Perry, the voice behind New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City food trucks.

One thing that surprises me about the food truck scene in New York is the lack of Chinese food trucks.  There are many Chinese restaurants in New York and plenty of Korean food trucks – but only two Chinese food trucks.

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Bian Dang serves Taiwanese fried chicken and pork chops, but they are currently off the road for the winter.  Rickshaw Dumpling Truck serves dumplings, with 3 different types generally available on a rotating basis.

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Rickshaw Dumpling Truck was a Vendy Award Finalist in 2009, and one of my favorites dishes there is the Thai chicken basil dumplings with peanut sauce: 6 dumplings for $6, or add a side dish of miso soup or a cold noodle salad for $9.

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The dumpling wrappers were soft and springy, and the dumplings had diced chicken, cellophane noodles, basil and carrots inside, with a pronounced basil flavor.

dumpling open NY Food Truck Lunch: Thai Chicken Basil Dumplings From Rickshaw Dumpling Truck

(credit: New York Street Food)

The spicy peanut dipping sauce was tasty with these dumplings.  I usually enjoy peanut sauce, but a spicy peanut sauce is even better.

I really like the cold noodle salad from Rickshaw too. There’s lots of stuff in there – carrots, bean sprouts, scallions and sesame seeds, among other things.

It’s a nice refreshing side dish that also adds some filling to the lunch.  The dumplings just by themselves are not enough for me for lunch.

There are several ways to get Rickshaw Dumplings. They have 2 trucks that can be found on twitter here and they have three storefronts that you can find here.  One of their trucks will be at the new World Financial Center Food Truck Court this Thursday, and regularly after that.

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