The last two time I had to call 911, the police arrived in two and a half hours. Until that turns into 30 seconds I will defend my family with my Constitutional Right.

  28. Sebastian says:

    One thing to consider is that, for folks in New York City, buying a gun is difficult, expensive, and often impossible. Despite Mayor Bloomberg’s claims of supporting the Second Amendment, New York City has pretended it doesn’t exist for decades now. The Big Apple makes it practically impossible for all but the very rich and well connected to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. This is wrong, and it must change.

    1. The Facts says:

      One must have an extraordinary need for a full carry handgun license but obtaining a handgun license for home or business protection is not at all difficult in New York City for the law abiding and capable citizens and legal residents.

  29. thinker says:

    “If you put a gun in the home you are putting your family at risk and that is a reality that cannot be disputed,” –

    Yeah, right. And if you dialed 911 you are not at risk? You and yours would be very safe before police gets to your house?… in a few precious minutes. IF they can get to you at all. They are under no obligation to protect you specifically or anyone else. Look what happened to that familiy in Connecticut in 2007, they managed to call for help, but police were standing by until it was too late. Would you like to be in their situation?

    1. Patrick O says:

      Not true at all put in a fingerprint safe and your family is safe.

      1. Patrick O says:

        Gun sales are increasing in double digits across the country yet fatalities are down. How do you explain this?

        1. jblake1960 says:

          Don’t confuse the anti-gun people with facts – their heads will expload!

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