Maria Menounos Loses Bet, Co-Hosts ‘Extra’ In Giants Bikini

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Forget the Manhattan vs. New England clam chowder wagers.

The hosts of “Extra” had something more revealing in mind for Super Bowl XLVI.

Maria Menounos and AJ Calloway had a bet going into the big game. If her Patriots lost, Menounos would have to don a blue, red and white bikini — and Tom Brady-esque Uggs — for Monday’s show.

Luckily for Calloway, his Giants took down New England 21-17 on Sunday to capture the Lombardi Trophy, sparing him from having to host the show in a Patriots cheerleader outfit.

“Really felt we were gonna win,” Menounos tweeted. “Ugh.”

So on Monday, she owned up.

“I hate bets. I’m never doing this again,” Menounos said as she dropped her white robe in the middle of Times Square.

Perhaps Calloway put it best when he exclaimed: “God is a Giants fan!”

maria menounos in giants bikini 2 Maria Menounos Loses Bet, Co Hosts Extra In Giants Bikini

(credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Your thoughts on Menounos’ revealing wager? Sound off below…


One Comment

  1. BobbyONJ says:

    Please Maria, bet on the Pats next year!!!!!!!

  2. chuck lippmann says:


  3. Ted says:


  4. Glenn DeMilt says:

    Mario Lopez has the best job on TV.

  5. Phew! says:

    I think we should all give thanks that Joy Behar didn’t make that bet.

  6. cheesy licker says:

    i would lick her like a ice cream cone.

  7. Mike says:

    gotta say . . Her body is smoking ! … better than that Fat Ass Kardashian

  8. pj whellan says:

    ted is STUPID!

  9. mat says:

    I pray she looses more bets!!!

  10. Pat says:

    i dont know about a decline, cause she sure got a rise outta me!

  11. Nancy O'dell says:

    hey, she’s on an ENTERTAINMENT show, and what she did was ENTERTAINING. I’m sure it helped ratings, and will definitely help her get attention. And oh yeah, she looks GRRREAT! Go Maria!!

  12. Bklyn mom says:

    Hey, at least she’s got a great body! If it was some older, heavier set female anchor, I doubt anyone would be so interested in seeing her in a bikini. Nor would she wager to wear one!

  13. Steve says:

    At least she honors her bets unlike a certain loud mouthed obnoxious morning show host named Craig Cartoon. As we all know, Mr Cartoon promised to quit his gig at FAN if the NYG won the SB. And now he is welching on the bet. Maria Menounos not only is more attractive than Mr Cartoon but she also shows more integrity and guts than wimpy Craigy.

  14. Spnky says:

    She looks great and she knows she does, and this was a way to get the career boosted a bit…no way she makes a bet like that if she didn’t think she could carry it off. She sees so many other celebs hitting the big time, and money, and she wants more of the pie.

  15. Ragu says:

    Amen Ted!

  16. positive pauly says:

    oh shut up! she looks fabulous….you’re just jealous you couldn’t look half as good on national tv….we r in a declone because of negativity from your fatA**….

  17. Ted says:

    Pretty said how low people will go for attention and ratings. Ms. Menounos should give a little more thought to how she wants to present herself – of course these days it seems to be all about adding a little shock value.

    Is there any doubt we are in decline as a society.

    1. ? says:

      Ted, you must be, no, you have to be a Q*eerboy. No man would ever think that. This woman is smoking. Only a gay man would say something so catty like you just did.

      I know you’re a woman trapped in a man’s body and wish your body would look just like Menounos.

      Very gay Ted, very gay

      or you’re some fat *ss ugly chick who posted by using the name Ted

      1. Doubltap says:

        Amen! Think you hit the nail on the head

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